CBS Excludes Ron Paul from New Hampshire 2012 Campaign News Coverage Blowback Ensues

By Kurt Wallace

Thursday morning January 5th, 2012 on the Early Show, CBS news political correspondent Jan Crawford discusses the New Hampshire primary in video below which is titled ‘New Hampshire is the new Iowa’. During this segment they discuss every candidate in the Republican primary including Bachmann who dropped out, excluding Ron Paul from the entire segment. By not even mentioning Ron Paul’s name, once again, CBS brings into major question their ethics as a news agency. This segment becomes a bit comical/infuriating for Paul supporters as the report states that Romney has a 30 point lead over his rivals displaying Suffolk University Poll numbers for New Hampshire Romney 43% (skips mentioning Ron Paul who has 24% according to Washington Times) then they move to Gingrich, Huntsman and Santorum.

h/t to member 'bawtnet'

As a result CBS is getting Blowback Slammed on CBS’s video page:

by Independent__Thought January 7, 2012 1:08 AM EST
Did Ron Paul drop out?

by IngotNews January 7, 2012 12:41 AM EST
Wow, this really is pathetic “journalism”. You cite a poll, and then just blatantly leave somebody out of it (Ron Paul, of course) who you don’t like and is doing well. I hope this gets some publicity for Ron Paul and how amazingly he is doing despite all this complete black-out by the media (and especially CBS). This really shows that he is what the people want (and not what the people in power want).

by answerman1949 January 7, 2012 12:06 AM EST
At least you gave Ron Paul 89 seconds in your lousy debate. You leave him completely out of this video, even though he is running a strong second in New Hampshire.

by thetruthnothinmore January 6, 2012 1:34 PM EST
Wow. It is amazing how biased the media is. They know they are out of a job when Ron Paul is President. The alternative media is going to replace the mainstream media.
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by Zippy73 January 6, 2012 7:04 AM EST
What an egregious omission of Dr. Ron Paul! Shame on you for this poor journalism. You’ve just lost a reader and a viewer, CBS! I was a big fan of 60 Minutes, but feel I can no longer trust the source. Do svidaniya!

by neal555 January 6, 2012 3:24 AM EST
Could you have made it anymore blatantly obvious that you ignored Ron Paul who is at 24%. Main stream news is going the way of something you would watch in North Korea, only with better graphics. Quit treating Americans like sheep. So completely disgusted!

Additionally the reporter Jan Crawford’s Facebook Page is beginning to be slammed.

One CBS employee Lou Miller states on her page:

Lou Miller: Jan, As a longtime employee of CBS Corp I find it embarrassing to be associated with our network when journalists such as yourself choose to fabricate the news rather then report it. You reported polling numbers that only added up to 65% of respondents, what about the other 35%? Do you really think your viewers are that stupid that they would not notice an obvious omission? In the future please try to demonstrate some integrity in your work, because your performance reflects on the network as well as your many fellow CBS employees who take pride in our work


Here is the segment which entirely excludes Ron Paul:

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  • Diane V. McLoughlin

    Good article on the outrageous MSM censorship/bias against Ron Paul. My television is sad – I’m always yelling at it!  What I wrote today on Paul:

  • Rawlings151

    Ron Paul does not fit into the new world order agenda.

  • Rawlings151

    Ron Paul bleeds sanity!

  • Rawlings151

    What are they trying so hard to hide? A lemming’s escape route?

  • Aztlanplay

    PBS did the same thing today!

  • Traderdwa

    shame shame on CBS!!!

  • Someuser

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who actually understands why America is going downhill – and FAST.  He is the ONLY candidate who can REVERSE this downhill slide.  Get the word out.  THIS is our LAST CHANCE!

  • NoMazi

    Just checked Jan Crawford’s Facebook page, and all of the negative comments about her have been deleted.

  • Trackdown1

    Too bad the published opinion polls do not reflect public opinion.

  • Blrobbins

    STOP WATCHING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. you won’t learn anything by watching it you only get dumber….. You will learn more truth by reading 5 minutes of alternative media than watching 24hours of MSM. All these journalists are going to get what they deserve when all their stocks collapse in the coming crash, their kids can’t get jobs and their grandkids have to pay for it all. But they don’ care about their children or grandchildren they only care about where their next vacation is and how big their next television set will be. But it’s ok people don’t get mad at them because they will be judged…. oh yes maybe not in this life but they will be judged at the gates of their next life….. when they leave this cosy life, things will change dramatically because they are going to an extremely warm and dark place for eternity…. enjoy MSM 

  • Jean

    I didn’t get her name but a woman correspondent on Schieffer’s New Year’s Day program (also CBS) said something to the effect that Ron Paul can’t possibly be elected, while their own poll was on the screen, showing Paul in 2nd place!
    Paul is the only candidate who has not weaseled on anything he has said.
    Too bad the American public votes for the pretty face instead of the intelligent mind.

  • Gh1961a


    I have figured out the game the mainstream media is playing…it is on a point system that goes like this:

    +1 POINT: mention a media “front runner” by full name…

    +1/2 POINT:  mention a media “front runner” by partial name…

    -2 POINTS: mention RON PAUL …

    +2 POINTS: mention RON PAUL and say something negative about him…

    Now, there is a reason that sometimes you only see people being interviewed from the waist up…

    For example, if there is an interview at a round table…voluntarily, Dick Morris using his mouth with under table guise is trying to get someone to smile…if he is successful…that persons point(s) go to Dick…

    The winner gets a date with Dick as evidenced from the presence of santorum(n)…

    Because Dick can not please any of the mainstream media females, in the case a of a female winner, the date is with Laura Ingraham…Laura’s command of the poll goes without question…

    On a personal note, I have also concluded that Bill O’Reilly is always a loser because he can’t control himself when Dick is around…

    JAN CRAWFORD is the CBS “Chief” Political Correspondent…this says a lot
    about the credibility of CBS coverage…there is no one at the helm…

  • Sleekfast

    “Democracy is the theory that the common man knows what he wants, and deserves to get it, GOOD & HARD”.
    HL Mencken

  • oldman

    I’m so glad the brilliant minds at all the networks tell us how this guy cannot possible get the nomination, so don’t even mention his name.  All he can talk about is that stupid old Constitution thing.  We have PROGRESSED so far from that old outdated piece of junk it’s funny.  About 15 trillion dollars worth.  We need to keep electing people who will keep on borrowing , using vodo economics or whatever it takes to keep ME doing well until I die.  KIDS AND GRANDKIDS – GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    • Whowereuthinkingof

      the constitution as you described as that old outdated piece of junk, is what protects you to spew your vile verbal diarhea, i fought to defend your right  to free speech when i was in vietnam. You expose yourself as an ignorant asshole with no common sense whatsoever. I am now more convinced that most of the members of congress have the same ideology as you, but i am not worried at all because we the people are going to vote those bastards out along with the evening trash this coming election in November.

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  • Anonymous


    That is the Twilight Zone for sure at CBS.


  • honestann

    Welcome to the USSA.

  • CharlesE

    Mark Levin must b behid this

  • CharlesE

    Democrats would fight Black Representatives on the Floor, drawing guns.  These things were changed because a SECOND party OVER CAME THEM .

  • CharlesE

    Magna Carta isn’t a good freedom document!

  • CharlesE

    I worked for Jack Carpenter, a 30- year Washington career aide- Alan Bible Secretary , and his daughter was secretary to Lady Bird etc.- He told me that he liked CBS because of their Democrat leanings.  So, in 2005 I stopped listening to their slant.  We gotta read the newpaper and COMPARE stories.

  • CharlesE

    Poor Johnson of New Mexico is ignored, too!  Ron Paul should elect HIM as the Vice President, because he is supposed to b charismatic, and will draw the Hispanic vote away from Obama. 

  • Stackedhi

    Didn’t John McCrotchy say that “America is going to turn around with Obama”?  It just shows how stupid our career politicians are.

  • Danny

    Are there any news stations that report the news, not try to influence the news? Soon SOPA will take the only news source available, the internet. Another news story they didn’t cover, as well as FEMA camps being manned, NDAA, TSA grouping citizens etc.,etc,etc.

  • G

    ABC did the same thing on GMA.  So blatant and I am completely put out by the fact they think we take them at their “words”…hahaha

    • G

      RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    There once was a mouthpiece named Jan,
    whose ethics came out of a can.
    She started a brawl
    by not naming Ron Paul.
    And now she’s probably going to get a big promotion with a corner office and free pedicures every Friday or some crazy shit like that.

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  • Ombudsman

    To CBS (Conniving Biased Subterfuges)
    Where is you honor, SCUMBAGS?! Walter Cronkite (1962–1981) would disown you for this disgraceful dereliction of duty!

  • Cosmo

    Hey folks your vote doesn’t count one iota.

    Read the U.S. Constitution; presidents are put in office by the electoral college, not by any
    stretch of the imagination by the majority of people voting.

    What hog wash, and only fools and the uninformed electorate (and you know who you are) believe in this media hype and trash perpetrated for far too long.

    Here’s one for everyone:

    I dare you to find in the U.S. Constitution and/of the Declaration of Independence any right to vote. Guess what? It does not and never did exist. Surprised. Noe me, some of us intelligentia already knew this from years and years ago.

    So go ahead and waste your time and energy wasting your time campaigtning for fools from their bully pulpit preaching nothing but cow manure for you sheeple to devour forever and ever since you believe this bullshit anyway.

    It is only local elections held in states, counties, municipalities, and cities that your vote
    has any actual merit; not in the election of president and/or vice president.

    Wake up america, quit being hookwinked.

    If you think sending me a screed of million will change my mind,  you’re sadly mistaken. Ask any intelligent constitutional scholar if I spoke the truth.

    Go ahead, I dare you than publish it herein.


    • Kent Perry, Az.

                                                                              Article 1 Section 2
      1:  The House of Representatives shall be composed
      of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several
      States, and the Electors in each State shall have the
      Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch
      of the State Legislature.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like Kent Perry just blew a huge hole in your narcissistic tirade there, cosmo.  And, incidentally, you’re missing the whole point. Jan Crawford intentionally omitted a viable, mainstream-threatening candidate from mention, most likely at the bidding of her superiors. It was a blow to unbiased journalism of the highest degree.  Now go back to your basement and think about that.  Don’t come up for dinner until you’re called.

    • Amanda

      Cosmo, while you are correct about the electoral college, the whole point is that Americans are making a difference. We need to stand up and show the government that we are upset, we are angry, and we are not going to take it anymore. Even if Ron Paul didn’t win, we have records showing to what lengths the US Government and media went to make sure that the word of Ron Paul didn’t succeed. The fact is, we are  disillusioned with the government and they need to know that. We don’t trust the US Government just because they tell us to. We see, blatantly now, how much they do NOT care about us and are not working for us. Regardless whether or not he wins, we’ve made various statements through our efforts. 

    • Myname1911

      Something your forgetting cosmo. The electoral college has only ONE time gone against the popular vote, Forget the specific election, but look it up. Your vote…. Matters.

  • Tyler Ɖee

    Voting is a joke, cant you see they’re using the media against the people, and letting people fumble with the information.

    They did it with 9-11.
    They’re doing it with Law.
    It’s been done for aeons through religious Oligarchy.

    Study the stars.
    Mars in the head of Virgo on the 17th.
    Wake the fuck up, you don’t have to believe it for it to be truth.

    • James Dunigan

      Hey Tyler, I’m very curious about what you’re referring to. I acknowledge astronomy, and am familiar with it’s relation to our world very generally. I am a fan of John Lamb Lash’s Metahistory dot org. Can you fill me in with what you’re talking about. Thanks. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to encourage any enterprising lawyers out there to bring a
    lawsuit against these so-called journalists for interfering with the
    outcome of an election — and slander!

    Someone desperately needs to intervene — this is completely out of
    control and on every mainstream national news channel. Not only do we have to contend with the Diebold machines and
    vote rigging, but this deliberate and illegal misleading and meddling in
    every American’s right to a fair election process!

    Just IMAGINE what a landslide Ron Paul would win by if there were no
    lies, smears, misrepresentations of his stances, and he was given equal
    time on every news channel as the pre-selected poster boys for the status quo war machine and banking cartel are given!

    • C325859

      Stop watching the conventional news media if everybody stopped watching their whole game would collapse. What gets me is even some allegedly conservative columnists and other media ignore Ron Paul. If so I will ignore them! Ron Paul all the way! 2012!

  • Tomdckd

    Are there any true journalists working in the mainstream media? How embarasing to be part of such an obviously biased organization against a true Patriot Dr. Ron Paul. Hopefully the individual journalists will begin to decide to do the work they should be doing and not whoring themselves out.

  • Cynthia Dobson Lanpher

    Do we need any further proof that the mainstream media wants Romney to run against Obama. I think it is pretty obvious that if Dr. Paul’s message was treated fairly, and he won the nomination, he would only gain tremendous momentum and pummel Obama in any debate and take the general election by a landslide. So obvious what these drones on CBS and the other networks are being paid to do by the corporations they work for who are in bed with our government. We have no real free press in the country. They are only mouthpieces for our very corrupt Government.

  • DVD

    Unbelievable!  In addition to completely ignoring Ron Paul at 24% and rising, they also did not mention McCain’s blooper when he said “Barack Obama” instead of “Mitt Romney” – – What a bunch of worthless shills for the bankers.  At least I know who to be against when I (rarely) watch the Continuous Bowel Spumes network channel

    • C325859

      Never will watch them!

  • Vermee

    This is election tampering and a blatant violation of FEC and FCC law … CBS is now tabloid junk!

  • Joseph

    The Federal Election Commission (if there is one still) needs to investigate. CBS, and NBC,  are purposely interfering with the election process of a publicly appointed federal government position.

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  • wave the flag

    I used to watch CBS news!  Now it’s over.  You are not part of the solution that American viewer look to you for news.  You are part of the problem we will read about in the news!

  • Anonymous

    have sold out the American people. You have committed a direct attack
    on our democracy by knowingly and willingly providing false, and
    misleading information. This was done in an effort to undermine our
    political process. You have committed acts of treason against the
    American people, and I am demanding  all those responsible should be prosecuted under the fullest extent of
    our laws. We will not lay down and be silent while our democracy is being dismantled! 

  • Jenn Shockey-Leaver

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win….  -Gandhi 

    The commie broadcast system….  Karma is a going to be a bigger blow back….  Zionism at it’s best at CBS….  Stop worshiping the golden calf CBS…    A lot of people already know about the establishment and the 2 party system that isn’t a 2 party system at all.  There is no Republican or Democrat.  They are all in it together.  Ron Paul isn’t pandering to the puppet show…..  You Should be in support of that or are you afraid you may lose your job…. ?  This isn’t news, it’s personal opinion and hypothesis….  No fact reporting here.  Grow a brain….   People that push a candidate on blatent non facts, is a testament to what your agendareally is…  We see you like Romney (Robama)…!   High school antics…… 

    • Geoff Orchard

      And Ghandi wasn’t an idiot.

  • Animal Kingdom

    Damn, anyone know whats Ron Pauls #’s in New hampshire is ?

  • BigJ

    What a horrible station. Never again will I watch the bullshit you throw on TV. What about RON PAUL.
    How idiotic you guys are and the commentators did not mention the fact that she left out Ron Paul. Mainstream bull

  • Disqus-ted

    Almost as blatant as North Korean “news”.
    What does this say about CBS’s journalistic integrity & ethics? Presenting as ‘news’ what qualifies only as propaganda is shameful. 

    “Lying by omission”
    “Also known as a continuing misrepresentation, a lie by omission occurs when an important fact is left out in order to foster a misconception. Lying by omission includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions”

    “Propaganda is often biased, with facts selectively presented (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis”

  • Anonymous

    The Communist Broadcast System is as useless as a bull with tits.

  • Terrybossdawg

    remember CBS we wont forget this



  • Truth seeker

    CBS and other main stream media receive instructions from the CFR  = council of foreign relations on what can and cannot be reported.  The CFR receive their instructions ultimately from the money changers .
    Seek for truth and the big picture you will realize how diabolical the kingdom of this world is.   John 8:32

  • Oglet

    The use of the airways is for the benefit of all the public.  Your unprofessional use, which is documented by your bias news reporting, should and will result in an examination of your license to broadcast over our airways.  You are certainly entitled to your own opinion but as a representative of the news media you have shirked your responsibility to report all the news without favoritism toward any specific political philosophy of your choice.

    The biased  reporting characteristic of CBS,  has played a significant role in the destruction of what was once a country worthy of emulation.  It has lead to the institution of a government so unlike the one treasured by our founding fathers as to be unrecognizable to those to whom freedom and liberty are of very high priority.  Ironically, you only ensure your demise with such policies.

    Travis Ogle
    Pensacola, FL 

  • Doug

    The MSM hates and tries to ignore Ron Paul because of his anti-war foreign policy, i.e., he is against foreign aid and does not suck up to Israel or the Israeli Lobby. GO PAUL!

  • Missy Oldpage

    Just Like CBS fudging up the polls. They cannot be trusted. I’ll watch Alex Jones any day over the lamestream media. The inforwar is on!

  • Crincolip

    I hear that Vince McMahon is hiring at the WWE looking for announcers.  Perhaps, your people will be more at home in a less controlled journalistic environment??

  • dina bales

    gop will not win with out Pauls supporters.Pauls supporters will NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils! makes you wonder if they really want obama out or not!

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  • Kc0nkk

    I believe that it boils down to the politicians wanting socialism in this country!  Every politician should be taken to task for lying about their oath of office and abandoning it over the years!    Bill = Navy Man

  • Dareltax

    CBS is nothing more than  a puppet controlled by the rich and owned by the rich… so, what can you expect when it comes to truly reporting things without being bias.They are fearful of Ron Paul and his political ideas.

  • Burly Cain

    Just called and spoke with Patrick from the Early Show and let him know that I find it hard to see the objectivity of the Early Show in this piece.  He said that he would take a look at it after this show.  The number is 1-212-975-4321.  That is the main CBS line, ask for the Early Show from the operator.

  • chuck

    My question for these…..DemocRATS  really has nothing to do with Dr. Paul. And the question is: how could anyone support and vote for the status-quo??? Just look what the criminal ruling class has done to our country. Ignoring the Constitution, wars all over the world, the economy is a wreck with no jobs, massive govt spending and money printing, all the while turning the US into a police state. Oh yes…..Obummer and Co along with help from the RepublicRATS have really got something going here worthy of praise?? Or the next revolution??? These people belong out of office and in jail but once again: HOW COULD ANY FREEDOM LOVING AMERICAN SUPPORT & VOTE FOR THIS?? Answer? They can’t. All I can do is to vote for Ron Paul and ignore the drive-by media….

  • Reinhard H

    Shame on you!  Mainstream media being rushed on the way out the door.

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  • Jay Lincoln

    CBS News is a joke. I will not watch anymore.  George Soros must be helping  to write with Miss Crawford.

  • patriot

    Who is Ron Paul?

    • Amanda

      Hiding out with John Galt.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well that falls in line with the fraudster Frank Luntz who has zero credibility now. He did a town hall focus group promotion for John Huntsman!! unfreakin believable! and he had paintings of all the candidates in the background and you couldn’t even see Dr. Pauls but maybe for about a second in the last minute it was way to the far right of the screen what a joke!!!!

  • Jake Jacobs

    i just contacted CBS and linked this story to my message warning them of a boycott should this activity continue.  sincerely, A US Marine.

  • ananymous

    CBS news has no credibility…no surprise here

  • Larry Von Eschen

    The mainstream media is awful and intentionally mis-reports things. Its not just CBS, Fox News is just as guilty. The worst abuser of all is Bill O’Reilly, an admitted Ron Paul hater.  

  • Jake Jacobs

    if one network sees what happens, the others will pay attention as well…

  • Jake Jacobs

    How can we get in contact with the execs @CBS and voice the intent to contact CBS’s sponsors of a boycott?

  • Brad

    The Republican candidates are on record saying they wouldn’t even vote for Paul?   But they want to know why he still considers switching to a third party. All this MSM swindling and Candidate bashing…. I would better of watching the Jersey Shore. Fight SOPA so we can keep the internet and truthful  media, before they compromise that as well.

  • danielmurphee

    As Van Morrison once sang “you can’t stop us on the road to freedom…you can’t stop us ’cause are eyes can see”

  • danielmurphee

    There is absolutely no way that the media talking heads cannot see what they are doing to Dr.Paul…no way!!! The odds of this amount of incompetence with regards to covering Dr.Paul is staggering!!

  • DMM322

    I worked on Dr.Paul’s campaign in ’07. If was an eye opener to witness the treatment of Dr.Paul by the mainstream media and it’s abundantly obvious that treatment continues in this current campaign. It’s clear that the MSM has a total disregard for the public. I wish there was a way to collect all this censorship of Dr.Paul’s campaign. These talking heads should be totally ashamed for actively participating in the attacks on Dr.Paul. You can go here to see who was actually behind the release of that despicable video knocking  Huntsman and his ties to China. 

    • Amanda


      My brother is currently collecting multitutdes of video clips and articles online into one big group on Facebook. Trust me, we notice the same things you do and he has started gathering information with the help of many people in a group very much like the one you proposed. 

    • JJohn Suprise

      Daniel, there is actually a FB group called “media disinformation against Ron Paul” where they are compiling a VAST amount of the myriad of smears, lies, distortions and black outs. In fact it is from this group that I learned about this latest black out job!!!

      God Bless You and Yours Sir.

      Ron Paul and NO ONE else 2012!!


      • Amanda

        JJohn, that group you’re referring to is actually the one I mentioned below. :))) That’s my brother’s page!! Thank you for spreading the word! I’m an admin in the group. THANK YOU!!! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • John Mascaro

    Dear CBS: I always try to cut others slack when something seems amiss in reporting what are often complex issues in what have become rather small packages. Perhaps an inadvertent oversight here and there is excusable. Perhaps time pressures or misunderstandings take a line of questioning off course.  But an outright omission of Ron Paul by CBS in the instant case is so patently discriminatory as to constitute journalistic malpractice.  The only consequence now will be the BLOWBACK from the loss of your former viewers.  You have treated a candidate who earned 7 delegates (same as Romney and Santorum) from Iowa and is now polling a strong second in NH and treat him like this is still 2008.  Do you think this is some High School contest for president of the senior class? That’s what your coverage sounds like. This would get no more than a D in any journalism course.  Journalism MUST be grounded on some semblance (at least) of fairness and objectivity. Once you lose that you might as well enlist in the Orwellian PROPAGANDA MINISTRY, but Americans will not tolerate this chronic pathological lying (by omission).  The only saving grace is that you’ve thus revealed your goals and lack of integrity.  Thank you for that. Moreover, your journalistic malpractice affirms what we viewers now have come to understand: CBS and its fellow (lame)stream media colleagues and “legacy journalism” is now a DEAD LETTER.  And don’t think you can just jump ship as it sinks and find support on internet newspaper or television platforms and blogs and all will be well. Not so fast. Your personal journalistic lack of integrity will follow you – and rest assured we will not watch you, we no longer will read you, we no longer trust you, and your opinion and analysis is meaningless and irrelevant.      

  • Matt Metelsky

    if you hate Ron Paul, you hate America.  He did not come up with his own policies, his policies are those of our founding fathers.  How bout you take a coin outta your pocket and read it, “in god we trust” , start with that buddy.

    • Atedogonce1

      I think CBS is guilty of bad journalism here.  But you have to keep your facts straight, too.  “In God We Trust” has nothing to do with the founding fathers — the theocratic phrase wasn’t added to coins until after Origin of Species was released, creating a spiritual crisis among the superstitious masses.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Ron Paul, frankly (though I do like his persona, I detest his politics). However, to not mention him in the primaries makes me very confused.  I’m a democrat…I can relate to military non-interventionism.  Who is CBS shilling for here?  Dems are FOR non-intervention.  There is only one answer: they are in cahoots with the Republican National Committee. 

    • Peonbilly

      the democrat party is just as pro interventionalism as the republicans are.. both parties need to go!

    • danielmurphee

      Hate?!?! Wow…do you truly know what Dr.Paul’s campaign platform consist of?

      • Anonymous

        do you?  Are you even remotely aware of his policies? 

        Are you aware he:

        1.Thinks doctors that preform abortions are murderers and should be imprisoned?
        2.Thinks that it is not the prerogative of government to protect people from discrimination?
        3.Is opposed to Federal funding of public education, but SUPPORTS vouchers for religious education?
        4.Supports economic theory that is repudiated by every lettered economist?
        5.Is opposed to the Civil Rights Act on the grounds that the states (you know, like Georgia and South Carolina) should set the laws concerning voting, transportation and anti-discrimination laws?
        6.Has gone on record saying we should not have fought the Nazis?
        7.Has as recently as two months ago been photographed smiling with the Editor of Storm Front, a Nazi rag?
        8.Was opposed to the Voting Rights Act?
        9.Is opposed to the CONCEPT of the public commons.
        10.Is opposed to the idea of the Federal Government investigating corporate crime. (he has gone on record saying he is opposed to Federal Detective work).
        11.Opposes handicap parking as “intruding on private property?”
        The list goes on and on. 

        • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            thats how I got to being a Ron Paul supporter, I stopped listening to the frauds on Fox and on the radio! they slam the liberal media for B.S. they do it too, and they do it to their own candidates, they are more for party than country, it’s a reality show now because we’ve veered so far from the constitution!

        • CalebRon PaulSantos

          sounds good to me…   it obviously goes deeper than these moot points.  he is AGAINST government.  so yeah, anything the government does he is against.  the soviet union really helped the rights of the working people…. LOL    cmon…  stop believing the lies.  the government is a framework for crooks to get their way “legally”.  

          • Anonymous

            You just don’t get it.  “Racist businesses will go out of business???”  That flies in face of ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.  The basic concept that sums up Ron Paul: if I don’t like how you look, your money isn’t good enough to purchase things here.  How would you like it if you had only one general store within 20 miles, but the owner “didn’t like brown eyed people.”  Instead of money being legal tender, both public and private, according to Ron Paul it is NOT legal tender if someone “doesn’t like you.”  You can go drive 60 miles instead, and HOPE that the next guy doesn’t have something against brown eyes.  The Civil Rights Act made that illegal…it made it so you have to ACCEPT MONEY FROM ANYONE THAT WISHES TO PURCHASE YOUR PUBLICLY DISPLAYED GOODS.  If you are opposed to that, it is because you ignorant of American history and have probably never personally experienced institutional racism. 

        • Terry Ulery

          1.  He also doesn’t believe the federal government has any right or authority under the constitution to make laws regarding it one way or the other. So, moot point.
          2. Is it? Let me know which one of the enumerated powers granted the federal government by the constitution that you feel it falls under.
          3. It is my understanding that he is opposed to Federal mandates on how public education funds are spent. He wants to give block grants to the states for education. He supports vouchers for any private school, not just religious ones.
          4. Yes, the economic theory that predicted the real estate bubble ten years ago, while those “lettered” economists you’re talking about we’re screaming “BUY BUY BUY” fueling an orgy of malinvestment that we STILL haven’t recovered from yet. The economic theory that dictated that we drastically cut spending post WWII in order to grow our economy properly, while again, the “lettered” economists of the day were screaming that drastic cuts would lead to widespread depression. History has shown that Keynesian economic thinking is popular because it gives politicians an excuse to do what they want anyway: Spend tax money on their campaign donors.
          5. Incorrect. He is opposed to the Civil Rights Act because it violates private property rights. Let the racist assholes go out of business, and the businesses that spring up in their place will welcome everyone with open arms, not arms twisted by the federal government.
          6. Please provide a valid source, as I haven’t seen that anywhere.
          7. Oh god, a politician who smiles when people walk up and ask for a photo, that is just UNHEARD OF. Wait, since Santorum is smiling in this picture with a Ron Paul Supporter, does that make him a Ron Paul supporter?! I’m confused.
          8. Taken directly from wikipedia (Feeling alittle lazy, but I think they sum it up well) Paul has indicated that he did not object to the voting rights clauses,
          but rather to restrictions placed on property rights by the bill.[267]
          He felt the federal interference mandated by the bill was costly and
          unjustified because the situation for minorities voting is much
          different than when the bill was passed 40 years ago. Many of Texas’
          Republican representatives voted against the bill, because they believe
          it specifically singles out some Southern states, including Texas, for
          federal Justice Department oversight that makes it difficult for
          localities to change the location of a polling place or other small acts
          without first receiving permission from the federal government
          9. I’m afraid I’m not even sure what you’re talking about here.
          10.  Someone who wants to return to our originally envisioned nation with a small federal government doesn’t want to create more government agencies? Why do we NEED federal agencies for this? are States not capable?
          11. What if you were required to have a handcapped parking space for your house? For every house in the country? If I want to build a business with no handicapped parking spaces, that is my right. Just as it would be in their rights for the handicapped and anyone offended by my lack of handicapped parking spaces to go somewhere else, or to protest my choice.

          Are you seeing a trend here? Less government force to achieve the goals people want, more voluntary action? Nearly every one of Paul’s positions can be traced to a sincere desire to limit the use of government force to achieve whatever goal is covninient for the political majority at the time. But if you want a more authoritarian government and continued abuses by the police state, by all means, support another candidate. But just remember this: A government with the right to make your moral choices for you will make those choices based on the attitude of those voting.  You may be happy with the morality of the “majority” now, but that won’t last forever.

          • Anonymous

            1. It’s not a “moot” point, because the direct effects of his ideas would put the south back into “Mason-Dixon” territory (look it up if you are young). 

            2.Clowns that explain to me that since slavery (and discrimination) are not directly prohibited in the Constitution they are not “illegal,” are in my opinion fools.  The Pursuit of Happiness concept and the Bill of Rights are clear that we have the right to certain things, and no one has the right to deny them…like food at the general store, bought with legal tender.  Something that WAS denied blacks up until 1968 or so in much of the south.

            3.Vouchers are simply a way for rich people to screw poor people out of education.  Certain schools get all the money and all the bright students, all the others are junked.  Social responsibility means making it possible for ALL kids to get a great education, not to GIVE UP on the poor and just educate the smart ones with money and gifts. 

            4.Regardless of the general SNAFU that is a mixed economy, Paul’s ideas are completely crackpot, if for no other reason than they are so simple, they defy analysis. 

            5.”Let the racist assholes go out of business???”  Perhaps you missed human history…in that real world event, racism lasts for HUNDREDS OF YEARS if not addressed, and is INSTITIONALIZED, like in South Africa, India and the US, UNTIL MILLIONS OF ANGRY PEOPLE DEMAND JUSTICE AND MITIGATING LAWS.


            Ron Paul’s newsletter praises Bobby Fischer (specifically for his approach to the “Jewish Question.”), in the same issue, a bizarre, esoteric reference is made to an Ob/Gyn magazine, pretty much proving Paul wrote this stuff, since he is, in fact, an Ob/Gyn.  And, it is difficult to believe that Mr. Paul was the victim of some super complex conspiracy in which he did not know that someone else was pretending to be him, pretending to read Ob/Gyn mags, and making Paul look stupid for his Presidential campaign 25 years later.  In fact, at the time of publication, his main constituency were these racist hicks in his rural counties. 

            7.Please show me ONE picture of a democrat (or a Republican for that matter), standing and smiling with a known Nazi racist who publishes a magazine that is called anything along the lines of “Storm Front.”  In fact, Don Black considers Mr. Paul a friend, has corresponded with him for over 20 years, and was quoted recently saying he “understood” Paul rejecting 20 years of personal associations in order to run for President. 

            8.The Civil Rights Act DOES single out specific states, for obvious reasons.  A perfect example…two MONTHS ago, the Republicans passed draconian laws in South Carolina, making it pretty much certain that 1/5 of all blacks who voted last time would not vote this time.  South Carolina, along with Georgia, Kentucky, Texas and a few others, have such an ODIOUS record on voting rights with bunk like this, that a SPECIAL CLAUSE was added so that these states RACIST ASSHOLES could be over-ridden with the FLICK OF THE PEN by the Attorney General, which is what he just did.


            9. Paul has come out specifically against the LEGAL CONCEPT of public lands.  He is opposed to rules and agreements that have been active since the Magna Carta.  In Paul’s world, there are NO public parks, federal lands, protected lands, or “village greens.”  In Paul’s universe, EVERYTHING IS OWNED, and NOTHING is owned in common. 

            10.  Right now, each state employs almost as many workers as the Federal government.  It’s crazy wastage.  Not because we don’t need the employment, but because it’s so much overlap.  Which is more intelligent: to let 50 different entities deal with the national highways, taxing their own populations to fix it in their state (and if they can’t, so be it??), or a Federal system that fixes the roads with a national tax?

            11. My house is not a public venue which serves the population necessity items.  The Opera, for example, is paid for partially with State and Federal subsidies, yet it is a private company.  Should they not have to serve handicap people?  The grocery store sells food and sundries.  It is given a license and permits to build on a certain section of land (how this would work in Paul’s world is yet to be explained) It is not a “private” company anymore, because it is on PUBLIC land, land that is apportioned in a limited fashion, and it is serving the public’s needs, and it has, by competition, beat out ANOTHER grocery chain/store.  So, the citizens have A store to go to.  That store MUST have equal access, or the handicap people are not getting the full value from the LAND PERMIT TO SELL GOODS. Do you understand?  Handicap folks should not in a civilized society have to drive farther than their neighbors (if there is such a place to drive to).  This concept of “Private Business Is An Island” is nonsense. 

        • Amanda

          All politicians (ALL of them) have people who will not support them. I noticed that a lot of the news sources that you used to support your statements (listed below) are rags who also have omitted information or changed it for the benefit of anyone running against Ron Paul. I will start paying attention to your ideas when you can follow them up with credible sources who are squeaky clean and have not been accused of doing the same thing that CBS has done. My brother runs a group for media against Ron Paul which ALL of your sources have created news articles or resources that have made it into his group.  As a student of media myself, I can assure you that even people’s words are skewed, omitted and rearranged to fit the agenda of so-called news media organizations. While I have no doubt he might have said the words that you claim were captured, I do not know who edited them before they made it to public viewing. To trust the media these days is to accept a certain kind of death. The death of freedom of speech and the right to receive truthful information. 

          • Anonymous

            that’s funny, because I have found You Tube commercials, produced by Paul, that say he wants to eliminate the department of commerce and I know he is opposed to all Affirmative Action.  No matter how you slice this, Paul and I disagree.  He may be “honorable,” although how you make a million dollars off a racist rag (which I read while traveling in Texas and New Mexico in the 80’s) and “not know” what’s in it is beyond me, but he’s wingnut crazy on so many issues in any case, it’s profound in and of itself.  Just the idea that someone that argues for State’s Rights could obtain a “progressive’s” vote is laughable, and shows not that Progressives support Paul, but that self-identified Progressives who do are actually total idiots, have no idea what a “Progressive” is, and don’t know what they are talking about, period. 

          • Amanda

            You are welcome to your opinion. We all are, as Americans. Isn’t it wonderful that Ron Paul is fighting for us to be able to share our opinions as Americans instead of having our liberties taken away by the socialist monsters who are in office as we speak? Wingnut crazy because he wants to return things back to the way the Constitution intended them? How dare a man dream and have ambitions and goals to make things great! NOOO! Not that! 

            As for your comment about “Progressives who do are actually total idiots,” I must say that once someone stoops to name-calling, they lose credibility in their statements. You have run out of intelligent words and have fallen to judging a group of people based on a personal opinion. Just because you say “Period” at the end of your statement, it does not mean that what you say is the final word. If you wish to continue debating, then go for it. However, I might suggest that if you wish to be taken seriously you stop the name calling and debate the issues rather than insulting people. Nothing makes a person lose attention and focus faster than someone insulting them. Good luck to you and your belief system. I hope it takes you far in life.

          • Anonymous

            lady, if someone says they are a “Progressive” and support Ron Paul, they are idiots.  It’s as simple as if someone says they are a Reaganite and supports John Kerry. It’s Idiotic.  No one can seriously claim to be a Progressive while supporting an anti-abortionist who argues against the Civil Rights Act with the States’ Rights argument.  To claim such a title is offensive to Progressives.  I’m not saying “progressives are idiots,” I’m saying someone that votes for Ron Paul WHILE claiming to be a Progressive is a moron.  It’s like a person that supports Ghandi saying they like Hitler, or someone that says they are for a Republic supporting a king with autocratic power: it’s an OXYMORON. 

          • Amanda

            I am willing to give credit where credit is due. I appreciate your knowledge of the Constitution. The things you stated in your first paragraph, you are correct. At the time the Constitution was written, the Founding Fathers were referring to the groups that you mentioned. However, I do believe that Ron Paul simply believes that individuals have the right to make their own decisions to have less interruption from an overbearing, centralized government. When we say “Constitutionalist,” we do not mean literally only referring to men. He wants the rights for ALL people guaranteed by the Constitution throughout the evolution of traditional roles within the United States. 

            To be quite honest, you cannot say the man has a lack of compassion. For God’s sake, he’s a doctor! He is also very well-known for treating women for free who had government healthcare instead of taking that healthcare. That doesn’t sound very much like a lack of compassion to me. If you are referring to the welfare system, then I guess you could say I have a lack of compassion, too. I am personally sick and tired of money being taken out of my very meager paycheck, when I work very hard for that money, to go pay for Mama and her 15 kids because she won’t get a job and her baby daddies are no longer in the picture. I am barely making ends meet as an educator, yet me not wanting money taken out of my paycheck as a handout for these people is a lack of compassion? So be it. I have a lack of compassion. 

            I see the point you are trying to make about Progressives, whether or not I agree with it. However, there are always going to be things wrong with every single candidate and not everyone is always going to agree with every single candidate. That’s just the way things are and always will be. 

          • Anonymous

            Here’s my take on it.  I’m an organizer.  I’ve met a lot of people.  a LOT of people.  Dr. Paul’s ideas not only lack compassion in the immediate sense, i.e., the logical conclusion of many of his policies lead, in his own words to “abhorrent behavior” that will be “rectified by the system later,” but his intonations and mannerism CLEARLY set him off as someone who will be correct no matter what the issue.  I’ve met many like Dr. Paul…folks that seem very intelligent until you get to a real situation.  An example would be that of a very nice man you know from down the street.  He is always friendly.  He sometimes chides you on your hair.  For 20 years, you work down at the store.  One day, this nice old man takes over the store, calls you in and says, “I like you, but I don’t like your hair.  I know you have 20 years of seniority, but I don’t believe in pensions or worker protections, and, frankly, even though I know you’ve been a good worker, your hair disturbs me.  I’m sorry, bud, you are fired.”  That is Dr. Paul.  And he wants it to be that way for everyone, everywhere, who is not a manager.  He is loudly and determinedly against worker protection laws.  “Right to work” states is a canard, designed to lower wages so that companies will move to where the low wage workers live.  A race to the bottom. 

          • Anonymous

            If you want to support Ron Paul, despite his miserliness, his lack of compassion and his hair-brained philosophies, you might not be an idiot, just misguided.  If, on the other hand, you claim to be a “leftist” or a “Progressive” and do so, you are profoundly stupid.  Because Paul is totally opposed to everything (minus his anti-militarism) that a Progressive stands for. 

          • Anonymous

            And the “way the congress intended it” was for there to be slaves, only 36 year old white males with property could vote, and like Paul thinks, senators were not elected, but appointed by governors (o yeah, that isn’t a can of corruption!)  Women have no voting rights, and slaves that flee to the north must be returned.  Is that what you mean? 

    • Anonymous

      No there are both the same literally now, both prowar

    • morning person

      Dems are FOR Non-intervention? 
      As in Libya I suppose.  Right.

      • Anonymous

        If Dems aren’t for non-intervention, why are they, like drones, cheering for Ron Paul, super conservative?  I personally have democratic friends that support this idiot.  Mainly because the ONLY thing they know about him is that he is anti-military adventurism.  If I were to say to them, “how about voting for someone that: 1.opposes abortion, 2.opposes all gun limits, 3.opposes environmental protection, 4.opposes anti-discrimination laws in the work place., etc. etc., they would say, “oh no,””  But this ant-expansionist line seems to trump all other things, including his blatant racism and rejection of concepts enshrined in the Magna Carta. 

  • Tri Liberty

    CBS is a Network that will crumble like the rest of the Establishment Brain washers! 

  • Sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf

    As a Canadian looking it, it’s sad that the only republican candidate who doesn’t follow his pocketbook, and who is a true christian, is ignored and omitted.

    This is clear cut propaganda. Is this is Fourth Reich? No.

    • Amanda

      Unfortunately Sdf, if this continues and someone like Ron Paul doesn’t make it into office the borders will crumble and we will all be members of the North American Union. There will be no Canadians or Americans. So you have the right to voice your opinion as much as anyone else. 

  • Disturbed

    The Ministry of Propaganda has decided the citizens no longer need be informed entirely candidate polling status. Rather, as witnessed in this “journalistic” piece, the ministry will instead tell the people who they should vote for and not who is doing well, etc.

    Get the picture, fellow Americans? The real puppet is trying to pull OUR strings! Stand up and vote with your dollars! Buy products from anyone who does not advertise on CBS, owned by Westinghouse, who has a grudge against Iran for their revolution in 1979 which forced them out of the oil business. Wiping out Iran makes sense to them. None to Ron Paul.

  • Guest

    Nice job on excluding Ron Paul from the entire segment. Journalistic integrity at its finest.

  • MsFreedomWatch

    Ron Paul was completely dismissed from this segment because RON PAUL IS “DANGEROUS”, and rightfully so.  Ron Paul is dangerous to the corrupt government-run machine currently in power, Ron Paul is dangerous to the Military Contractors who receive billions of our tax dollars thanks to wars, Ron Paul is dangerous to the biased Main Stream Media, and Ron Paul is dangerous to the Establishment and for those who do not agree with the U S Constitution. Shame on you Jan Crawford, for deleting a TOP TIER Presidential Veteran/Doctor who has fought for and served our great country. YOU and your disgusting media bullies are what makes Veteran Ron Paul so valuable to this country. You must not forget: Ron Paul secures a massive support group…and we could determine the end results. You owe Veteran Ron Paul a public apology. 

    • Dee

      Ron Paul is dangerous to Romney and the Republican National Committee, you mean — follow the money where it is now.  The RNC wants Romney and doesn’t want Paul screwing it up for them.

  • William Pace

    A total lack of Integrity and Common Sense and they understand not that people see it !

  • Chad Johnson

    Let’s do it!!!
    Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues
    Unauthorized, unfair, biased, illegal broadcasts (does NOT include Obscene, Profane or Indecent material)
    Based on the information you provided, you need to file FCC Form 2000E – Media (General) Complaint.

  • Brose103

    Wow, the powers to be, the fascist collusion between Washington and Wall street, are doing whatever they can to hold on to their power.  They are still banking on the fact that the older generations in america,  those who have never heard of the internet and only get their news from the corrupt TV media outlets, will carry on their lies.  I admit it’s tough to reach these people because they are so brainwashed by the corrupt mainstream media.    They are tied into the dichotomy of right vs left. They truelly beleive that there is a difference between Romney and Obama.  Look at their voting records, they they will say whatever it takes to get elected only to abandon it as soon as they get elected.  Look at their donors, both are fully funded by wall street.  They care about money and are owned by the military industrial complex, nothing else.  Wake up America your country is being stolen from you. 

  • Tom Jasper

    I watch this news as a Canadian and I’m disgusted ! Jan Crawford should be fired, no if and or buts, turfed out on her ear. Many in the world ARE listening to Ron Paul, many in the world also see the mainstream US media marginalizing Ron Paul. Thank god for the internet, the new media vehicle.

    • Dee

      I’m American, an independent voter, and not fond of most of Dr. Paul’s policies as a candidate. I don’t know if I’d vote for him but I *want* to hear what he has to say.

      He’s got some good ideas (and some I think are crazy) that should be aired and brought into the public debate, even if we don’t all agree with him.  It’s healthy to discuss and debate public policy and the election cycle is the time to do it. CBS is robbing its viewers of different points of view.

  • Jeremy

    I just filed an FCC complaint as well. This is disgusting!


    Can we JUST boycott this station and quite bothering with THESE fools!!!! Just Keep it up…Every time you pull this crap you are showing the American people just how much you have BEEN LYING TO THEM!!!!

  • Keith

    i thought there was a congressman from texas in the race.  i guess it was just my imagination and he doesn’t really exist. 

  • Guest

    Who watches CBS, anyhow?

  • Ara Kirakosyan

    How can you keep ignoring Ron Paul. Have you not learned your lesson yet? Ignore him as you may, his message is to powerful. 

    Ron Paul 2012 – The REVOLUTION will NOT be televised. 

  • John

    Filed a complaint with the FCC over this. go here

  • Rick T Justice

    This news is news worthy.  Just not to anyone with both a computer and a television.   Paul dominated the under 40 age bracket in Iowa.  With “programming” like this it all makes sense why.  That is part of the reason why so many have taken to their armchair battlestations to combat mainstream garbage media. 

  • Autohobby

    The real news is the news CBS omits.

  • Immyaxl

    I get my news from the internet !  It’s disgusting the way the mainstream  media is blackballing Dr. Paul !

    • Dee

      They’re all ‘mainstream media’, FOX, CBS, the lot of them.  Get your news from the Paul campaign itself. Why get news digested from outlets? The internet is at your fingertips — you just have to work harder.

  • Anonymous

    Just stop watching them..  What do you expect?  These people are either suffereing the worse case of delusional group think evah or they actively don’t want Paul to be considered.  Whichever it is they have absolutely no credibility left.  none of them.. so just stop watching them.

  • Sk112988

    Not a Paul fan but CBS just lost the last bit of credibility they had in my book. Can’t even take it with a grain of salt, literally nothing there. None.

  • Chootee

    Blatant election tampering. The MSM is determined that the Obammunist have no meaningful opposition or else is a RINO clone. Commies….that’s what they do because no one would have anything to do with them if they understood what they really are.

    • Dee

      Wow — you call them ‘commies’ but then you use group-think clique words like  “Obammunist”, “RINO” — you’re either trolling or you don’t take yourself seriously.

  • Eric Austin

    also, many people are filing complaints against CBS with the FCC for this. consider doing this as well.

  • Eric Austin

    can someone record this just in case?

  • M.E.D.

    I am very pleased that at very least people are responding and not just continuing to sheep about with our current state of affairs. Very proud of the CBS employee who respectfully called his heathen co-worker out as well.

  • Guest

    New Hampshire*  Yuck that’s a disgusting mistake.

  • Galloping Libertarian

    (spread this far and wide)

    The REAL POLLS tell a much different story…This is hidden by the MSM,_2012

    These are the Ron Paul straw poll results the media won’t talk about:

    Paul has taken 1st Place in approximately 50% of all GOP Sponsored Polls So Far

    Out of the 58 polls taken all across the US so far Ron Paul has taken 1st place in 27 of them just a hair under 50% Seeing the big picture yet?

    These straw polls have always been the gauge of a candidates STRENGTH and SUPPORT historically in both parties but now with Ron Paul dominating them they are brushed off and not really mentioned in the Media and certainly not a total number of wins for each candidate because that would reveal that Paul has much more support all across the entire Nation than the media reports.

    Straw Poll Finishes for All Candidates

    (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

    Paul 27 – 7 – 2
    Cain 14 – 9 – 2 (dropped out of race 12/3/11)
    Romney 4 – 11 – 13
    Santorum 2 – 1 – 6
    Bachmann 1 – 6 – 5 (dropped out of race 1/4/12)
    Perry 0 – 7 – 2
    Gingrich 2 – 8 – 8
    Huntsman 0 – 1 – 0

    2nd – New Hampshire GOP 2012 Straw Poll – (1/22/11)
    1st – DC CPAC Straw Poll – (2/10-12/11)
    1st – Online Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll – (2/27/11)
    1st – Combined Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll – (2/27/11)
    3rd – Onsite Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll – (2/27/11)
    1st – Republican Liberty Caucus of California Presidential Straw Poll – (3/20/11)
    1st – New Orleans Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll – (6/16-18/11)
    1st – Clay County Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll – (6/19/11)
    2nd – Ames Iowa Straw Poll – (8/13/11)
    1st – New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll – (8/20/11)
    2nd – Georgia State GOP Straw Poll – (8/27/11)
    3rd – Maryland GOP Straw Poll – (9/9/11)
    1st – Pre-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll – (9/12/11)
    1st – Post-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll – (9/12/11)
    1st – California GOP Straw Poll – (9/17/11)
    1st – DC Values Voter Straw Poll – (10/7/11-10/9/11)
    1st – LA County RPLAC Straw Poll – (10/13/11)
    1st – Charleston County Republican Party – (10/18/11)
    1st – Ohio GOP Swing State Straw Poll – (10/22/11)
    1st – Des Moines Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll – (10/29/11)
    1st – Des Moines Non-Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll – (10/29/11)
    2nd – West Alabama Straw Poll – (10/29/11)
    1st – Illinois GOP Straw Poll – (11/5/11)
    1st – Charleston County Republican Party Straw Poll – (11/14/11)
    1st – San Diego GOP Straw Poll – (11/14/11)
    1st – Missouri Tea Party Straw Poll – (11/15/11)
    1st – North Carolina Republican Straw Poll – (11/19/11)
    2nd – Rockford, Illinois – Winnebago County GOP Straw Poll (11/19/11)
    1st – Dubuque, Iowa – Dubuque Tea Party Straw Poll (12/1/11)
    1st – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Oklahoma GOP Straw Poll (12/5/11)
    2nd- Chatanooga, Tennessee – Hamilton County Young Republican Straw Poll (12/8/11)
    1st – Des Moines, IA – Drake University Straw Poll (12/10/11)
    1st – Pasco County, Florida – Pasco County GOP Straw Poll (12/13/11)
    1st – Cedar Valley, Iowa – Cedar Falls Tea Party Straw Poll (12/13/11)
    1st – Boise, Idaho – Idaho Republican Party Straw Poll (1/6/12)

    These are FEET ON THE GROUND polls with people sometimes paying over $100.00 to vote in not some internet poll that can be manipulated or taken down when the results have not gone the way they wanted it to go. Nor is it a Gallop or Harris or some other poll paid for with questions craftily designed to get the desired results.

  • Voice of Reason

    We need to launch a write-in campaign to get Jon Stewart to cover this again.  And why wouldn’t he?  The first time he did it it was the most viewed segment of the year for him. 

  • Guest

    I agree with your story, however, you have a factual error. In that particular poll, Mitt was at 43%, as you stated, but Ron Paul was at 14%, not 24%. That information was from a different poll.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like seeing this now, compared to four years ago. Back then, most people thought Dr. Paul supporters were kooks for talking about the exclusion practices of the Corporate Legacy Media. Today, look at all the attention this gets, and how many people wake up because of it. Having pulled the cable out years ago, I now get my news via Russia Today (especially LOVE Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert!), Alex Jones’ Infowars, and sites like Lew Rockwell dot com. I don’t miss anything these stations have to offer and I’m a lot healthier.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Dave

    Everyone needs to tell their family, friends, and people they meet that Ron Paul NEEDS to be president for the sake of our freedoms and the continued protection and enforcement of our great Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel
  • Mdiachok

    CBS. Do your job. Inform citizens. Do not try and make the decision for us. Report fairly. America can see right through you.

    • Dee

      Fox News set the legal precedent that media has the right to lie to the public.

      “On February 14, a Florida Appeals court ruled there
      is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing
      or distorting information by a major press
      organization. The court reversed the $425,000 jury
      verdict in favor of journalist Jane Akre who charged
      she was pressured by Fox Television management and
      lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be
      false information. The ruling basically declares it
      is technically not against any law, rule, or
      regulation to deliberately lie or distort the news on
      a television broadcast.

       In case you missed it, here’s the court case covered:

  • Kevin

    This story isn’t missing someone by chance, is ti?  Perhaps a candidate who believes that America should be ruled by the Constitution and that the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights should be preserved?

  • Kevin

    This story isn’t missing someone by chance, is ti?  Perhaps a candidate who believes that America should be ruled by the Constitution and that the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights should be preserved?

  • Wank

    Everyone at the Romney rally looks like they’re not really sure why they’re there.

  • Eric Austin

    I’m not even sure that is legal.

  • E Mazur

    It’s bad enough that they didn’t show him as second place in the NH, but it’s equally bad, if not worse, that they didn’t even show Ron Paul’s impressive 3rd place finish in Iowa – only 3.2% behind first place.  CBS has been pulling this crap for a long time, and it’s gotten REALLY bad this week.  I have thorough evidence of their bias:
    CBS News Pimping
    the Parliament of Whores (and Ignoring Ron Paul)

    • Fred

      everyone thinks Ron P got third place in Iowa…

      IOWA WAS A 3 WAY TIE. When running for president only 1 thing counts: Delegates.

      It doesnt matter if you lose the popular vote, as long as you snag the delegates youre on your way to the white house. Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, And Mitt Romney EACH got 6 delegates out of the 25!

  • Haiquan Ma

    CBS News: C-ompendium of B-ull S-hit News

  • Biased Reporting Shame

    (See B. S.)  LOL They are sooooo afraid of ‘Uncle Ron’!     BIASED LOSERS! Does anybody out there think Iowa Caucuses were rigged?

  • Romanaugusto

    fox this morning had gingrich badmouthing romney, then after the segment they had a ad paid by romney. that means that the news media when they misrepresent paul they expect the paul campaign to buy advertising time slots to counteract their impartiality. simple business strategy, but very bad journalism.

  • Rubberduck

    They need to change their “eye” logo to one depicting and ostrich with its head in the sand… 

  • P. Silver


    Their equation for ” SUCCESS”   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   !

    Your freedom and Constitutional rights will be going “up in smoke” literally

    and figuratively, if you actually put any credence in what these blowhards say!

    Ron Paul  2012  !

  • jb111

    I think Ron Paul’s support would be at least double if his views got fair coverage.  This (and many other examples like 89 seconds) should show all Americans we are far down the socio-crony capitalist road.  Instilling fear and doubt is what this new media is about.  Turn off your tv, buy books and use the Internet.

  • G Williams

    Could you have made it anymore blatantly obvious that you ignored Ron Paul who is at 24%. Main stream news is going the way of something you would watch in North Korea, only with better graphics. Quit treating Americans like sheep. So completely disgusted!

  • fdsfg

    Man, that’s some Criminal Bull Sh*t CBS…

  • Ed Demelo

    Gee, do you think maybe it’s because the military industrial complex owns CBS?

  • Jessica Rae Leland

    CBS = Corporate Bull Sh!t.

  • Anonymous

    welcome to CBS, we put the BS in the news

    • Alreadyontheredlist

      yes, I  C  BS everynight it comes on (and then GETS TURNED OFF ), I’ll stick with local news and get my national/world info from the only meaningful source, the internet.

  • tanks2bb _

    I recall members of the media bragging at how they beat Ron Paul’s internet support in 08, and just like then I’m amazed at how many people are mesmerized  by their anti liberty propaganda..

  • Krystal Gleiche
  • Krystal Gleiche

    start calling the CBS sponsors and complain!!! RON PAUL 2012 YOU CAN NOT BLOCK US OUT!!!

  • John H

    CBS is owned by Westinghouse.  NBC owns G.E.  Both make turbines for the military industrial complex.  Both love making blood money off endless wars. 

  • Guest

    Welcome to the internet CBS

  • Gt0

    Does the CIA reward you guys for manipulating coverage or do y’all just do it for ideology’s sake?

  • Pingback: CBS reports on GOP field after Iowa Caucus, pretends Ron Paul doesn't exist()

  • The Bright Future

    Fuck CBS.

  • Maryann

    Before the Iowa caucases, the media said it would dismiss Ron Paul and it has and is doing just that.  Ron Paul scares them because the media along with the elitists want a One World Order and Ron Paul would stand in their way.

  • Amazing

    Amazing that Ron Paul got 21% of the vote in Iowa with this type of coverage or lack thereof

  • CBS = Can’t Be Serious

    This is way too obvious are they trying to get blowback?

  • Anonymous

    CBS = Pravda

  • Unreal

    Unreal, let them keep doing this and their credibility will continue to drop!

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