Reflections on 9/11 relating to 2010

Reflections on 9/11 relating to 2010

Quran-burning blowback isolationists now include Gen. Patreus, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Interesting mix of compartmental isolationists. Let me know if you know what I mean.

Since they all recognize that burning a Quran may incite violence, or blowback, a concept that the 9/11 Commission Report acknowledged, how is it that the aforementioned neocon Democrats and Republicans are so cognitively dissonant when it comes to the bombing and occupation of lands not our own?

Isolationism is having 700+ military bases around the world, stemming from an interventionist foreign policy where we police the planet and nation-build, a mandate found nowhere in our Constitution.

Interventionism is isolationism. You

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