Ron Paul Condemns Killing of American Citizen Awlaki for Pre Crimes

Ron Paul Condemns Killing of American Citizen Awlaki for Pre Crimes

In this article the media tries to simplify the issue and ignore Habeas Corpus into sound bites that make Ron Paul look like he is against going after terrorists. However, Ron Paul introduced the Constitutional measure of Letters of Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001 which is a declaration of war against terrorist organizations. This brilliant strategic act was never passed, but President Paul will remove the troops from occupying countries and use the US Constitution to deal with rogue enemies the proper legal way.

This Wall Street Journal article fails to discuss Congressman Paul’s position that Obama is not the King decider of which Americans live or die. The President Obama, his former and a majority of US Government ignores the US Constitution, the rule of law and due process for American citizens. Obama is the first president in US History to authorize assassination of American citizens and without explanation.

Since, the President thinks he can authorize the killing of Americans for ‘PreCrimes’ outside the rule of law, are we really safe? Maybe, but what if you speak out against tyranny or abuse of power? What constitutes a pre-crime? What if the US intelligence is wrong about you, can they just kill you for an erroneous tip with faulty information? Do YOU deserve the apparent non-right to be innocent until proven guilty? Or, do we blindly trust those wonderful government ‘leaders’ who are so worth the honor?

Now for the less than thorough article:

By Elizabeth Williamson


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