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Double Standards and the Liberal Media: Salute Jack Hunter


Years ago, I encountered the self-styled “Southern Avenger” Jack Hunter in an online debate in a comment thread. Hunter was a bit eccentric, to say the least, and endorsed secession, John Wilkes Booth, and had a wrestling mask with the Confederate bars and stars wrapped around his head.  He was one of those wonderful freaks you meet online, a man who had a style all his own.  I could admire his unique outlook, even as I disagreed vehemently with many of his sentiments.

Hunter was a radio host, stirring controversy and provoking his audience as much as he entertained them.  He went on to co-author Senator Rand Paul’s book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, and he also worked as Paul’s director of new media.  Years passed after Hunter left his shock jock ways behind him, until The Washington Free Beacon revisited Hunter’s past and stirred up renewed controversy.

Jack Hunter Joins Jerry Doyle Show Says Bill O’Reilly is Completely Disgusting and Dishonest

This interview is a follow up to the recent attack by O’Reilly during the O’Factor Bill tries to tie child molestation to Ron Paul. Doyle defended Congressman Paul and then during his show stated that Fox News has tried to essentially shake him up with threats.

Jack Hunter defends Ron Paul against Bill O’Reilly during the interview with Jerry Doyle. Hunter explains the absurdity of O’Reilly’s hit piece calling it ‘completely disgusting and completely dishonest. Jack then points out the character of Dr. Paul and his true positions on ending the war on drugs vs. putting drugs in the hands of children as O’Reilly also states during his show.


Jack Hunter Schools Fox News Reporter on Milli Vanilli Politics

Jack Hunter goes up against a reporter who tries to push him around on Ron Paul’s foreign policy. He tries to answer her questions with real substance but the reporter won’t allow him to finish his points. Jack then puts her in her place by letting her know that she isn’t framing the questions properly.

She finally backs down and acknowledges Dr. Paul doing well then gives Jack the opportunity to point out the reason Ron Paul is winning is honesty sells, integrity sells. Then Jack Hunter, being a wordsmith for Liberty, coins a new phrase to describe the other candidates as Milli Vanilli Politics which the media embraces as valid.

Well done Jack!

Mike Church’s Christmas with the Founding Fathers Radio Stream


Mandeville, LA – Mike Church Announces Christmas With The Founding Fathers, A LIVE, 24/7 internet broadcast featuring Mike’s critically acclaimed movies (audio versions) “The Road To Independence, The Spirit of ’76, The Fame of Our Fathers and Mike’s Constitution Day and Independence Day in depth discussions and interviews on those dates with: Kevin Gutzman, Jack Hunter and more.

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Jack Hunter on Jerry Doyle Show ‘Being Dismissive at This Point is Absurd’

Jack Hunter joins the Jerry Doyle show to discuss the odd strategies of the establishment in continue to launch ad hominem attacks and dismissal of the front runner, regardless of the media blackout.