“Not Obama” Is Not Enough: Listen to Monica Perez Show slap down the neocon hoax ‘anyone but Obama’

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“Not Obama” Is Not Enough: On & About This Week’s Show

Scary Week!
Last week was scary! The Eurozone seemed to be in free fall from fears of Grexit toSpaindemonium! And the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed lower on Friday, June 1 than it did on December 31–all gains for the year erased. But the worst news was that unemployment ticked up from 8.1% to 8.2%–or so they say. The actual unemployment number is more like 22% according to Shadow Government Statistics. Obama says the 8% is still an improvement over the 10% we saw in 2010, but scratch the surface and you might find that the reason that “headline” number fell is that it doesn’t include long term discouraged workers, while the ShadowStats number does. The more comprehensive number has risen from 20% in 2010 to 22% today–things are getting worse not better!

Republocrat Oligarchy
Obama wants us to stay the course but I want no part of that! Unlike most in the mainstream, however, I think voting Republican is also staying the course! It’s no coincidence that spending and government grow year after year, decade after decade,regardless of which party is in control of Congress or the White House. Self-proclaimed former neo-Trotskyist Irving Kristol reveals in his book Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, that in 1976 he demanded that the Republican party “reconcile itself to the welfare state [and give] comprehensive thought to what a conservative welfare state would look like.” (p. 346) He further claims that even the undeniably conservative Bismarck knew that the welfare state was not inconsistent with conservatism.

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