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Disgraced Former New York Gov. Patterson Considers Run for Congress…


Liberty Pulse is monitoring the internet and Twitter for information you need to know:

if disgraceful incumbent Charlie Rangel decides to finally call it a career (I wouldn’t bet on it).
This should be fun to watch.

Apparently New York City doesn’t have enough wannabe rehabilitated politicians attempting a comeback.

Another F#@king Sext?! Carlos Danger


Anthony Weiner, Democratic mayoral candidate for New York City, has found himself embroiled in a new sexting scandal.  The Dirty broke the news that a new woman had come forward with allegations of lewd texts, which only set off a renewed fury over Weiner’s proclivities.  On the one hand, Carlos Danger is a far better name for a New York mayoral candidate.  Danger for Mayor.

It has a nice ring to it, far better than Weiner for Mayor, when the Weiner in question is all over the Internet. Every time I see a guy like Anthony Weiner fall into yet another scandal, I’m glad I had a dad who hit me hard enough to knock the stupid out.

Carlos Danger, or Anthony Weiner, or Huma Abedin’s shame, or whatever he goes by in the future, can’t really accuse Breitbart writers like Mandy Nagy of being part of a conspiracy.  The only conspiracy Anthony Weiner faces is the one his groin is mounting against his future viability as a candidate.