Obama pledges to exempt Americans from indefinite detention law

President Barack Obama signed on New Year’s Eve a bill that gives the military authority to detain American citizens indefinitely and without criminal charge, breaking with the stroke of a pen one of his many campaign promises, even as he pledged that the new powers the bill grants will not be applied to U.S. citizens.

The provision was just one part of a massive $662 billion defense spending authorization that funds the military, penalizes Iran’s central bank and freezes military aid to Pakistan, among other things.

The president’s opponents in Congress, including some Democrats, attached the indefinite detention provision to force the administration to either accept a much heavier load of terrorism suspects, many who would be heading to the Guantanamo Bay military prison, or veto the bill and stand accused of opposing funds for the troops……….


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  • Sad day for America

    Yeah right this is a sad time in US history our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. I am glad my grandfather isn’t alive to see this, as a WWII vet he would be ashamed of what our country is allowing to happen.

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