Rumors of Ron Paul campaign demise greatly exaggerated

TAMPA, March 31, 2012—In their mad dash to create the long awaited general election narrative, media outlets have pronounced Ron Paul’s campaign dead.

They now speculate about what his supporters may do when he drops out. The Associated Press reports that Romney has over ten times the delegates that Ron Paul has secured. Reuters reports that Paul is far behind in Wisconsin and that his supporters have finally conceded that he can’t win the nomination.

None of this is true. Romney has not secured 568 delegates. Hundreds of those delegates won’t be determined until Republican state conventions, many of which haven’t happened yet.

As I’ve reported before, there is very credible evidence that Ron Paul will emerge from those conventions with the majority of delegates in many states. Texas, New York and California haven’t even held their primaries yet. Those three states alone control over four hundred delegates.

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  • ScreamingBaldEagle

     It is looking like he will get close to all if not all delegates in Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Washington State, Alaska, Colorado and Missouri. A large majority of those aren’t counted in the 70 the mainstream media is saying he currently has. Since Dr. Paul placed 2nd in New Hampshire, Vermont and Virgina and WON the big Island of Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, he should have close to 400 if he does well in the Louisiana caucus on April 28th. THese totals will also bring down Romney 500+ delegate count being announced. If you include Scam torum’s and Amphibian Gingrich’s delegates, I don’t see article of clothing Romney getting the 1144 to clinch the nomination. Therefore a brokered Convention that if it goes to a 2nd round of voting the delegates can vote their conscience. I think there will be enough “clear” conscience Republicans to vote for Dr. Ronald Paul since has a large portion of the 18 to 30 and independent demographic voting block; which put Obama over the top in 2008 :

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