Gingrich Viciously Attacks Ron Paul Says He Won’t Support Paul Nominee

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by Kurt Wallace

Newt Gingrich on CNN with Wolf Blitzer was asked about the attack ads against him by both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. This interview is very telling as Blitzer sets the stage for Newt to contradict himself by viciously attacking Ron Paul right after saying ‘No’ to Blitzer’s asking ‘are you going to attack the other candidates?’ Newt pushed some very obscured perceptions of Ron Paul on the Middle East, Newsletters and 9/11.

Liberty Pulse gives praise to Wolf Blitzer for actually asking Gingrich  the same questions that he and many other MSM reporters have forced Ron Paul to answer recently.

The First question –  pressing Newt on whether or not he would support a Ron Paul nominee which Gingrich vehemently said ‘No’. Then, Blizter pressed him if he would support Obama (which based on many positions Obama and Gingrich are inline wars, government intervention domestically) Gingrich then attacked Obama.

The Second question – Third Party? Yes, Wolf Blitzer actually asks establishment Neoconservative Gingrich if he would run as a 3rd Party Candidate if Ron Paul wins the nomination. Gingrich arrogantly said ‘Ron Paul won’t win’

The most telling part of this interview is how Newt Gingrich is a gentleman to Mitt Romney a fellow big government neoconservative hopeful and then his venomous angry and disdain for the true defender of Liberty and the champion of the US Constitution Ron Paul.