Senator Rand Paul – We have questions

Update Listen to the Rand Paul interview here

On Thursday evening during the Hannity show on Fox News Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. After, the Liberty movement has been engulfed in a heated debate over what this endorsement means and to the future of the revolution vs. the establishment.

As someone who has dedicated everything I can to the Liberty movement and my vehement support for Ron Paul I know that certain principles must be in play if we are to resolve things and continue fighting for our future. One thing I love about Dr. Paul is his unwavering adherence to the way he interacts with others. What principle would Dr. Paul practice if he were not Ron Paul but a Ron Paul supporter?

Then, I remembered a quote I once read from a British Philosopher Herbert Spencer “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance — that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

Rand Paul’s endorsement has created more questions than answers. So, I decided to reach out and talk to the Senator.

Saturday morning I emailed Senator Paul’s office  to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning from Doug Stafford – that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. Doug told me that Senator Paul was very appreciative and looking forward to clearing the air. My only request was that they give me at least 24 hours to get questions submitted from the Daily Paul community, which they also agreed to without hesitation.

I have questions, you have questions!

Submit yours at the Daily Paul here.

Be a Leader in Liberty!

Kurt Wallace

  • Blackdragoon61

    My name is Matthew. I live in ohio.  I am an honorably Discharged Veteran with an eternal vow to protect and defend this Nation against all enimies Foreign and Domestic. I am a well educated and well Researched person and I know what I am talking about. My family was in Federal Politics in the early 1980′s and was invited to Ronald Reagans Inaugerall Ball when he was first elected. My question/coment is:

    1. The evidence is overwhelming that Obama is a Fraud USURPING the office and that he was put in office with the assistance and Seditious collusion of Congress, the Senate, the FBI, Federal and Supreme Court Justices, Joint Cheifs and others all paid off and sold out to the Banking Cartels the Bilderbergs and George Soros, Tri Lats, the New World Order to over throw these United States and Destroy our Sovereignty. They have met in secrecy with freign governments used tax payer money to use against us in the building of FEMA Priosn camps to imprison us and have used our money to plan against us, brought in Foreign Armies and trained them to Dis Arm us through a False and Frauduland Declaration of Martial Law and our Congressmen and Senetors assist them at all levels and are working with the UN, Britain and foreign armies to disarm us through his and Hitleries I mean Hillary Clintons small arms treaty to Dis Arm us and again an out right attack on the American people, America and our Constitution and our way of life. This as you are well aware is out right open Treason and Misprison of Treason, violations of their sworn Oaths, their Faduciary responsibilities, violations of the Rico Statues and the Logan Act, fraud and embezzlement at all levels…..These criminals have knowingly terminated their contracts with the American people and as such in my opionion have forfeited their political careers and are thus no longer in power.  Not only are they not in power, they have hijacked our government are in fact DEFACTO and our seditious Congress and the Senate most of which are proud card carrying members of the Communist party and the main stream media are complicit (misprison of Treason) in assisting and aiding and abedding the enemy.  Furthermore, The Constitution is clear on 2 things, A, Anything that is Repugnant to the Constitution is null and VOID and B. As long as their is a Fraud USURPING the office, Congress and the Senate can pass NO LAWS!  Additionally Obama has no power or authority to command anything and has no power or authority behind anything they are doing and their attemps to sign our Sovereignty away to the UN and the EU is a blatant act of Sedition and Treason and should end with their immediate removal and arrest. Their is no way possible for any of them to return from the path of Treason and Sedition they willingly chose to partake. So my Question to you is are you strong enough, do you possess the BUNS to stand behind our laws of Treason and arrest them all and make them answere for their crimes against its people and its Nation and the Constitution the Law of this Land? Because I say unto you that they have violated so many laws comitted open acts of Sedition and Treason for their perverted New World Order and have stolen and embezzled so much of our Nations wealth stole the gold out of Fort Knox they simply cannot be allowed to just up and walk away nor should they be forgiven abnd their wealth should be confiscated as well fortunes built off the stolen and embezzled money of the American people anyways and replenish our Social Securityand Medicare and Medicaide……will you seek these criminals out and see to it that they are charged appropriately and make them stand Trial for their crimes which is alot more than they apparently want to give us…will you stand tall for this Nation and its people and show us all that no one is above the law and that they must all answere to the same laws as the rest of us….They need to know that they are NOT abaove the law…..We the people of this Nation in order for us to regain faith and trust in our government need to see this and all the loopholes that allowed this travesty of justice at all levels be cut out immediately so that this can never happen again…..thats a big first questions….I can tell you that if you are not willing to do these things and stand up against this Treason then we have no conclusion then to believe you are with them and if this is the case I can tell you for myself and millions of patriots like me we give you the same answere we gave Britain in 1776……if you want our weapons…………….come and get them …….. A theif hates a well armed adversary….We are not stupid we are awake and see you all for what you are and if we have to rise up fully empowered by the Constitution and the 2nd admenment please know we will do so….this Nation is our Birth right and we will defend her to the last man and we will sworm over your pathetic armies like locus and you will answere for your crimes against your Nation and your people to which you have turned your backs
    and for what?……

  • Terry Ranchero

    Rand, why would you preempt your father’s admission about not having enough delegates? He alone has built the momentum on which you ride and he alone, should have had his (spotlight) moment of frank discussion with his supporters who have shed blood, sweat & (now) tears to get him elected.  Your spot on Hannity was a dis to him and all who have worked so hard on his behalf. Are you so dis-connected from the grass roots that you failed to see this? 

  • LBlucher

    After watching with disgust the war waged against your father by neo-con cheerleader Sean Hannity, how in the world could you possibly choose his show for announcing your support of Mitt Romney? You must have known that Ron Paul supporters would perceive that as the ultimate sell-out…and perception is reality.

  • Scarcelysaved


    1.) Are you absolutely confident that if Mitt Romney takes the oath of office, that he will faithfully carry out that oath and secure the liberties of all Americans – no matter what? If yes, then what, in this man’s Constitution-trampling history, gives you that confidence?  Specifically address the UNconstitutional issues he continues to hold to: NDAA, Patriot Act, the Fed and Bernake doing a good job (Larry King interview), TARP was a good idea, Gun Control in Mass., continued wars fought on credit card, etc.  (in his house, you could, no doubt, read the paper through his copy of the Bill of Rights)

    2.) In light of Romney’s Constitution-shredding history, would you call him a FRIEND or ENEMY of the Constitution and of the people? 

    3.) How can you honestly and in good conscience defend and endorse a man who is Constitutionally indefensible and traitorous?

    4.) Do you think it is possible to make a deal with the ESTABLISHMENT and then realistically expect them to live up to their side of the deal?

    5.) Are you familiar with the Bible, which says, “bad company CORRUPTS good morals?” and “he who walks with the wise will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed?”

    6.)  Was your father wrong to allow the campaign contributions of hard working, freedom-loving patriots to be spent promoting the commercial which declares Romney to be a Flip-flopper on so many issues?

    Brian Young


    It is now showing up in several Texas precincts the vote totals
    were reversed between Paul and Romney. There were exit polls done and
    people signed affidavits and such. Long story short, it will most
    likely be proven. This has happened in every state. Some will have
    proof, others won’t.
    Once America finds out the truth about the way the GOP cheated your dad,
    what do you think America will think about them?
    What do you think the people will think about Romney?
    If you saw the proof and knew it to be true, would you still support
    Romney and if the answer is yes, do you think Americans would still
    respect you for endorsing him?
    What would you think about a 60 Minutes show on Trygve Olson and how he and the GOP railroaded your Dad’s campaign?

  • Beth

    Senator Paul,
    I feel like the campaign was giving us mixed messages on the delegate issue and that we were being strung along.  I feel like we
    never got a straight answer from the campaign.  We were told with the last money bomb that the campaign needed $750,000
    to help states with attaining delegates.  I feel betrayed.  I feel like Congressman Paul was really never in it to win it.  I’d like a response to these issues.  As to you saying that you’d always endorse the nominee, I missed that.  Besides, the fact you always
    intended to endorse the nominee really isn’t the issue. It doesn’t change anything.  You can’t compromise with these people.  
    Congressman Paul needs to address us on these issues.

  • Steve Bauer

    Dr. Rand Paul – How much was the price of your soul?  What did they pay you?  Was it worth it to sell out your father and the entire liberty movement that got you elected?  Unless you willingly and publicly remove your endorsement of that anti-Constitutional, Goldman Sachs backing, Obama-clone, I will never trust or support you again.  Shame on you.

  • blasphemy

    There should be NO COMPROMISE

  • Rnw2032

    Dr. Paul, will you continue to promote liberty or have you become apart of the status quo? Do you and your father plan on attending the preconvention festival in Tampa? How do you feel about the backlash that has come from your endorsement of Romney? Do you plan on voting for Romney in November? Do you believe Romney has any shot of winning without the energetic base of your father’s supporters? Do you believe there is any good reason for Paul supporters to jump to the Romney camp? Do you understand that your endorsement will have no effect on the outcome of the elcetion and that most Paul supporters will either write in your father or not vote at all? Do you feel like your endorsement of Romney will help or hurt your political future? Do you feel like your endorsement of Romney will help or hurt this country?

  • Slappy McGee

    Senator Paul,

    Your Black suit, white shirt and red ties that you choose to wear almost exclusively when on national television sure do reek of similar preferendces by known satanists in high places.

    Have you ever attended a statanic ritual sir?

    • Foley227

      ahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha, what a joke of a question!!!!!!!  Funny though.

  • Tyler

    Senator Paul,

    Since Goldman Sachs candidates Obama and Romney stand united on issues like the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, repealing the 5th Amendment via the unconstitutional Patriot Act, forcing Americans to purchase health insurance (whether state or federal), expanding the military industrial complex, not auditing the private Federal Reserve, and not eliminating any departments of government, how is your endorsement of Romney any different than endorsing Obama?

  • Pete

    Senator Paul,

    How do you believe your endorsement of Romney will benefit the revolution in the long run? I assume like many others that your endorsment was made to help you become even more active in the mainstream republican party. By entering the mainstream how do you hope to change it and what do you believe are some obtainable goals for the near future?


  • Ckozlowski03


    Please ask Rand if he will be releasing his donors list to the Romney campaign?


  • Leebeniteau

    The Herbert Spencer quote is great. I’ve added it to my signatures. It reflects my present state of mind. I was very disappointed in Mr. Paul’s endorsement and I reacted with some venom rather than consideration. I would like to hear his explanation. I still won’t be happy with things as they are now, but, I may then be able to understand why he did what he did. Even so…sleeping with dogs will still get a guy a few fleas. I’m not over it yet.

  • SteveMT

    I posted these on the Daily Paul, but here [and everywhere] is good also.  Ask him some of these questions to either clear the air or make the already existing stench even worse:
     1. Why did you endorse a neocon, someone who is diametrically opposed to everything that your father stands for?

    2. Why did you sell-out your father?

    3. Did you make a secret deal with Romney? What did you get out of it?

    4. Do you understand the hypocrisy of your endorsement?

    4. Do you realize that the same people who have supported your father
    with millions of dollars in donations will never do the same for you

    5. Do you now support the NDAA, the Patriot Act, big government,
    undeclared wars, and carbon taxes because Romney supports these issues?

    6. Do you realize that you have compromised everything that you and especially your father have worked for?

    7. Do believe that you have compromised the Liberty Movement by endorsing someone who is opposed to Liberty?

    8. Do you believe that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

    9. Do you believe we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately?

  • Arun Parupalli

    Senator Paul,
    Just like millions of other Paulbots, I have spent most of time online for the past year or so spreading the word of Dr. Paul’s message of Liberty, Smaller Govt and less-interference foreign policy. Now you have betrayed all of us by endorsing the Status Quo Obamney. What you have to say for those who sacrificed several thousand of hours of their personal life for your movement? I hope that your dad, Dr Paul is not going to endorse this warmongering Romney. If he still decides to take it to the RNC in Tampa, FL, what kind of message you are conveying to his followers and delegates? They have taken beatings, arrests, assaults to become a delegate for Dr Paul while his own son cheated behind him.

  • Ben Mihalski

    If Dr. Paul’s campaign is still fighting for delegates in states around the nation for the convention in August how can Rand, as he did on Hannity’s show say that the nomination process is over when in fact his father has not dropped out of the race?  This race is far from over!

  • John Wallman

    I understand many reasons for why it is important for you to endorse the GOP nominee in order to help the liberty movement.  I don’t understand the timing.  Romney is not the nominee.  He could stumble.  There are other forces at play (unbound delegate litigation).  Ron Paul may get the nomination.  Why now?

  • Jack Rose

    What the hell is the matter with you Benedict Arnold ? Sold your own Dad down the river !! Why would anybody climb in bed with Willard Mittens Rombamney ?? Draft dodging, chicken-hawk, warmongering, plastic. robotic, cowardly, Mormon, owned by Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street power brokers and AIPAC ??? Spent the Vietnam war bicycling around France living in a palace while our young men his age were fighting and dying in Indochina !!! What the hell are you thinking aligning yourself with a bottom feeder such as this ??? In Romnuts book, war is a very good thing as long as somebody elses sons and daughters are doing the fighting and dying !! Disgusting coward ! And you want to be on this team ??? You aren’t worthy of any questions from us because you have no integrity ! Your choice is made and you have chosen to align yourself with the neo-con murderers and thieves that have, and are, destroying everything in America ! At this point, my greatest hope is that Ron Paul was completely blindsided by your treasonous actions and did not have any prior discussions with you regarding your decision !!

  • steve

    Rand Paul is endorsing Romney is set up by the good guys,  I believe the Rand Paul announcement was made for a specific purpose and fits
    in perfectly with the Good Guy Election Strategy. When market crashes in late June and banks closes down for few days, people will wake up and start to know and understand whats going on in the economy and many people will turn to Ron Paul.  Ron will win the Republican nomination and will become a next president of U.S.

  • JTWilliams

    Pick and choose questions you like most, if you’d like. Senator Paul: Since January, the Hannity/Levin/Limbaugh radio axis have insinuated a secret pact of sorts between your dad and Governor Romney, as if some kind of covert effort to take down Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum had been planned. The Senator also spoke publicly against Santorum (and to a lesser extent, Gingrich). I know that is totally BS, and is a way for the neocons to suggest Ron Paul is helping the GOP establishment (as if Santorum and Gingrich are anti-establishment LMAO). Two questions: 1.) Does the Senator believe that Mitt Romney is a preferable nominee, as opposed to Gingrich/Santorum, and specifically, why? 2.) Why is it worth your time to associate with Levin and Hannity, given their slanderous lies and horrible insults against your own father? BONUS QUESTION 3.) Does the Senator consider his father’s supporters a core constituency (outside the citizens of Kentucky, of course)? FINALLY: What is the Senator’s opinion of Gov. Romney’s foreign policy advisors, many holdovers from the amongst the Bush neocons: Robert Kagan, Michael Chertoff, Michael Hayden, Dan Senor, etc. Does the Senator actually believe these men know the meaning of the word ‘restraint’?

  • Tom Alvarez

    Are you in favor of a strong central bank, as long as it gets audited?

    Do you support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Which departments are you in favor of keeping?

  • Tom Alvarez

    Do you think sanctions on Iran will help most Iranians?

  • Tom Alvarez

    Why didn’t you endorse Romney on O’Reily’s show?

  • Eccollom

    What issues do you not agree on with your dad?

  • Ponce de Dutchie

    You took our money, then you took our trust. How are you different than the bankers that you criticize show much? Or is it okay to steal if it’s only a little bit?

    • Tgibson3007

      I’m digging it.

  • Smokiepost

    As a Kentuckian and American Patriot, it is tough for me to understand your support for a hoodwinking politician as Romney, especially when you promised in your campaigns to change the ways of the status quo destroying our great nation. There is no way you can justify it and still speak the truth. You have lost my respect and support. Today we lost a leader and we stand confused. However, we are even more resolute to defend our liberty at all cost, and be damned the traitors that betray us!!

  • Bigfootmm

    Senator Rand, have you and your family been threatened with assassination? If not, go straight to hell.

  • Rodney

    It seemed to me in the debates that Mr. Romney would do anything to stop Iran from gaining a Nuclear weapon including sending troops into the country. Why would you endorse someone that continues the nonstop war that we’re in that is breaking our country and killing many innocent people in other countries?
    Rodney of Iowa

  • Bill

    Rand your father is a national treasure. Are you up to the task of leading the movement that he dedicated his life to creating? For many of us Ron Paul is the only politician we’ve ever trusted, he earned it. Will you earn our trust Rand?

  • MichaelK

    I have spent the last 5 years dedicating much time and effort into being a District Captain, in Colorado.  We won Colorado for your Father.  We have worked tirelessly to build support, and as I see it:  It was the 4th Quarter of the Football Game with 6 minutes left, and you, the running back gets handed the ball — We are down my 14 points — you run up to the Linebacker of the opposing team, and hand him the ball, then start blocking for him.  I was asked to help fill-in, last campaign cycle to represent Ron Paul at the State Level.  I too, have been harassed, belittled, and had dispursions cast upon, by establishment GOP, but somehow, we ALWAYS manage to come out with significant victories.  I get it – position your chess pieces in politics — I just feel you picked a terrible time to back a man who, in my view is IDENTICLE to Obama.  Youtube: Obama Romney SAME.  Please tell me the Bilderberg gave a death threat, or Robomney guaranteed an end to The PRIVATE Bankster (non)Federal Reserve.  Please don’t tell me you were guessing it might be good for your political career – you have thusly lost about 70% of your father’s followers. Please, make it good.
    Michael K0bzina
    CO GOP - District Captain 25H

  • Patriot1

    It’s not really who you endorse who matters, it’s how you vote, and from what I’ve seen so far, his record in defending liberty in the Senate is solid. As a district and state delegate here in Minnesota, I’ve seen first hand how the GOP will attack those who do not endorse RINO candidates. We had two republicans running for a seat in the state house of reps in District 56B, Terry McCall, a constitutionalist and a Ron Paul supporter, and Roz Peterson, a more neocon type republican. A vote of 60% of the delegates was required for the endorsement. The first time around we took four ballots and neither candidate received a majority of the vote, we basically deadlocked. So we had to hold a special session at a later date to try and resolve the issue, otherwise it would have had to have gone to the general voting populace in a primary. When we reconvened a couple of weeks later, the establishment, led by state senator Dan Hall, viciously attacked Terry McCall for not voting for John McCain in 2008. Terry used his entire speech trying to defend himself, he fumbled badly, and he lost the endorsement on the fourth ballot. The first ballot was close, within 3 or 4 votes, but things began to go south for Terry on each ensuing ballot, until he finally conceded to Roz Peterson. It was painful to watch, Terry is a good guy and he would have made an excellent state rep. What I believe happened is this; Each side had their diehard supporters, Terry had his and Roz had hers, they were going to vote for their candidate no matter what. Everybody else was a “fence straddler” unsure of who they were going to vote for. When Terry handled himself poorly, that was all she wrote. So now Roz will be running in November against Will Morgan, and old retread establishment democrat. I congratulated Roz and told her I would vote for her because I don’t want Will Morgan in there, but that she had better vote to uphold liberty or else we would find someone to challenge her in two years. This is why I believe Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. If he doesn’t, the old guard GOP can use that to attack him if he should try and run for president at a future date, they can try and marginalize him and the entire liberty movement. Many Ron Paul supporters endorsed John Kline for US Congress at our CD2 convention as well (I didn’t) even though he’s a neocon with an anti-liberty warmonger voting record. They only endorsed him because he had no one running against him, if he had then it might have been a different story.  Many Paul supporters figured it served no useful purpose to needlessly embarass the guy by refusing to endorse him. (Although we could have if we were so inclined) It would only serve to marginalize our movement and make us look like the bad guys. So just because you endorse somebody doesn’t neccessarily mean you agree with them or even like them. It’s how you vote that matters. It’s much easier to defend your voting record in the house or senate, especially if it’s pro-liberty, than it is to defend yourself against accusations that you’re not a “team player” and that you don’t support your party. Ron Paul was easily able to defend his voting record, even if it was against his own party, because he had the truth on his side. If Rand follows in his footsteps and continues to vote for liberty, then he’ll do just fine, his endorsement of Romney notwithstanding. 

  • Mike Mishler

    Senator Paul, i maxed out my contribution to your Father’s campaign. I am a business owner who has shaped my evonomic ideals around your Fathers words. I would like to know, other than the “Our families share the same common values” statement that you made…. What have you secured for the Paulite’s like myself in the form of a promise from Romney to actually do something useful for us and in the name of freedom and liberty?

  • Maxie

    Bruce Fein’s association with the Ron Paul campaign is troubling, considering his history of being unabashedly pro-Israel and a lobbyist on behalf of foreign nations. He also has the reputation of being very expensive. Do you utilize or have you utilized Mr. Fein’s services, and if so, in what way?

  • Stephen Blackpool

    Would you consider changing your name to Rand Paul Brutus?

  • Guardianofliberty

    Sen. Paul, I see the real struggle for our nation not as the right vs. the left but as internationalists vs nationalists. Those who support  sovereign nations as apposed to global government. Has gov. Romney indicated to you which side he stands for?

  • Rchairdesigns

    Hello Rand I am a fellow Kentuckian and am now on the fence as to being a Rand Paul supporter.  I would like to know the final discussion that you had with your father before you decided to make this announcement.  I want to know the exact exchange in conversation and how your father reacted to this.  Also, I feel we as faithful Ron Paul/Rand Paul supporters have the right to hear from your father as well.  I have personally been harassed, told I was crazy by others for supporting you and your father and personally I feel as though you two have turned your back on all of us who have been there for you.  God bless you and your family and I hope your interview will not be rigged with stupid pre-screened questions and answers.  Just rememeber the people that support you are too intelligent to fall for that kind of nonsense.  I want my two freedom fighters back.

    God Bless,
    Rani Clark

  • Reasoniest

    Also, there are a lot reports that you were at the Bilderberg Conference. Could you talk about that?

  • Reasoniest

    Dear Senator Rand,

    Considering Mitt Romney’s malleable nature, do you see hope in turning him toward the cause of Liberty?  

  • Peymon Mottahedeh

    Dear Senator RAnd,

    Bottom line we all want to know is this: 
    By Ron Paul’s son endorsin prematurely, yo have deflated the energy and support of your followers.
    Why did you not wait until more state Republican conventions were held and Ron Paul troops would have taken over more sates or  secured more delagates, before yoiu announced what you have said yoiu will enventually do (endorse the Republican nominee)?
    In short, why all this rush to endorse Romney? Why not hold out longer (to endorse Romney) to get as much concessions out of Romney as possible?

  • Blakmira1


    Some of us realize that you can’t give us
    the “real” reason(s) behind this announcement you felt compelled to
    make at this particular point in time. But can you at least tell
    us when we will find out? And were you expecting such a horrific backlash from
    Ron Paul supporters? 

  • David DeLay

    I do not know much about you but know allot about your father. What are the major differences between your stances and those of your father? Also, how does your approach to advocating for these stances differ?

  • David DeLay

    Do you understand the disdain for your father in the GOP and the fear of him gaining meaningful power?

    I personally do not.

  • Adam_Rodriguez

    Are you going to support the firing (so it goes on record they were in fact fired from our campaign instead of just let go) of Trygve Olson and Jessie Benton from the Ron and Rand Paul campaign or are you also planning to go along continually supporting them even if they are suspected saboteurs of trust and confidence in you and your fathers’ campaigns?

    (On a personal note, if you do not support and personally ask them to be fired, you will not have my support in the future, but I will also inform local Ron Paul groups of your decision to keep plants against Ron Paul in his campaign effort.)

    • David Fields

       Here we go. This is by far the most germane question we can possibly ask Rand Paul. We must thoroughly question him as to his relationship with Trygve Olson, how much money he or his campaign has paid  Trygve Olson, and the specific policy areas in which he agrees or disagrees with Trygve Olson. There is a growing mountain evidence which more than amply demonstrates that Trygve Olson (much like Karrie Price in the 2008 campaign) is a subversive agent provacateur set in place to sabotage the campaign from within. If Rand Paul fails to denounce Trygve Olson, then we must all, collectively, denounce him.

  • Paul Michael

    Rand claimed that Romney has always been in support of auditing the fed….. get the sound clips ready to catch him in that lie.

    • jaralero

      Yep, here’s the weasel on video about the Fed,
      Romney: Federal Reserve is audited (Manchester, New Hampshire)

      So when confronted by video journalist Dave Ridley, on August 5th 2010, Romney claimed: “the Federal Reserve is already audited”.

      Here’s the catch:

      31 US Code paragraph 714 – Audit of Financial Institutions Examination Council… section (b)…Audits of the Board and Federal reserve banks ***MAY NOT INCLUDE***:

      (1) transactions for or with a foreign central bank, government of a foreign country, or nonprivate international financing organization;
      (2) deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy matters, including discount window operations, reserves of member banks, securities credit, interest on deposits, and open market operations;
      (3) transactions made under the direction of the Federal Open Market Committee; or
      (4) a part of a discussion or communication among or between members of the Board and officers and employees of the Federal Reserve System related to clauses (1)-(3) of this subsection.

      The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (H.R. 1207) by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX):

      …In General- Subsection (b) of section 714 of title 31, United States Code, is amended by striking all after ‘shall audit an agency’ and inserting a period…

      Randy and Mitt have sooooo much in common, right? Sadly, Rand Paul has finally become the “Aqua Buddha” (read BS) man.

  • Paul Michael

    Rand, you yourself were possibly the most recognized voice against the NDAA on the Senate floor. Can you state publicly that you will oppose Mitt Romney’s support of the NDAA if elected President?

  • Frank Landrey


    You really need to get information out to the DailyPaul readers and the
    RonPaul2012 followers as to why you endorsed Romney before the August
    Convention. Hundreds of Delegates like me have used their own time and dollars
    to run up and down their Districts to become National Delegates not counting
    the $100.00 fee to put in an application. We have all been involved in those
    Fundraising Bombs. Now that hundreds of Ron Paul supporters have earned the
    right to go to Tampa, you decide in June to jump ship-come out for Romney. It
    is baffling to be certain. Are we still to go (needing more faith) to Tampa?
    Sure, we might be forced to vote for Romney if our Primary went for him and the
    Convention Party’s rules mandate it somehow on the first vote but you jumped ship
    before the Convention.

    We don’t understand it. Please advise us on why this has happened. Are you
    saying that we should all stay home? Are you saying it’s over? Were you not
    telling us the truth in Northern Virginia when you spoke to us? As I recall, you
    said we were going all the way to Tampa. Well, you are not going all the way to
    Tampa or if you are it is to put your kiss on Romney and a kick in the pants of
    your dad. Why?
    Frank Landrey
    Virginia Delegate

  • Ann Fraley

    Why did you have to make any endorsement or statement at all? It could easily be expected of you to have nothing to say until after the convention.  Did you know Hannity was going to ask you to do this? Do you not think you would have had a better impact if you had traveled in a campaign mode for your dad?  Do you feel you have chosen the rest of the party over us in the Revolution and do you feel any responsibility to us, you dad’s supporters?
    How much of his platform do you actually support?

  • David DeLay

    Patriotism and Love of counrty beat strong in the hearts of every American. Any threat to these values obliterates party lines and gives way to “One Nation under God” and our hearts beat in unison.  For those that know who your father is, what he stands for and why he takes these stances there is already a singular are powerfull drumb beat of millions of hearts beating together.
    Your father is considered a true American hero by his followers and sadly it appears his political career is nearing it’s end.  I need a new hero and so, I ask you, who is of the same calibur and moral code as your father? Who is our new hero? Who is our next Ron Paul?

    I fear the answer is there are no other Ron Pauls.

  • David Prowse


    • Adam_Rodriguez

      I can answer that David. We have plants in our campaign. Trygve Olson who is a neo-conservative operative influencing Jessie Benton. This has just been verified.

  • Shiloh Logan

    Senator Paul, why did you mislead the “Revolution” in your endorsement of Gov. Romney? Most specifically, Gov. Romney has no plans whatsoever for ending the Federal Reserve, and his version of “auditing the fed” has nothing in common with Congressman Paul’s movement to audit the Fed. Yet, even so, in your shining endorsement of Romney you would lead us to believe that they are one and the same thing. Some, like myself, are calling this a blatant lie aimed at political expediency. Will you please elaborate why you equivocated between Gov. Romney’s “auditing the Fed” and Congressman Paul’s “auditing the Fed”? They are not the same, and I don’t appreciate someone of your position misleading those in the “Revolution” into thinking they are. 

  • Pearson Jeffrey Tucker

    I know you and your father do not agree on different issues, but I want to know if you need help? At least 90% of our brigade are willing to go AWOL to protect your father. Just let us know when!!!!

    • Jon Log

       you have my support as well and I’m in Army special forces

      • PilotMike

        …Civil Air Patrol… Active Pilot –I am in…
        Michael K..
        GOP District Captain

  • David DeLay

    In your Fathers many runs for the White House he and his followers alike have experienced a seemingly endless gauntlet  of adversity and possible corruption at every turn from various parties. Media blackouts,  Debate blackouts/Disrespect, The GOP seemingly being against him and making it known publicly, The possiblity of vote tampering in popular vote cacuses,  delegate cacus rules that are very complicated to learn for the average person, and sneaky dishonest tactics by those currently  in positions of influence to silence passionate patriotic voices/votes.

    With all of the above in mind, would you initiate and advocate strongly for changes in the current GOP nomination process?

    With changes, simplification, failsafes and penalties for those who abuse the system hopefully future generations will not have to watch as the better man is kept in the shadows.

    I know it is our responsibility as voters to educate ourselves but, I can’t help but feel that if your father had been treated with equal respect by the Media and GOP alike, there would be no question that his patriotic heart would’ve won the heart of America and in today’s partisan politic world that often puts party before country that is no small feat.

    Thank you
    For your consideration

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  • Ctkelly85

    are you walking on egg shells?  I am referring to when you didn’t answer the question about the Logan act concerning Bilderburg.

  • Bob in Boston

    Personally I’m going to wait and see what Rand has to say for himself.  He’s no idiot, and he’s been more pragmatic in terms of taking on big government than even his father has.  His open defiance of the TSA made got him FAR more news coverage then anything Ron Paul did, and the press is critical if we want to win this war of ideas.  I’ve come to realize over the last 6 months that the Associated Press is a weapon that we cannot possibly expect to beat if we’re playing by their rules.  No matter how many educated people we “create” by passing on Ron Paul’s message, there will still be more sitting on their couches eating potato chips hearing the propaganda from the Associated Press and the MSM parroting them.  So we need to play that game and bend it to our will.  If that requires playing politics then I can stomach that.  Despite our best efforts for Ron Paul, who is incorruptible but ultimately politically unsuccessful, the country doesn’t think he can win, even though from a delegate perspective he was so close we could all taste it.  Think about it – the Associated Press literally just kept repeating that Romney had clinched in Texas, and the country now believes that to be true.  Think of how powerful that is.  Do you really think they would report that Ron Paul won even if he somehow managed to engineer a brokered convention and won?  Not going to happen.  We need to figure out how to use the power of the propaganda engines to our advantage, and although I don’t understand the strategy, I am willing to bet that is what Rand is doing.  And I’ll continue to support him at least until the convention.  With that said if I find out after the convention that it was 100% NeoCon sellout, then I’m going to be pissed.  But instead of blogging about how pissed I am, I’m going to run for office!

  • Barrex


    I am from Europe. Mitt is for NDAA, torture of …. well
    everyone (including me)…. Do you now support NDAA? You endorsed Mitt
    and his policies. How are you going to explain that?
    I wish your father all the best…

  • Ryan834455

    How badly was the nomination process rigged?  What was your approach to combating it?

  • Relate4ever Publishing

     - What we’re 5 most influential situations and persons in your life so far? And how they influenced you?

    - So what comes into your mind when you think about God? Please describe…

    - You have been married for a while now! What you loved the most in your spouse?

    - You raised children. What was the main challenge in parenting?

    - Where you will be in 10 then 100 years from now?

    - Would you like closing in prayer?

  • Christian Woehrle

    Is this a political move in the endorsement of Romneycare?  i.e a possible run in 2016 and ya worried that it might be held against you if ya don’t endorse Romney who might be the nominee.. Who would of signed ndaa as is even withought obummers pinky swear.. That he wont use it on anyone who is deemed suspicious.. oops farted in pubic ( sp intentional  ) Lock me up forever . lol That of course is a joke but not to long ago they wanted to tax cow farts wich would in affect of killed off alot of local  farmers..

  • Graham Dugas

    Your dad criticized Rick Santorum’s “team player” excuse for advancing big gov’t programs and spending. How does your endorsement of Mitt Romney differ?

  • Pingback: Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul – submit your questions : Ron Paul Abilene

  • Geheimish Verbotten

    Why did you endorse flip flop Romney before the actual convention??  And why on Hannity??  Was your dad aware of this move??? 

  • puma_for_life

    Why did you make this announcement on the very same day your father was speaking at the Texas convention?  Very bad timing and I felt insulting to him and his supporters, although I am sure he does not see it that way.

  • Billy Harding

    Senator Paul,
         As supporters of your father, as well as you, we have spent many many hours educating ourselves so that we could take on the “nay sayers” of the campaign for liberty.  We, under your father’s charge, have learned about the reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney or the other mainstream candidates.  We were taught that the establishment could not be supported or endorsed because as long as the same old politicians got into office all we could expect is the same old results.  Now that you have endorsed Mitt Romney what should we say to the people we preached to? What do we tell them now when they say “Mitt Romney can’t be too bad, cause your guy endorsed him.”

  • Treg4RonPaul

    3 Questions for Rand Paul:

    1) What exactly has Iran done to America to deserve Economic Sanctions from America?

    2) Why do you continue to allow America to have its own
    unconstitutional Gulags such as Gitmo and secret prisons around the

    3) Why do you bow before AIPAC and pledge your loyalty and our money to Israel?

  • Pedro Salvador Iglesias95

    Senator Paul:
      When you are campaigning for Romney in October, What are you going to say about section 1021 of NDAA for fiscal year 2012?
    What will you say about TSA?
    What about auditing Federal Reserve, your father’s magnum opus?
    What will you say about the creation of money out of thin air to suit Government needs?
    War on drugs?
    Dept. of Education?
    Dept. of Commerce?
    Dept. of Housing and Urban Development?
    Dept. of Energy?
    Dept. of Interior?

    If Mitt Romney is elected president, Will he earn more than thirty seven thousand dollars?
    How many trillions will the debt increase in the next for years?
    What about the deficit?
    Will lower and middle classes see a significant IRS reduction?

    If I could vote, I wouldn’t vote Romney. I would write “Ron Paul” or “Liberty!”. I dislike Romney as much as I dislike Obama. There’s no difference between them, other than the hairstyle.

  • Sellout to the GOP

    1: Why did you do it on Shaun Hannity’s show?
    2: Why not just wait till after the convention, considering how close it is?
    3. Why hasn’t Ronald Paul (your father) addressed this as well, or have at least commented on it?
    4. Do you really believe you have a lot in common with Mitt Romney, as it seems the only common ground you share is trivial circumstance (I.E same number of children)?
    5. Will you still go on to support Libertarian, anti-big government positions (such as anti-NDAA), which is a major issue of your current base?
    6. How do you sleep at night?
    7. Did you do this just to make daddy mad?
    8. Seriously, how do you live with yourself?
    9. Do you feel dead inside?
    10. How did committing political suicide feel?
    11. Retirement plans?

  • rareimagery

    I want to know if Ron ever really wanted to be President? I know he wanted to get his message out, I know he wants to save the Republic, but he’s 76 and and has done so many great things. I don’t think he really wanted to be President as much as we wanted him to be. I think he wanted to change the world and he has.

    Secondly, I’m sorry Rand, I simply do not trust you. We need a man to lead this movement and not a politician, though if you will try and be half the man you father is and never sell out again, I might support you. 

  • Mat Brink

    What about the  NWO and the deliberate destruction of American Economy, starting with Clinton and NAFTA? How about this one. With the Diebold electronic voting machines eating our votes and causing voter fraud how can u ever suspect a fair election. When will you go after the true enemy of Freedom. The Dieabold electronic voting machines? If you dont go after that then how can u claim to be for Liberty?

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  • Clarkrion

    American’s always want an idea. J.F.K. the moon. Today energy, polution, clean water, jobs. Yellow Stone Park has 2 billion years of electrical energy just 3 miles deep. Talk about the the brains of America N.A.S.A. to tell use how to use this energy in 10 years to pay off the debt. Stop polution, clean the dead zone in gulf of mexico by boiling the water. All kinds of crap like that the sheep will love it. Media would suck on it like mothers milk. Then let them know it will take the constitution to get it done so that all americans would be better off.

  • David Kleber

    Here is my question to Rand Paul:

    If a powerful foreign nation imposed economic sanctions on the US, would you feel any better about it if they had included language in their sanction that it wasn’t to be construed as an act of war?

  • Ken Rohrer

    Did you submit your endorsement for Romney as a result of Ron Paul’s e-mail stating that he thought he could only get 500 delegates at the convention?

  • Skepticist

    I will defer my judgement of the endorsement until after the interview.  Please provide SPECIFIC clarification of your reasons for this endorsement.  You had to know that this would cause grief with your dad’s and liberty supporters, so why? Do you truly believe in Romney’s stances on the issues? And do your really think he has a chance to beat Obama?

  • Camery

    Rand, what you did has been very painful to see.  I have searched my soul for answers to this, that I could only attribute to a traiter.  But something tells me, you are not a traiter but a man filled with wisdom like your father.  So please set the record strait for us.  I can’t help but believe there is something to this move that we haven’t understood at present.  Please explain yourself.  However, if this is something you can’t explain but we will see at a later date and understand, then keep it consealed until the time.

  • Rosemary Parkinson

    Why did you say that Romney was the nominee when clearly the convention in Tampa has not been held yet? 

  • robert

    Why did u Sell Out? Out of nowhere u went on Hannity and endorsed Romney.
    That disgusted me. Was your family threatened to shut up and back down?
    Where’s Ron Paul? Why did Ron Paul leave us? We didn’t leave him!
    You are No Ron Paul! 
    Ron Paul should be addressing his supporters, not u!
    BTW, We will Not Sell Out!
    We will not vote for Obamney. We will write-in Ron Paul’s name on the ballot.
    We cannot be bought! 
    Unfortunately, you were.

  • LavelleCollins

    1. Leader or a Messenger: The division over your endorsement of
    Romney within the liberty movement seems to be between those that see
    you and your father as leaders of the liberty movement and those of us
    that see you and your father simply as messengers of the liberty
    movement. Your father has repeatedly said he’s only a messenger. I like
    that idea. But which do you see yourself as, a leader of the liberty
    movement or a messenger?
    2. Division: This has been one of the most controversial issues to
    come up within the liberty movement. I know you had decided early on to
    endorse the GOP nominee, but did you ever stop to think about the
    division your endorsement would create within the liberty movement? Do
    you think the division your endorsement created has weakened the
    movement or strengthened the movement?
    3. Timing: The timing of your endorsement, in my opinion, was
    horrible. The liberty movement has made great strides at the local level
    over the past couple months. Folks were enthusiastic about serving as
    county, state, national delegates as well as serving on local GOP
    committees like myself. Why didn’t you give the efforts of the
    grassroots folks a chance to move liberty forward within the system
    before you endorsed the system’s nominee? And if you truly felt that you
    absolutely had to endorse Romney, why couldn’t you wait until after (or
    even a few days before) Tampa? We’re still nearly 3 months away from
    the national convention. So my question is, why so early. Why now?
    4. McCain 2008: Your father, Ron Paul, had the opportunity to endorse
    John McCain in 2008. Instead he endorsed the Constitution Party
    nominee, Chuck Baldwin, as well as our participation in the Constitution
    and Libertarian Parties. His principled endorsement was very much
    appreciated within the liberty movement and the movement has grown to
    where it is now, I believe, largely because of the principled positions
    your father has stood for in his career – even when it was politically
    unpopular. Does he regret not endorsing John McCain? Would you have
    endorsed John McCain?

    • Bob in Boston

      Those are great questions – I hope yours get asked.
      Let’s all keep in mind that Rand isn’t going to spill any secrets here, but this is a great chance for Rand to clear the air enough to keep the Liberty movement going in the right direction, and I know he knows that.  Let’s see how well he does re-energizing the Liberty movement with this interview – this may be a pivotal moment.

  • Tweeder28763

    How could you do it on Hannity of all places?

    • pdubya1

      …think that was a mistake?  THINK.

      • Blakmira1

         Yes, because it’s like the perfect place to put out a message to GOP neocons. I myself keep telling people to THINK that this message wasn’t meant for Ron Paul supporters and it was actually to help his dad and delegates at the conventions.

        Unfortunately, there seems to be a majority of clueless knee-jerk haters in the crowd that jump to stupid conclusions.

        • Web_light

           Well, Rand Paul should have envisioned that reaction and response from the Ron Paul supporters too. Only when you are wise in considering all outcomes of your action are you up to the task of playing the game and having a chance to win it.

          • pdubya1

            His “endorsement” hasn’t stopped me from supporting Ron, or Rand in his future endeavors.  In the near-term, I think Rand did it to create a receptive environment at convention.  There are a lot of Romney supporters who are the “support the perceived winner” type, and can be swayed.  Same for Santorum types.  At convention, if the tide seems to be supporting Paul (think TX convention), it is a warm-fuzzy instead of a snub to the GOP establishment.

            In the long term, it was a brilliant move on Rand’s part.  If that needs explaining…

  • Web_light

    How can you endorse a person who has FlipFlopped on everything your Father stands for? Why would you put your trust in such a man? And “with honor” ????

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