Libertarians Awake

Libertarians Awake

Libertarians! Now hear this!

You are wasting your time, energy and money supporting the mostly useless exercise called the Libertarian Party.

From Jahfre Fire Eater we have the wise words:

“This damage allows the forces of oppression and those who intend to wield government force to eliminate their opposition to advance in the confusion. The progressives progress while their intended victims bicker over minutia. They didn’t bring this country to the brink of collapse into socialism over night. They didn’t waste energy trying to promote a third party or demonstrating in the streets. They spent a few years and a few million lives taking over the Democratic Party and controlling it for the past 70 years. They spent the last 40 years taking over the GOP and now progressives control both parties. Bickering over the emperor’s new clothes will not undo that rot and set this country on a course for peace and prosperity. It takes effort to go into those parties and physically take control back from them, one position at a time.”

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