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Rand Paul ‘War on Christians’ Speech an Act of Peace


Is it possible to talk about a global Islamic War against Christians while also praising Islam as an exemplary faith that could end such intolerance? Moreover, what Republican would think it wise to say this in front of a large group of Christian conservatives?

Sen. Paul’s speech to the 2013 Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC on Friday outlined how a minority of Muslims—Islamic extremists who still number in the tens of millions—have been violently targeting Christians, particularly in the Middle East. Paul provided many gruesome examples of why Christians and Muslims should never blind themselves to the realities of radical Islam. But he also honored the richness of the true Muslim faith and its relevant history, even crediting the people of the Middle East for America’s founding era,” noting “Islam carried the light of enlightenment for centuries. They paved the way for our enlightenment.”

FOX News Accidentally Shows Evidence of Syrian REBELS Using Chemical Weapons


While talking about Assad’s chemical weapons yesterday, Fox News mistakenly showed footage I hadn’t seen on mainstream media before–it was footage released by the Syrian government that showed its soldiers finding a stash of chemical weapons and antidotes in a rebel hideout. The Fox footage below shows that the antidotes were made by a Qatari-German company, and of course the Qataris are supplying the rebels not the government. You can see the dirty containers on the chemicals, the cellophane covers tied on – definitely not government issue!

Alec Baldwin Reportedly Gets MSNBC Deal, Toxic Little Queens Say Little


What happens if you’re a celebrity, liberal stalwart, and have a propensity for using homophobic language in online diatribes?  You get an MSNBC deal.  That’s what’s ahead for Alec Baldwin, according to the Huffington Post, which managed to take some time off of reporting on Justin Bieber’s micturition habits in order to cover Baldwin’s impending deal.

Where’s Angelo Carusone when you need him? The leader of Stop Beck, and Chief Toxic Little Queen, Carusone was last heard from when he hired on at Media Matters to lead their storm troopers in an effort to quash Fox News, because free speech only counts when liberals agree with the speech in question.  It’s been three years, and while Carusone and friends continue their quixotic quest to take out Fox News, MSNBC went and hired Alec Baldwin. It’s okay for Alec Baldwin to use gay-bashing pejoratives, because he’s on the side of good and right and seeks to advance the liberal agenda.

The Bacon King Chronicles: Chris Christie uses $4.7 million in Sandy Relief funds to promote himself


The Bacon King, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has stirred controversy yet again with his appearance in videos that promote New Jersey tourism. The videos, produced by a politically connected firm, MWW, put Christie and his family front and center. They also cost $2.2 million more than the bid submitted by runner-up firm Sigma Group.  Sigma submitted a bid for $2.5 million to run the ad campaign for New Jersey’s tourism industry, but Sigma made no political contributions and its ad campaign did not call for Governor Christie to make an appearance.

The six member bid evaluation team, composed of Christie Administration officials, said the following of Sigma Group’s bid:

“[it] addressed the tasks and deliverables specified in the RFQ (request for quotation) … (and) could effectively meet the requirements of this RFQ.”

The NSA hates the Constitution; the Media Hates Actual Reporting



The New York Times is doing some actual reporting of late, and its wordsmiths are striving mightily to construct sentences that are in dire need of an editor’s tender attentions:

“Timothy Edgar, a former intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said that the rule concerning collection “about” a person targeted for surveillance rather than directed at that person had provoked significant internal discussion.”

Perhaps the following would be in order, given that the rule is discussed at length in preceding paragraphs:

“Timothy Edgar, a former intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said that the rule had provoked significant internal discussion.”

Meanwhile in Greece: Neo-Nazis Rising


Operation Xenios Zeus is underway in Greece, and the Greek government has taken a nasty turn for the worst.  In the midst of an economic crisis that has reduced Greeks to bartering for the necessities of life, Greek society is looking for a scapegoat.  At first, Operation Zeus focused on rounding up illegal immigrants, and imprisoning them in internment camps.

The problem was that illegal immigrants aren’t readily obvious; the Greek police were fanning out to target individuals who appeared to be foreigners.  One of those individuals was South Korean tourist Hyun Young Jung, who found himself stopped by a man speaking Greek on the street. Jung thought the man was a swindler, so he waved the man off and continued walking.

Christian Ukwuorji

Seconds later, he was approached by a man in a uniform requesting his documents.  When Jung requested to see his police I.D., the man punched him the face.  The original man who had accosted him joined in, and the two men began kicking Jung while he was on the ground.  They then dragged him to the nearest police station, and continued beating him a second time. When that beating stopped, they dragged him to a stairwell and began hitting him a third time while he was handcuffed.

Lindsey Graham ♥’s Justin Amash

Freedom Works banner

Every libertarian and blogger’s favorite Senator, Lindsey Graham, is back with another memorable tweet that should be chronicled the annals of his greatest misses.  Graham, who isn’t sure bloggers have First Amendment protection, and who thinks free speech is a great idea, except that we’re in a war and you can’t have free speech in war, tweeted the following about the Amash Amendment:

Good read in today’s WSJ Editorial about problems with the Smith-Amash NDAA Amendment in the House of Reps.

The Wall Street Journal, standing as it does for unrestrained liberty for big banks, takes issue with the Tea Party Terror Flakeout (that’s the actual title of the editorial), arguing that it gives political cover to the ACLU.  Well, it also stands for a reinvigorated and meaningful Fourth Amendment limitation on government power.  The Journal, and its sycophant Senator Lindsey Graham, seek to undermine any notion that the NSA’s spying was illegal, unconstitutional, or unnecessary.  No, no, no…our Founders would have chosen security over liberty, which is why they didn’t revolt against the Crown…oh, wait.

The Sexual Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

Mayoral candidate Bob Filner addresses supporters at Golden Hall.

Democratic men, male feminists to the bone, are at it again with their enlightened approach towards women.  In San Diego, Democratic mayor Bob Filner stands accused of sexual harassment after he ordered his former spokeswoman to work without her panties on, while still other women on his staff allege groping, forcible kissing, and other forms of harassment.

Gloria Allred, who somehow manages to insert herself into every sexual harassment case, is representing the former spokeswoman, Irene McCormack Jackson. At a Monday press conference, Allred detailed a pattern of behavior that included placing McCormack Jackson in a headlock and telling her he wanted to have sex, in addition to the request that she work without her panties. McCormack Johnson resigned with Filner’s deputy chief of staff Allen Jones, who allegedly told Filner that what he was doing to women “may even be illegal.”  Allred says that she has witnesses for some of the allegations.

News that Isn’t News, Volume 4: Kate is Brilliant


Welcome to the fourth volume of the News that isn’t News, where we aggregate the day in pointless for you to give your brain a warm bath in a steaming pile of useless, irrelevant information.  You’re welcome, America.

Our first story is the story that’s lighting up America, a country that fought a revolution to avoid having to give a damn about royal births, but still manages to care about the Duchess of Cambridge’s recent birth. That’s right, Kate Middleton gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, who will be automatically richer than you simply because of who his parents are.  CNN reporter and royal commentator Victoria Arbiter thinks that giving birth to a boy right off the bat makes Kate brilliant as a royal, because all those unintelligent royals who don’t decide right off the bat to have a boy are just daft.

“I can’t believe we finally, after all this waiting, know that we have a boy. My first thought, I have to say, was this is how brilliant a royal Kate is. There are women throughout British royal family history that have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy. And here we are — Kate did it first time.”

Double Standards and the Liberal Media: Salute Jack Hunter


Years ago, I encountered the self-styled “Southern Avenger” Jack Hunter in an online debate in a comment thread. Hunter was a bit eccentric, to say the least, and endorsed secession, John Wilkes Booth, and had a wrestling mask with the Confederate bars and stars wrapped around his head.  He was one of those wonderful freaks you meet online, a man who had a style all his own.  I could admire his unique outlook, even as I disagreed vehemently with many of his sentiments.

Hunter was a radio host, stirring controversy and provoking his audience as much as he entertained them.  He went on to co-author Senator Rand Paul’s book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, and he also worked as Paul’s director of new media.  Years passed after Hunter left his shock jock ways behind him, until The Washington Free Beacon revisited Hunter’s past and stirred up renewed controversy.