Mission Free Iran and HR 1371

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Mission Free Iran and HR 1371

In answer to a posting I wrote some time ago on Iran, I received this comment today from Maria Rohaly of Mission Free Iran. Rather than let it lie buried in the archives, I think it merits a separate and new post. Of interest is that Code Pink, Feminist Majority and N.O.W. have, as yet, shown no indication of support for Maria’s group and their effort.


Our organization (Mission Free Iran) is holding the feet of NOW, Feminist Majority, and Code Pink to the fire. House Resolution 1371 has echoed our demands to condemn the ascension of the Islamic Republic to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and to actively work to remove the regime from the Commission.

I have asked each of these organizations twice now what their position is on HR1371, and none of them have responded. They will be held accountable for their refusal to stand up for women’s equality.

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