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Celebrate Tisha’s Birthday and Take the Cake for Liberty! Money Bomb

Take the cake for liberty!

Dear Friends of Liberty,

Today I’m celebrating my 30th birthday with a big moneybomb. In honor of our great American revolution, I am asking for a donation to support our campaign’s efforts.

My campaign isn’t like the other candidates who seek careers as politicians. My campaign is about restoring the constitutional republic that our revolution was fought for.

And your donation will go a long way to get a liberty candidate into Congress.

If you are in Colorado, I am inviting you to join me at the campaign headquarters today for the fundraiser and for a chance to meet our team and supporters. To RSVP or for more info, please call 719-369-0623.

But I cannot stress enough that this is not a party, but a fight to restore our constitution. Even on my birthday, I won’t be partying. I will continue to only work hard to bring back a sound currency, civil liberties, and a prosperous economy.

For liberty,

Tisha Casida

P.S. I am not supported by any political party and this campaign relies on generous donations from supporters. Please donate today for the moneybomb.