Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC explains ‘How Empty Headed Rand Paul’s Stunt Was’


Lawrence O’Donnell launched a string verbal attacks against Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster. O’Donnell backing his arguments against the courageous Senator using a video of floor comments by the Republican old guard and dinner mates of President Obama – John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

While both of O’Donnell’s guest tried to have a reasonable discussion Lawrence could not resist continual attacks on Senator Paul’s character:

O’Donnell calls Rand Paul ‘Horribly Flawed Messenger’

and ‘how Empty Headed Rand Paul’s stunt was’

and ‘He said things that were a little bit more than Crazy

and ‘Rand Paul Pretended that his Performance art turn on the Senate floor yesterday was about forcing the Obama administration to answer a question’

and ‘Spewing Infantile Fantasies’

and ‘I haven’t heard anything Sleazier than that on the Senate floor’

and ‘Rand Paul is Stark Raving Mad

and ‘Perfect reason NOT to stand with Rand’

and ‘Do you think there’s more than 14 minutes of actual contact in what that Psychopath said on the Senate floor’

and ‘if you want to #StandWithRand – do you want to stand with all of the Vile Spewing Madness that came out of that Crazy Person’s mouth’

and ‘your standing with a Crazy person’

and ‘there has never been a filibuster that wasn’t a Stunt and wasn’t Pandering

…meanwhile O’Donnell’s guests were trying to have a relevant discussion about civil liberties and the fact that Rand Paul actual brought this important issue of using drones to kill American people to the country’s dinner table for the first time…

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  • Campdavid2000

    lawrence is right,theres madness and too much stunt throwing in politics this days.

  • Nobody

    He who believes himself safe from abuse of the constitution will die by abuse of the constitution.

  • LetsTalkSanity

    Sorry Lawrence O’Donnel. Your character assassination tactic won’t work any more. More people from all political spectrum can see through how desperate you are.  

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  • Scottyo

    Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell in his early career.

  • Kaysa Alexander

    This is the most biased news report I’ve ever heard! Listen to Lawrence O’Donnell’s “vile spewing madness from a crazy person” rhetoric, which he accuses Senator Paul of! 

  • Metric

    One of these day and maybe real soon you are going to wish there were more people like him.  I am floored to hear so many people belittle him for standing up for the damn constitution, you people are crazy.  We have a government that has eaten away at our rights for years now and people are gearing up for civil war and you cant see the problem.. You are the one with an Empty head.

  • KC Ted

    Rand (and friends) grabbed 13 hours of CSpan time, to discuss the true problems of America and the loss of constitutional rights, under the guise of a Brennan filibuster (he admitted it wouldn’t stop the appointment, right from the start). It was like a giant uninterrupted educational process on a channel few people ever watch (until then). Then people who want the truth kept buried, call it a stunt. They are the real stunt.

  • Jennifer Wang

    They’re so scared of someone who is willing to tell the truth. It shatters their programming of the American sheeple.
    So now they have to attack the truth tellers in order to “repair” the programming so the sheep don’t question the propaganda being fed to them. Little do they know…we’re waking up and this isn’t working anymore. We’ve tasted the truth and we want more.

  • Wellscounty_sons_of_liberty

    This why I do not ALLOW MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC,CBS  to play in my home. they do not report news they report “Their opinion”

  • RonPaulRevolution

    Notice how O’Donnell ( NWO scum bag) tried to manipulate the argument by posting what holdrin had said. That no ” NON- Combatant American citizen can be killed by a drone. Wise up people its who they define as a combatant. Martin Luther King. would have defiantly been considered a combatant and put on that list. Notice how these democratic news hosts and old guard republicans come together on this drone deal… And what was Obama saying there isn’t enough bipartisan ship… what a joke

  • Suzanne Noel

    Congress and this president believe that military law now applies to Americans. Senator Graham says that America is part of the battlefield and as such Americans can be captured, interrogated, and murdered. Please learn more about NDAA 2012 and what is in store for Americans.

    Understanding NDAA 2012

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