Ron Paul’s Winning Secret – the ‘Unified Field Theory of Constitutionalism’

Below is a good article from CNN reporter about Ron Paul in Iowa. What stuck him is something most Ron Paul Supporters know and of course Dr. Paul has been saying for years “Freedom is Popular”. Now the MSM is having to report the exciting story of the century as it really is that the Ron Paul Revolution is changing the world by bringing people together under principle not party and not special interests. This reporter calls it the ‘Unified Theory of Constitutionalism’ which is a fun accurate description.

(CNN) — The wild card in the Iowa caucus is Ron Paul, the libertarian congressman from Texas. As with all wild cards, his place in the top tier of candidates is itself unlikely and his ultimate effect on the Republican presidential nomination is unpredictable. But based on what I saw during my trip to Iowa earlier this month, no one should count Paul out.

His supporters are famously dedicated, and their numbers have only grown since his 2008 campaign. They are sometimes stereotyped as university students with a penchant for pot-legalization and political debate, but at a town hall in Marshalltown, Iowa, last Saturday morning, I saw a predominantly blue collar, middle-aged crowd listening raptly to Paul discuss his unified field theory of constitutionalism. Roughly 20 people from the crowd of 100 stuck around after the talk to organize for the caucus.

Organization matters in the Iowa caucus, and Paul’s volunteers are going to show up in force. One of the great questions of this campaign is whether retail politics is dead — after all, Rick Santorum is the only candidate who has visited all 99 counties in Iowa, and he’s been stuck in the mid-single digits for most of the campaign…

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