Did Feds Push Fast and Furious to Enact New Gun Regulations?

Reality Check comes out with another gem of evidence. This time gun regulations may be the motive behind the feds pushing fast and furious. Another reason why we need to take a hard look at how Washington DC’s business as usual is hurting the bill of rights and our liberties.

Watch this investigative report:

You can see all the Reality Check programing including this video here

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    these stories need to get out, good for this reporter!

  • monica perez

    that’s just the beginning–they actually did it to arm the sinaloa drug cartel against the los zetas–check out “atf death watch” series on thetruthaboutguns.com or my podcast under “radio show” at themonicaperezshow.com

  • Anonymous

    Reality Check is becoming a favorite segment for me. We should post more from them.

  • Federal Regulations?

    or course!

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