Pensacola: Father Nathan Monk Gets Free Speech Correct Cites Wrong Constitution


Mandeville, LA – Father Nathan Monk of Pensacola FL, decided to make his stand on the issue of “Free Speech” in front of the Pensacola City Council a few days after the Council had ordered a halt to the speech of 2 citizens outraged over a ban on the homeless.

“At that meeting, several citizens had spoken in opposition to the proposed anti-homeless ordinances, and in doing so made unflattering comparisons to historical figures (one person mentioned Heinrich Himmler’s “Final Solution“) and questioned the Christian charity of any council member who would support the ordinances. Council members DeWeese and Johnson took offense at the accusations, and Hall had asked Police Chief Chip Simmons to remove several speakers he deemed “out of order.”  “

Father Monk chided the Council for their “embarrassing” action and was then asked by  President Sam Hall to stand down “I am ruling you out of order”. To that Monk replied “I have a Constitutional right to petition my government for a redress of grievances… as an American citizen…” Too bad Monk has not listened to the Mike Church Show or read Kevin Gutzman’s “Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution”, he would have known that in a city council chamber, where no federal law is being discussed and no federal enforcement is exercising against his “free speech” it is the FL Constitution that should hold power here.


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