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Lindsey Graham ♥’s Justin Amash

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Every libertarian and blogger’s favorite Senator, Lindsey Graham, is back with another memorable tweet that should be chronicled the annals of his greatest misses.  Graham, who isn’t sure bloggers have First Amendment protection, and who thinks free speech is a great idea, except that we’re in a war and you can’t have free speech in war, tweeted the following about the Amash Amendment:

Good read in today’s WSJ Editorial about problems with the Smith-Amash NDAA Amendment in the House of Reps. http://t.co/4dbSTQNz

The Wall Street Journal, standing as it does for unrestrained liberty for big banks, takes issue with the Tea Party Terror Flakeout (that’s the actual title of the editorial), arguing that it gives political cover to the ACLU.  Well, it also stands for a reinvigorated and meaningful Fourth Amendment limitation on government power.  The Journal, and its sycophant Senator Lindsey Graham, seek to undermine any notion that the NSA’s spying was illegal, unconstitutional, or unnecessary.  No, no, no…our Founders would have chosen security over liberty, which is why they didn’t revolt against the Crown…oh, wait.

Tea Party Super PAC: Staging for ‪#‎WAR‬ against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina


Western Representation PAC is sponsoring a We ✄♥ Lindsey Graham’s Policies Tour through South Carolina this week, and America Resists’s own Tiffiny Ruegner is on the ground with me in Atlanta as we prepare to storm over the Georgia-South Carolina border and into our first stop at Aiken, S.C. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the glamorous side of political activism:

  • Fly out of Lubbock, Texas at 3:05.  Get bumped to 4:25 flight.
  • Sit next to Southwest Airlines’ employee flying on a pass while he hacks, coughs, and vomits in a plastic bag from Lubbock to Dallas.
  • Wait on the tarmac for 45 minutes as a summer camp full of kids walks through the DFW Airport to switch planes.
  • Sit on the tarmac for another 20 minutes.

Lindsey Graham: Biggest Frag in the Senate

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Lindsey Graham has done it again: he’s fragged his own side, with his recent allegation to the New York Times that Republican resistance to Richard Cordray’s nomination to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was nothing more than pure obstructionism:

Many Republicans admitted their efforts to hobble executive agencies by denying confirmation of their leadership was wrongheaded. “Cordray was being filibustered because we don’t like the law” that created the consumer agency, said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina. “That’s not a reason to deny someone their appointment. We were wrong.”

Graham’s statements come on the heels of months of GOP resistance to President Obama’s recess appointment of Craig Becker to the NLRB, which two appeals courts rejected as unconstitutional, thereby throwing the legality of the of the NLRB’s actions during Becker’s tenure into doubt.  A President gaming the system to make unconstitutional appointments during intrasession breaks of the Senate is no longer the narrative, thanks to Graham’s statements.  Instead, the GOP’s unreasonable intransigence is the narrative, because one of their senior Senators copped to said intransigence.

Am I The Only One Seeing This


I’m a little worried about my comprehension.  As far as this immigration bill goes, I really don’t understand either side of the argument very well.

On the one side we have big government Republicans and the lockstep Democrats (impressive synchronization) pushing for a system that “rewards” immigrants.  Do we really believe that subjecting a bunch of immigrants to big government is going to make them grateful to us over time?  From my vantage point, that seems idiotic.

Imagine that you’ve been living outside the reach of big government, with its ever-changing tax policies and a federal tax code that’s almost four million words long.  MOST of the illegal immigrants I’ve interacted with have struck me as incredibly hard-working and moral people who are figuring out a way to live fruitful and happy lives outside the eye of the federal government.

What the GOP Offers the Libertarian Kids on the Lawn


Chicago, March 21st 2013 - Senator John McCain’s characterization of Senator Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster, was as a stunt to get young “impressionable libertarian kids” riled up. Lindsay “when they say ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, “Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer’” Graham, concurred. However, many of Senator McCain’s fellow Republicans and conservative commentators from Mike Huckabee, George Will to Rush Limbaugh see the libertarian kids as necessary to the future of the GOP-from an actuarial basis this is tough to deny. But who needs who more?

If the liberty kids are the future of the GOP, then they will have to change it to make it consistent with a liberty minded platform because many parts of the GOP’s platform, in its current iteration, are not consistent with liberty. Repackaging a tired platform, as Sen. Paul suggested at CPAC, will not work—nor by the way will repackaging slightly warmed over old ideas merely by having them articulated by the closest available ethnic speaker. Tokenism does not make your tent bigger, it looks transparently so.

Ideas formed more by opposition to liberal ones than an internally consistent value system will be exposed as Sen. Paul suggested by a “’Facebook generation’ [that] can detect falseness and hypocrisy a mile away.” Many liberals love to label the GOP the Party of Stupid because they find it easy to mock an ideology that is heard expressing itself more often in terms of the hatred of ‘sluts’, the discussion of legitimate rape, naked Islamaphobia, birthers, vagina probes, and a distrust of higher education and science that smacks of crude, bumper-sticker ideology more than it resembles the higher aspirations of a kinder, gentler society-completely leave aside bringing a thousand points of light into the matter. And while CPAC speakers like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Donald Trump are admirable people -you might be in trouble if they constitute your party’s intellectual brain center.


Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC explains ‘How Empty Headed Rand Paul’s Stunt Was’


Lawrence O’Donnell launched a string verbal attacks against Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster. O’Donnell backing his arguments against the courageous Senator using a video of floor comments by the Republican old guard and dinner mates of President Obama – John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

While both of O’Donnell’s guest tried to have a reasonable discussion Lawrence could not resist continual attacks on Senator Paul’s character:

O’Donnell calls Rand Paul ‘Horribly Flawed Messenger’

and ‘how Empty Headed Rand Paul’s stunt was’

and ‘He said things that were a little bit more than Crazy

and ‘Rand Paul Pretended that his Performance art turn on the Senate floor yesterday was about forcing the Obama administration to answer a question’

and ‘Spewing Infantile Fantasies’

and ‘I haven’t heard anything Sleazier than that on the Senate floor’

and ‘Rand Paul is Stark Raving Mad

and ‘Perfect reason NOT to stand with Rand’

and ‘Do you think there’s more than 14 minutes of actual contact in what that Psychopath said on the Senate floor’

and ‘if you want to #StandWithRand – do you want to stand with all of the Vile Spewing Madness that came out of that Crazy Person’s mouth’

and ‘your standing with a Crazy person’

and ‘there has never been a filibuster that wasn’t a Stunt and wasn’t Pandering

…meanwhile O’Donnell’s guests were trying to have a relevant discussion about civil liberties and the fact that Rand Paul actual brought this important issue of using drones to kill American people to the country’s dinner table for the first time…