Have You Had It With Fake “Constitutionalists”? Mike Church Has Too

Since the 2008 Presidential primaries the Mike Church Show has defended and promoted the type of “conservatism” practiced by Rep Ron Paul-TX toward the U.S. Constitution, his fidelity to its Original Intent and the oath of office required to practice that. But that has never stopped the cavalry of faux “conservatives” storming the Dude Nation ramparts insisting Paul is a gadfly weirdo not worthy of “Tea Party Conservatives” support. Well, enough is enough and like Braveheart Mike reached the do or die moment on this morning’s show. “Ok, that’s it, I have had it with you fake “conservatives” and I am calling you out. How dare you preach that all our problems would be solved if we could just find Congressmen who would get back to Original Intent of the Constitution then when one appears with a 36 year history of this fidelity you blow him off like so much dust in the wind!?”

Listen Here

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