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by Kurt Wallace

The Ron Paul Revolution is most savvy at spontaneously responding in large numbers to all things Ron Paul. Just ask Bill O’Reilly as his Amazon book reviews got Blowback Slammed for excluding the good doctor from his radio debate forum poll.

Yesterday, Kelly Clarkson came out in support of Congressman Ron Paul on her twitter account. Kelly received some criticism from some of her fans as well as support from others, this is normal when a celebrity supports/attacks a candidate or politician, that’s show biz vs. politics as usual. Thanks to a member everlasticity for tipping everyone off to the Fox News hit piece on Kelly Clarkson regurgitating the already well known exchange on twitter between her and her fans. This story points out the obvious, that Ms. Clarkson lost fans over her endorsement of Ron Paul, well, as my father used to say, ‘No S**t Sherlock’. Leave it to Fox to go after a celebrity Paul supporter in such a lackluster fashion, of course she is going to loose fans for standing up for a politician not just Ron Paul. What the mainstream media fails to recognize is that she has gained a huge new following.

Enter the Ron Paul r3VOLution!

From the time Kelly tweeted ‘I Love Ron Paul’ till now her Amazon sales for the new album Stronger  has sky rocketed to number one on both Amazon’s bestseller Broadway/Vocalist & Contemporary Pop charts plus she has gone from #44 to #14 (oops it went up to #13 #7 while writing this article) 12/30/11 7:26pm Eastern Update #6, 8:07pm Eastern Update #4, 10:53pm Eastern Update #3, 11:54pm Eastern Update #2 on Best Seller in all Music rankings. Not to mention, 7 9 new pages of amazon reviews for the album over 60 90 new 5 star ratings and counting in the last 36 hours. reports that Stronger is up 192% since her endorsement of Ron Paul

Apparently it pays to support/love Ron Paul regardless of what FOX news wants the public to think. We will continue to track sales rankings as the mainstream media foolishly misses another honest story.

And the Revolution grows ‘Stronger’


Check out this supporter video promoting the Kelly Clarkson Music Bomb: