I Can’t Renew My Drivers License

“Proof of residential address is now required.  This must be a separate document other than a driver’s license or ID card.”

After celebrating my 30th birthday I trucked myself down to renew my drivers’ license, and much to my surprise, at the empty “take a ticket” dispenser was this sign, which was going to present a problem in renewing my license.

So, what if you don’t have a residential address?  Can you drive without a house or apartment?  What if you are living in your car?  What if you do not have bills that come to your household?  What if you lost your home and are trying to find a job, and your car is all you have?  Isn’t this unjust?  Isn’t this unfair?  Isn’t this unconstitutional?!?!?!

I decided to avoid the confrontation last week at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and thought that I would go online to try and see if I could circumvent the harassment and embarrassment that I technically don’t have a residential address.  The website to apply online asks about my credit rating, my marital status, my occupation, and my education.  To be honest, why does any of this matter?

Instead of hitting the “SUBMIT” button, I have decided that I will not renew it.  After all, it is unconstitutional to require a license to drive.  I am a free being with the right to travel around.  And, I am not hurting anyone else by doing such.  I am not a criminal.  Why am I being treated like a criminal?

I am so sick and tired of living in this fear and feeling that I am doing something wrong.  I am not doing anything wrong.  And, many people who are going to be stopped by this sign pictured above do not deserve to feel like THEY are doing anything wrong.  Just because you have hit hard times and have nothing to your name does not make you a criminal.   I am not a criminal.  And I will not live in fear.

Now, please understand that I understand that it’s not a ‘right’ to drive a car but a ‘privilege’ which is what we are taught when getting our drivers’ licenses.  Driver training and knowledge is IMPORTANT and something that our state government should enforce initially in an effort to keep our roadways safe.  The real point of this is, that after that, there should be no other restrictions unless you hurt someone else.  Things like the DWI check points don’t stop drunks from driving, they are mainly setup as revenue generators to harass lawful drivers while the drunks drive on.  Task forces to monitor the general public should stop and the needless information gathering is really about imprisoning law abiding citizens rather than public safety.

We really need to challenge the “law-makers” and enforcers of law more often because we are supposed to have the right to do that.  Oh wait, no we don’t!   The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) says that if I don’t conform or cooperate I may be detained without a day in court for a possible indefinite amount of time.  It’s amazing that we make it so easy for law enforcement to come pick us up because they think I could be doing something wrong.  Why are they able to make the call without due process.

America, its time to step up and vote to stop people who are oppressing us.  Just in case you have forgotten, they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and WORK FOR US!  So, you will get to work with me in the process of educating my law enforcement and community about the constitutionality of a drivers’ license.

And if I get thrown in jail, we will have available for you “FREE TISHA” t-shirts.

 Please consider a generous donation today of $5, $10, $25, $100 – this will go a long way in restoring Liberty!

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