Old GOP Doesn’t ‘Get’ Tea Parties

Old GOP Doesn’t ‘Get’ Tea Parties

Neil Cavuto of Fox News had a visit with former Vice President Dan Quayle (pictured left) on Jan 13. Ostensibly the interview was about the earthquake in Haiti and the efforts that Quayle was saying needed to be made for the victims there, but Cavuto also asked the former veep about his feelings about the Tea Party movement. Quayle’s reply was revealing in that he proved that he really didn’t know how to think about the Tea Partiers. I think that Quayle is in exactly the same confused state that most of the old guard GOP is. They just don’t get it. Cavuto asked what Quayle thought of the Tea Party movement and what it portended for the Republican Party and Quayle’s reply was that the GOP had to “co-opt” the Tea Partiers back into the GOP. Sorry, Dan old pal, but that is wrong, wrong, wrong. The GOP had better understand that it is the Tea Partiers that have the upper hand here and the party also better understand that THEY must be the ones to become “co-opted.” It ain’t the other way ’round, Danny! Now, let me here say that I’ve always had a begrudging respect for Dan Quayle. He has always exhibited, for instance, the sort of staunch support of traditional marriage that I appreciate. I also thought he withstood well the leftist assault on him when he was VP. But he is still a member of the old guard and here he reveals that he and his ilk are out of the loop when it comes to what to think about the Tea Party movement. You can’t “co-opt” us, Mr. Quayle. You will be lucky if WE co-opt YOU! – Warner Todd Huston, Andrew Breitbart, Big Government

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Free-Market Analysis: We must admit we don’t “get” the Tea Party movement either. Yes, it may be growing, but we think the mainstream media – and even portions of the alternative media – are purposefully massaging the movement’s profile to fit certain political conceptions.

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