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Romney Proposes National ID Card

Mitt Romney has a plan. A plan to solve the “immigration problem.” And it will come as no surprise to those following the GOP presidential debates that the answer of Romney — the former Governor of Massachusetts and father of the “individual mandate” — is more government.

At last week’s debate, Romney announced his idea for dealing with the more than 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States in defiance of applicable federal and state laws.
On stage in Sioux City, Romney laid out for Republicans his plan for a national identification card system to distinguish between those here without permission and those legally permitted to live and work in the United States.
As an additional protection against encouraging further illegal entrance, Romney proposed an expansion of the E-Verify program, which requires employers to investigate the immigration status of potential workers.
In October at a town hall meeting in Sioux City, Iowa, Romney addressed the role he envisions the federal government playing in preventing businesses from hiring those without proper work visas.
You’ve got to crack down on employers that hire people that are illegal, and that means you have to have a system that identifies who’s here legally, with a biometric card that has: this is the person, they’re allowed to work here. You say to an employer, you look at that card, you swipe it in your computer, you type in the number, it instantly tells you whether they’re legal or not.
What, one may ask, is so offensive about a plan to issue ID cards to immigrants that would aid employers in avoiding fines imposed by the federal government for hiring illegals? After all, the cards would have the concomitant effect of preventing illegal aliens from taking jobs they are legally prevented from holding.
Jim Harper at the Cato Institute sees the program’s potential for misuse and for government overreaching:
Like the Social Security number did when it caught mission creep, the national ID Romney talks about would come to be used to control access to housing, to financial services and credit, gun ownership, health care and medicine, the list goes on and on.
It’s technically possible to have a biometric card that solely indicates one’s qualification to work under federal law, but as I wrote in my paper, “Franz Kafka’s Solution to Illegal Immigration,” there is almost no chance that the government would limit itself this way. E-Verify requires a national identity system, and Mitt Romney wants that national identity system…

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The End of Freedom on Bill of Rights Day

What a coincidence that the end of freedom happened on the same day that celebrates the Bill of Rights.   While the American people shop for Holiday goodies, think about slaying dragons, buy gifts for loved ones, and think about the next year, our American Representatives sold us out.  Most of them anyway.  The ones that stood up for us will be championed later.

Since my time writing may well be limited because I will soon be considered an enemy of the state, I will keep this brief, and ask that you listen and if you care anything about the future of this country, send on to others so that they can at least have the opportunity to be aware of why people that they know may disappear.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) leaves a lot of room for interpretation of when and how people can be captured and detained if they are considered a “threat”.  If Tisha says, “I really don’t like the direction of this country, so I am going to carry a pocket constitution, purchase a gun, and buy a 6-month supply of food”, well, I may just now be a threat.  I can be captured and detained without any due process.  On American soil, which is now considered a “battleground”.

Beyond this ludicrous piece of legislation, the White House recently released the “Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States (SIP)”, which further leaves open for interpretation the definition of “extremism” and works towards creating a no-hiccup cooperation effort between federal and local law enforcement.

Just a couple months ago I thought the greatest threat to our freedom was the Federal Reserve.  Unbelievably, the representatives we have in office in Washington, D.C. surpassed all of my low expectations – this is a group of leaders who sold me out.  They sold you out too.  This is a war on our liberty, and is very serious.  If I disappear, rest assured that it is because I am speaking the truth.  Be aware that you may also be an enemy, and therefore, we better start working hard at a local level to protect our own communities and future.

Our country is hurting, and Washington, D.C. is sick – I would like you to send me there to help heal it.  However, the most important thing is to never act in fear and don’t let these people scare you.  YOU have the power in your locality to stand up for yourself and your family.  Do it.

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Broward to TSA: Convince us airport scanners are safe

Federal officials insisted Tuesday that X-ray scanners used at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport are safe for travelers, but Broward County commissioners weren’t convinced.

On a split vote Tuesday, a majority of commissioners asked the federal Transportation Security Administration to do more to assure Broward’s travelers that the X-ray scanners are safe, or to ban them from use if they’re not.

The county’s request of the TSA: Find the studies that led Europe to ban the scanners, and explain why the TSA agrees or disagrees; determine whether frequent fliers are at a higher cancer risk from passing through the scanners, and if so, post alerts at the airport informing frequent fliers about how many scans a week might be safe; and if the TSA finds the European Union’s studies show a heightened risk, consider banning the use of the backscatter scanners here.

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WikiLeaks Exposing ‘Mass Surveillance Industry’

The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began releasing documents last week related to what it calls the “mass surveillance industry,” a little-known but expansive underworld of contractors offering tools for governments — from brutal dictatorships to more moderate Western states — to monitor citizens and hunt down dissidents. Furious activists reacted to the revelations by calling for stricter controls and measures to hold the firms accountable as “accomplices” to mass murder.
The information released so far covers over 150 companies spanning more than two dozen nations. The documents highlight the nature and growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry that, in addition to supplying espionage assistance to the most murderous regimes on earth, has been quietly turned against citizens in supposedly “free” countries as well. …………

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Will the Constitution Be Nullified Today?


Acts of treason are being committed against the American people as you read this.

Today, the National Defense Authorization Act is in the House where they will be debating the intricacies of whether or not Americans can be detained in our own country if they are classified as a “threat”.

What this means is – if you tweet, or Facebook, or speak out controversially (much like this post that I am writing), then you could be seized, taken away without warrant and without Miranda rights, and be dumped somewhere for the rest of your life.  Do you not like the TSA and do you say something about it?  Do you think that Congress is doing a bad job?  Do you think the President is doing a bad job?  Are you part of the Tea Party?  Are you part of the Occupy Wall Street movement?  Do you keep a storage of food at your house? Do you carry a constitution and have a gun?  YOU are a threat – and with this new provision, you could be taken away at any time without due-process.  THIS IS IT.

What if someone doesn’t like you and tells government officials that you are a threat and/or a terrorist?  What if YOU get picked up and detained with no trial?

This bill and its provisions actually passed in the Senate last week with a vote of 93 to 7 – this is real and is happening.  Only three people in the Senate should be re-elected in my view.  This is a complete affront to the American people – only seven Senators had the tenacity and courage to stand up for what is right.  Do you see how choosing a lesser of two evils for so long has brought us to this?  This is evil.

Do you know that right now, vehicles – commercially marked and otherwise – are actually collecting information and used to spy on whoever they want?  The scary thing is that this has been happening and is becoming more prevalent as we speak. I drive up and down I-25 and have seen the trucks and the cameras – have you looked around you lately?

I cried when the TSA agent touched me because I refuse to be scanned like a piece of meat at the airport, and today I sit waiting to see if there are any representatives left with the gumption, integrity, and foresight to protect the American people from this horrid piece of legislation that endangers us more than any terrorist threat could.  It makes us slaves and dis-empowers us.  It uses fear as a force.  This is what tyranny looks like, and it is sneaking up on the American people.  Where is the media – the fourth check on government?  SHAME ON YOU.  Shame on you for being a part of this evil capitulation into slavery.

My country, please, do not act in fear.  Do not stand for this behavior.  We are good and strong people and do not need these types of provisions and enforcements to protect us.  We need love and peace and GOD – no government can protect us and scare us into this type of insanity.  I am telling you, and telling the representatives of our country to stand up for us and do the right thing today and from here forward.  We will not stand for this.  As my hero Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

S. 1867: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012


Download the Bill Here:
National Defense Authorization Act_HR 1540

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