JPM Raises Q1 GDP Forecast From 1.0% To 2.5% GDP At The Expense Of Even More Future Growth

Now that US Congress provides “solutions” on a month to month basis with outcomes delayed until the 11th hour and 59th minute, the Treasury funds itself paycheck to paycheck, hedge fund LPs only allow a daily lock up and demand liquidity statistics (as in how much of the entire book can be sold on an hour’s notice), and all that matters is what happens in the next few hours, it is JPM’s turn to raise Q1 GDP… at the expense of future growth. Because nobody really cares about the future anymore: after all following yesterday’s lowering of Q3 GDP, US debt/GDP is now 100.04%. But nobody wants to talk about that because, once again, it’s about the future. And we are having enough issues with the present as is. Here is JPM’s Michael Feroli just hiking his short-term forecast, knowing too well he will eventually have to lower future growth. But that is tomorrow’s, and thus, someone else’s problem. In the meantime, #40dollars sure goes a long way. ………….


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