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Attack Of The Drones?

Jack Hunter Joins Jerry Doyle Show Says Bill O’Reilly is Completely Disgusting and Dishonest

This interview is a follow up to the recent attack by O’Reilly during the O’Factor Bill tries to tie child molestation to Ron Paul. Doyle defended Congressman Paul and then during his show stated that Fox News has tried to essentially shake him up with threats.

Jack Hunter defends Ron Paul against Bill O’Reilly during the interview with Jerry Doyle. Hunter explains the absurdity of O’Reilly’s hit piece calling it ‘completely disgusting and completely dishonest. Jack then points out the character of Dr. Paul and his true positions on ending the war on drugs vs. putting drugs in the hands of children as O’Reilly also states during his show.


O’Reilly Tries to Tie Child Molestation to Ron Paul, Doyle Fires Back ‘I Have the Dirt on O’Reilly’

Bill O’Reilly hits a new low with his latest attack on Ron Paul. Thanks to Jerry Doyle for bringing to light an amazing attempt by O’Reilly to attached the Joe Paterno sex abuse scandal and Ron Paul’s fight to end the war on drugs. O’Reilly has stepped over the line once again and is sure to receive some more massive Blowback from Paul supporters.

Meanwhile the plot thickens, during Jerry Doyle’s show he exposes some unsavory behind the scenes shakedown attempts by Fox News, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. They called Doyle and threatened to find a way to take him down after his endorsement of Ron Paul. Doyle wasn’t phased by this and he came out today saying that he has dirt on Bill O’Reilly, he has the names and the places?

Folks, all I can say is that this is getting really interesting. What does Jerry Doyle know about Bill O’Reilly?

Jack Hunter on Jerry Doyle Show ‘Being Dismissive at This Point is Absurd’

Jack Hunter joins the Jerry Doyle show to discuss the odd strategies of the establishment in continue to launch ad hominem attacks and dismissal of the front runner, regardless of the media blackout.

Ron Paul Endorsed by Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle

Jerry Doyle national talks show host on TRN Talk Radio Network has been warming up to Ron Paul for several months now. He has also called out his fellow conservative talk show hosts for supporting big government Republicans. Last week, Monday December 12th, it appeared that Doyle may be fired for almost endorsing Dr. Paul on the air as the following day both his producer and executive producer were fired and Jerry Doyle was off the air for two days until December 15th.

Also, Doyle has been very critical of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and even went after Trump for his last circus style quasi debate media stunt. This apparently has put pressure on people behind the scenes as last week’s firings demonstrated.

Has this phased Jerry Doyle? Not one bit! He has continued talking about Ron Paul and has been hinting at an endorsement. He brought former Reagan adviser and now an adviser to Ron Paul 2012 Bruce Fein to clear up misconceptions about Ron Paul’s foreign policy.

Today it is official Jerry Doyle has endorsed Ron Paul for President 2012 live on the air “I moved to endorsing Congressman Ron Paul for the President of the United States” then he goes on to say “Ron Paul’s time has come, Ron Paul’s movement has come” and pointing out that “It’s not just Ron Paul, it’s the movement…a Revolution”

Let the fireworks at one of the largest conservative radio syndication networks TRN begin. Listen to the show live here email Jerry Doyle here and call into the show 1-800-876-4123 to show your support for his endorsement. Jack Hunter will be a guest in the second hour.

Listen his endorsement and read the Ron Paul 2012 campaign press release below:

Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Press Release:

Radio host, actor and philanthropist talks up Paul

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today that nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Jerry Doyle has endorsed Ron Paul for the presidency.

“In many areas of the country including in some key early voting states, Jerry Doyle is a household name, discussing current events but also energizing and entertaining audiences.  We appreciate the support Jerry Doyle gives Ron Paul as it contributes to the likelihood of a strong showing in the first few voting contests where Ron Paul is competitive,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

The Jerry Doyle Show” is a nationally-syndicated talk radio program with a heavy finance component in addition to politics, pop culture, and current events, with elements of satire and biting social commentary.  It is the sixth largest show in the country with more than 200 affiliates and 3.75 million weekly listeners, according to Talkers Magazine.  The show airs live Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. PST with select markets airing the show at various times.  Check your local listings by clicking here.

Jerry Doyle is an experienced pilot, investment banker, actor, and the voice of numerous national advertising campaigns.  He is the author of Have You Seen My Country Lately – America’s Wake-up Call, published in 2009 by Simon & Schuster.  Mr. Doyle also is an Honorary Naval Aviator and F-16 Test Pilot, and a Distinguished Supporter of the U.S. Space Program.



Jerry Doyle Interviews Bruce Fein On Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy After The Iowa Debate – 12/16/11

Jerry Doyle (Possibly Fired?) for Practically Endorsing Ron Paul?

Apparently, the mainstream media is showing muscle and  this may be solid proof as to why the top national talk show hosts in this country continue to tow the liberal leaning elite cheerleader role for the Republican Party establishment candidates. If you stray too much from phony conservative positions and shed light on the hypocrisy being sold as sane choices regarding Big Government ‘conservatives’ such as Gingrich, Cane even Obama’s  policy twin Romney you could be fired. Maybe this is why Hannity, Levin and others sell out to the party elite brown-nosing that has allowed our country to be destroyed by a pack of (GOP) Grand Ole Progressives. Below is a post by a fan of the Jerry Doyle Show posted on Daily Paul.

A few months ago you may remember Jerry Doyle was under fire for going after the media for ignoring Ron Paul. He blasted Hannity and Fox for pretending Ron Paul didn’t exist. A week later, Jerry’s affiliate in Washington DC dropped his show as a result. Jerry brushed it off and said on air that he didn’t care and he wouldn’t let the industry suits make him stop telling the truth.

Recently Jerry has ramped up the pressure on the media and O’Reilly especially for continuing to try to marginalize Ron Paul in spite of the fact that he is rising in the polls and is clearly a frontrunner.

Jerry has been reading hate mail lately that he has been getting from neocon true believers that are pissed about what he has been saying about Newt and Romney. Hate mail from listeners because he has been exposing Trump and his motivations for the now cancelled “debate”. Hate mail from listeners who are angry that he is telling the truth about Ron Paul.

On Monday Jerry came as close to an official endorsement as he could and stated that if he endorsed Ron Paul, that he would support him no matter what happened. Even if Ron Paul ran as a 3rd Party candidate. You can hear it here:

Now 3 days later, here is what I see:

Yesterday Jerry wasn’t live. He tweeted the topics he was going to cover but instead I heard an old show being replayed

I read on Facebook that his staff has been fired

All of the in studio videos that his Producer Jesse are not available on Youtube anymore

Today I tune in and Bill Wattenberg, a recently fired talk show host from KGO in San Francisco is filling in for Jerry.


I have a feeling that the neocon suits have finally had enough of Jerry’s “non-compliance” with the party line and pulled the plug on Jerry. It’s just speculation, but if you connect the dots, that’s what it looks like to me.

Is this just coincidence? I don’t think it is.

Read Article Here…

Jerry Doyle Bashes FOX News/Hannity the ‘Most Pathetic Attempt’ Shilling for Gingrich Ignoring Ron Paul

Jerry Doyle is hilarious as he breaks down the Gingrich build up by FOX News and Hannity. Enjoy! Best part begins at 2:50: