Help Tisha fight for YOU and America in this critical first caucus state!

To our readers and followers:It is my Christmas Wish, to go spend New Years in Iowa helping the Ron Paul Campaign and Liberty-activists to WIN BIG in the Iowa Caucus.

I will be there helping the Ron Paul Campaign as well as connecting with other conservative candidates and Independents running for office from around the country.  It is a win-win, uniting and brainstorming with many liberty-candidates and activists to win big in the House and Senate, as well as local elections.

Wont you help?  Whether you support Ron Paul, Newt or Mitt this is a unique opportunity to meet-up with like-minded people from around the country.  I’ll report back what is truly happening ‘on the ground’ in Iowa since the media won’t.  I have many Iowa insiders who are helping me get around and talk with several key insiders and the fringe.  I will tour family-farms and attend town halls as well as going door-to-door helping campaign for others.  We all need to help each other.  This will also provide Colorado voters in my district opportunity to see first hand through my eyes what is happening and discuss this during my next trip around my district.

These are desperate but exciting times!  I work hard for us!  I am your eyes and ears on the battlefield (literally now) for 2012.  You just can’t count on the media being fair and balanced.  Please help us have a successful trip by donating what you can today!


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