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Debunking the Washington DC Voodoo of Anti-Iran Propaganda

Gareth Porter an American historian, investigative journalist and policy analyst on U.S. foreign and military policy.joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Debunking the Washington DC Voodoo of Anti-Iran Propaganda’ to discuss the build up against Iran by the US Government. Additionally, we discuss the US Media’s failure to report accurately as to Iran’s willingness to comply with the IAEA. Mr. Porter also exposes the power brokers pushing for War with Iran.
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U.S. Foreign Policy Failure and Iran’s Threat of Blowback

Michael Scheuer former CIA Head Director of the Bin Laden Unit and author of several books including Imperial Hubris joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘U.S. Foreign Policy Failure and Iran’s Threat of Blowback’ to discuss the real threat by Iran and how they are already implanted in North America to follow through with their recent terrorist threat. He also talks about the imperial extremism in the United States against other countries and the correct position Ron Paul has on America’s role around the world.


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U.S. Still Fueling Arms Race in the Middle East

The $30 billion sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, announced by the Obama administration on Thursday is a continuation of a history of U.S. weapons sales that has resulted in the arming of a wide array of enemies as well as friends of America in the Middle East and other parts of the world. The deal includes the sale of 84 F-15 jets and “assorted weaponry” to the Arab kingdom, the Washington Postreported. It also provides for the modernization of 70 of the Saudi’s current aircraft, as well as munitions, spare parts, training, and maintenance. The announcement comes at a time of increasing tension between the United States and the Saudis’ neighbors in Iran and threats and counter-threats surrounding the strategically important Persian Gulf region.

“This sale will send a strong message to countries in the region that the United States is committed to stability in the Gulf and broader Middle East,” Andrew Shapiro, assistant Secretary of State for political-military affairs, told reporters. But the history of arms sales in the region has shown that the allies we arm one year may turn out be our enemies the next.

In the years preceding the Islamic revolution in Tehran, the United States sold……………….


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Time to Attack Iran?

Mike Huckabee: Ron Paul Can’t Win, Obama Is Decent Patriotic American

The Battle of Ron Paul – Freedom Watch

Pentagon says Iran concerned primarily with deterring an attack

The Iran question is often posed, as it was in last week’s debate to Ron Paul, as a hypothetical. If Iran was proven to have a nuclear weapon what steps would be taken by the US to assure they did not attack Israel? The establishment media is skillful in the presentation and structure of the debate. The question assumes it is the responsibility of the US to protect Israel from a strike by Iran. But more importantly it assumes that Iran has the ability and strategic desire to attack Israel.

This unclassified assessment of Iran’s military capability by the US Department of Defense clearly states that “To ensure regime survival, Iran’s security strategy is based first on deterring an attack.”

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Bachmann – ‘Ron Paul Would Wait until American City is Taken Out by Nuclear Weapon’

Michelle Bachmann in 2009 gave a fantastic introduction speech of Ron Paul to a crowd of 5000 people, which sounded as close to an endorsement as one could get. She even claps when someone says “Ron Paul 2012″.

But, her position today is clearly stated in the video below with Bachmann calling Ron Paul  ‘Dangerous’. Congrats to the word ‘Dangerous’ for being elevated to the level of her other descriptions of the good doctor such as Liberty, Honorable, Freedom and Constitutional.

Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer

Iran guided the CIA‘s “lost” stealth drone to an intact landing inside hostile territory by exploiting a navigational weakness long-known to the US military, according to an Iranian engineer now working on the captured drone’s systems inside Iran.

Iranian electronic warfare specialists were able to cut off communications links of the American bat-wing RQ-170 Sentinel, says the engineer, who works for one of many Iranian military and civilian teams currently trying to unravel the drone’s stealth and intelligence secrets, and who could not be named for his safety.

Using knowledge gleaned from previous downed American drones and a technique proudly claimed by Iranian commanders in September, the Iranian specialists then reconfigured the drone’s GPS coordinates to make it land in Iran at what the drone thought was its actual home base in Afghanistan

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Obama demands Iran return downed US drone

President Barack Obama acknowledged for the first time Monday that a US drone was in Iranian hands and said the United States has asked Tehran to return the sophisticated spycraft.

“We’ve asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond,” Obama said at a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

It was the first open confirmation by the Obama administration that Iran was in possession of the drone, which Tehran says it brought down as the plane was flying over its territory. ……..


Obama demands Iran return downed US drone