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Alec Baldwin Reportedly Gets MSNBC Deal, Toxic Little Queens Say Little


What happens if you’re a celebrity, liberal stalwart, and have a propensity for using homophobic language in online diatribes?  You get an MSNBC deal.  That’s what’s ahead for Alec Baldwin, according to the Huffington Post, which managed to take some time off of reporting on Justin Bieber’s micturition habits in order to cover Baldwin’s impending deal.

Where’s Angelo Carusone when you need him? The leader of Stop Beck, and Chief Toxic Little Queen, Carusone was last heard from when he hired on at Media Matters to lead their storm troopers in an effort to quash Fox News, because free speech only counts when liberals agree with the speech in question.  It’s been three years, and while Carusone and friends continue their quixotic quest to take out Fox News, MSNBC went and hired Alec Baldwin. It’s okay for Alec Baldwin to use gay-bashing pejoratives, because he’s on the side of good and right and seeks to advance the liberal agenda.

The Bacon King Chronicles: Chris Christie uses $4.7 million in Sandy Relief funds to promote himself


The Bacon King, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has stirred controversy yet again with his appearance in videos that promote New Jersey tourism. The videos, produced by a politically connected firm, MWW, put Christie and his family front and center. They also cost $2.2 million more than the bid submitted by runner-up firm Sigma Group.  Sigma submitted a bid for $2.5 million to run the ad campaign for New Jersey’s tourism industry, but Sigma made no political contributions and its ad campaign did not call for Governor Christie to make an appearance.

The six member bid evaluation team, composed of Christie Administration officials, said the following of Sigma Group’s bid:

“[it] addressed the tasks and deliverables specified in the RFQ (request for quotation) … (and) could effectively meet the requirements of this RFQ.”

Congress Is Better than You: A Backdoor Exemption from Obamacare Is In


On Wednesday, the Office of Personnel Management issued a ruling saying that U.S. lawmakers and their staffs would continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance they will be purchasing in the exchanges under Obamacare.  The ruling ensures that lawmakers and their staffs will receive the same health contributions as other federal workers under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

It also enables Congress to avoid any culpability for passing an exemption for its members and their staffs, because this exemption was a backdoor effort by an Executive Agency.  Average Americans faced with slashed hours and reduced opportunities for full-time work as a result of Obamacare won’t receive an exemption from a 29 hour workweek, nor will they receive any other relief.

The NSA hates the Constitution; the Media Hates Actual Reporting



The New York Times is doing some actual reporting of late, and its wordsmiths are striving mightily to construct sentences that are in dire need of an editor’s tender attentions:

“Timothy Edgar, a former intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said that the rule concerning collection “about” a person targeted for surveillance rather than directed at that person had provoked significant internal discussion.”

Perhaps the following would be in order, given that the rule is discussed at length in preceding paragraphs:

“Timothy Edgar, a former intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said that the rule had provoked significant internal discussion.”

Open Currency a perfect fit for private cities

sandy_springs_sign - As local, state and federal governments continue to spend more than they take in and provide fewer, lower quality services in return for tax dollars, many local communities have privatized. There are now whole cities that are privately owned, with services previously provided by government now provided by the market. That’s a great opportunity for Open Currency.

The federal government runs the military, Social Security and Medicare, interstate commerce and interstate highways. The state government runs public schools, state roads, Medicaid and polices the highways. The county government runs the sheriff’s office, the county roads, public utilities, the libraries, and administers Medicaid. The city government runs zoning, the city schools, garbage collection and other local services.

None of it works very well, especially financially. Governments at every level are bankrupt. Ironically, a bankrupt city government will sometimes get “bailed out” by the bankrupt state government, which in turn may ask the bankrupt federal government for a bailout if the numbers become too bad to fudge.

McCain and Graham, Idiots in Action


Our two favorite capitulators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have managed to accomplish the unthinkable: Egypt no longer wants U.S. aid.  Yes, after Senator Rand Paul and his allies in the Wacko Bird Caucus tried to end aid to Egypt, only to be thwarted by the Senate, Graham and McCain managed to anger Egyptians so much that they are telling the U.S. to keep its billions.  When a bill dies 86-13 in the U.S. Senate, it must be the right course of action.

McCain and Graham characterized the recent overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi as a coup, and it matters to McCain and Graham that Morsi was overthrown by a coup.  Former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak, not so much, but an Islamist fanatic whose party was enthused about brutally repressing the rights of average Egyptians, yes.  It’s no surprise, of course, because these are the same two Senators who want to give jihadists in Syria arms on the U.S. taxpayers dime.  After all, they’re freedom fighters, says John Fonda McCain, who apparently doesn’t mind a coup against Syrian President Bashir Assad.

The Constitution is Toilet Paper: DEA Edition

US-Constitution-toilet-paper (1)

Welcome to a new featured series here on Liberty Pulse, The Constitution is Toilet Paper.  Each week, we’ll be reviewing all of the ways in which our government uses the United States Constitution as toilet tissue, as opposed to the blueprint for limited government it’s supposed to be.  Make no mistake about, the United States government at all levels doesn’t respect limitations on its power.  Be it local, state, or federal government agencies or bureaucracies, the U.S. government spends most of its time and energy evolving new ways to disrespect the Constitution and trample your liberties.  You can replace the 535 men and women who make up Congress, or the two elected officials who hold power at the White House, but you will not be able to touch the entrenched bureaucracy in Washington D.C., various statehouses, and City Halls around the country.

And what a bureaucracy it is! It spawns ever greater amounts of regulation; it thinks up new and ever more creative ways to tax everything, and it never has enough money or power.  This week’s edition deals with one of the most corrupt agencies to ever exist at the federal level: the Drug Enforcement Administration, or the DEA.  The DEA is tasked with prosecuting the War on Drugs, but its agents have a curious tendency to turn up working in the drug trade.  With 87 offices in 63 countries, the DEA has made itself useful to various regimes across the globe, and those regimes have in turn infiltrated the DEA’s operations, so much so that Venezuelan intelligence managed to intercept U.S. embassy emails due to compromised security at the DEA’s office.

Meanwhile in Greece: Neo-Nazis Rising


Operation Xenios Zeus is underway in Greece, and the Greek government has taken a nasty turn for the worst.  In the midst of an economic crisis that has reduced Greeks to bartering for the necessities of life, Greek society is looking for a scapegoat.  At first, Operation Zeus focused on rounding up illegal immigrants, and imprisoning them in internment camps.

The problem was that illegal immigrants aren’t readily obvious; the Greek police were fanning out to target individuals who appeared to be foreigners.  One of those individuals was South Korean tourist Hyun Young Jung, who found himself stopped by a man speaking Greek on the street. Jung thought the man was a swindler, so he waved the man off and continued walking.

Christian Ukwuorji

Seconds later, he was approached by a man in a uniform requesting his documents.  When Jung requested to see his police I.D., the man punched him the face.  The original man who had accosted him joined in, and the two men began kicking Jung while he was on the ground.  They then dragged him to the nearest police station, and continued beating him a second time. When that beating stopped, they dragged him to a stairwell and began hitting him a third time while he was handcuffed.

Chris Christie for President! Seriously?


Just like Johnny Mac and Rudy G leading up to 2008 and His Mittness in 2012, the Republican Party establishment seems to have found their “next” man. Sure, they’d love to go with someone like Jeb Bush. An old Patrician Republican with a name they know…unfortunately for them, all of America knows his last name too. It looks like the “sane” wing (you know, the one that has lost the last 2 Presidential elections) of the GOP is rallying around Chris Christie.

Like many Conservative activists, when Christie ran for Governor in 2009, I supported Conservative Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan in the Primary. Lonegan warned that Christie was a squish who would sell Conservatives out at the first opportunity. He was right.

At first, I liked the bombastic Christie. The Unions hated him, and that was a good sign. Then, Chris Christie realized he could be President if he played ball with the Establishment.

More Senate Candidates Like This, Please (KYSen Update)

Senate Republicans Speak To The Media After Their Weekly Policy Meeting

FANCY FARM, KY. — U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell found himself under withering attack on Saturday from both his right and left as he tried to make his case for reelection before a boisterous crowd at St. Jerome Catholic Church’s annual picnic and political event in far western Kentucky.

“Just as I predicted, Obamacare is a disaster for America,” McConnell said during a speech in which he largely ignored his opponents and focused on President Barack Obama. “I fought them every step of the way on the government takeover and we stand up to their war on coal.”

Watch the speeches above and then head over to Facebook and tell us which you like the best

But while McConnell and his allies focused on Obama, Democrats and one Republican had their sights trained directly on the five-term incumbent.