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McCain and Graham, Idiots in Action


Our two favorite capitulators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have managed to accomplish the unthinkable: Egypt no longer wants U.S. aid.  Yes, after Senator Rand Paul and his allies in the Wacko Bird Caucus tried to end aid to Egypt, only to be thwarted by the Senate, Graham and McCain managed to anger Egyptians so much that they are telling the U.S. to keep its billions.  When a bill dies 86-13 in the U.S. Senate, it must be the right course of action.

McCain and Graham characterized the recent overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi as a coup, and it matters to McCain and Graham that Morsi was overthrown by a coup.  Former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak, not so much, but an Islamist fanatic whose party was enthused about brutally repressing the rights of average Egyptians, yes.  It’s no surprise, of course, because these are the same two Senators who want to give jihadists in Syria arms on the U.S. taxpayers dime.  After all, they’re freedom fighters, says John Fonda McCain, who apparently doesn’t mind a coup against Syrian President Bashir Assad.

Meanwhile in Greece: Neo-Nazis Rising


Operation Xenios Zeus is underway in Greece, and the Greek government has taken a nasty turn for the worst.  In the midst of an economic crisis that has reduced Greeks to bartering for the necessities of life, Greek society is looking for a scapegoat.  At first, Operation Zeus focused on rounding up illegal immigrants, and imprisoning them in internment camps.

The problem was that illegal immigrants aren’t readily obvious; the Greek police were fanning out to target individuals who appeared to be foreigners.  One of those individuals was South Korean tourist Hyun Young Jung, who found himself stopped by a man speaking Greek on the street. Jung thought the man was a swindler, so he waved the man off and continued walking.

Christian Ukwuorji

Seconds later, he was approached by a man in a uniform requesting his documents.  When Jung requested to see his police I.D., the man punched him the face.  The original man who had accosted him joined in, and the two men began kicking Jung while he was on the ground.  They then dragged him to the nearest police station, and continued beating him a second time. When that beating stopped, they dragged him to a stairwell and began hitting him a third time while he was handcuffed.

Larry Summers for Fed Chairman, because the economy isn’t bad enough yet.


Larry Summers, erstwhile Treasury Secretary and President of Harvard University, is in the news again. Ryan Grimm of the Huffington Post is reporting the President is considering Summers for the Federal Reserve’s top job, much to the consternation of virtually everyone outside the hedge fund community. Back in May, I wrote a piece when Summers was rumored to be in the running for the job, and I feel that the piece is even more relevant given the president’s apparent desire to ruin the economy even more by appointing Larry Summers to chair the Fed. After all, when you’ve destroyed your university’s endowment, gambled its cash reserves on derivatives, ensured that derivatives would remain deregulated so your friends could gamble at 40:1 leveraging, why not move on to managing our monetary policy next?  What could possibly go wrong?!

Without further adieu, I give you Larry Summers: Failure will get you everywhere, printed below. The piece originally appeared on  Enjoy!

Texas Four Decades After Roe: Still the Front Line on Abortion


At nine p.m. on a Monday, clad in orange shirts, pro-choice protesters marched up the hill to the Capitol Building in Austin, heading directly towards their pro-life counterparts while singing “Come and take it!”  in a chorus that clashed with the singer-guitarist who was playing praise music on the north steps of the Capitol.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had delivered a rousing keynote speech just minutes before, but the pro-life crowd scattered as the oncoming army of orange advanced.  The blue shirt pro-life advocates grabbed their children and retreated from the approaching hordes of tattooed, dyed, and bleached pro-choicers, who bought a euphonium player to accompany their chants.

The pro-choice crowd wasn’t encumbered by children for the most part, and those few pro-choice women who had children pushed them up the hill in strollers.  Democracy in Texas is a sight to behold, a sea of blue and orange undulating back and forth, a cacophony of slogans and praise music rising into the nighttime sky in Austin.  Citizen participation in Texas is, like everything else in this state, bigger than it is anywhere else.  For the third time, the pro-choice and pro-life sides squared off in Austin, for Senate Bill 5 had become Senate Bill 1, and the Texas legislature was in a second special session.

Real 4th of July History That Every American Should Know

founding fathers

Kurt Wallace brings you Kevin Gutzman and his insights on the actual history of events around Independence Day. This interview was conducted July 2011.

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220px-Kevin_R_C_Gutzman_in_2008Kevin R. Constantine Gutzman is an American constitutional scholar, American historian, and Madison biographer notable for writing Virginia’s American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic, 1776-1840 and what has been described “the definitive biography” of James Madison, James Madison and the Making of America. He is a professor of history at Western Connecticut State University. Gutzman has published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed publications such as The Journal of Southern HistoryThe Journal of the Early RepublicThe Review of PoliticsThe Journal of the Historical SocietyJournal of FederalismThe Virginia Magazine of History and BiographyContinuity: A Journal of HistoryThe Journal of Libertarian StudiesThe Greek Orthodox Theological Review, and Essays in History. His political views have been characterized as libertarian, conservative, and anti-Federalist. He has been on radio and television broadcasts. He has also more popular works including The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution and Who Killed the Constitution? He has been described as a supporter of states’ rights.

Ron Paul – Spontaneous Redefining of Money for the Individual

Ron-Paul-2012 (1)

During this interview at, I wanted to find out how Dr. Paul began his journey of Austrian enlightenment. We touch on the relationship between Liberty and how economic systems behave. We talk about the way markets and money play a central role in a free society and the reactions to central banking with new types of currency. Listen here!

Below is the excerpt from my show at Open Currency Update with Kurt Wallace

Ron Paul of Ron Paul’s Podcast Nation joins Open Currency Update with Kurt Wallace for ‘Ron Paul, ‘I think it’s Fantastic’ CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Commodity Banking, Precious Metals Barter’. Ron Paul shares his experience in discovering economic freedom and individual liberty. He explains why the Federal Reserves ‘Free Money’ will create more bubbles.

We discuss spontaneous redefining of what money is for the individual with new forms of currency such as bitcoin, commodity banking, personal trade and barter with precious metals. Dr. Paul talks about legalizing parallel currencies in the US and why economics is the baseline of his message of Liberty. We also get a preview of Dr. Paul’s upcoming speech in New York May May 13th – 14th.


Rand Paul at Howard University


“Some argue with evidence that our drug laws are biased-that they are the new Jim Crow.

But to simply be against them for that reason misses a larger point. They are unfair to EVERYONE, largely because of the one size fits all federal mandatory sentences. Our federal mandatory minimum sentences are simply heavy-handed and arbitrary. They can affect anyone at any time, though they disproportionately affect those without the means to fight them. We should stand and loudly proclaim enough is enough. We should not have laws that ruin the lives of young men and women who have committed no violence. That’s why I have introduced a bill to repeal federal mandatory minimum sentences. We should not have drug laws or a court system that disproportionately punishes the black community.”  Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul spoke at the predominantly black Howard University. This is not exactly like Marco Polo discovering China yet in terms of naked symbolism it was significant. Senator Paul’s actions in going to Howard are most significant considering that Senator Paul is a Republican, but less so given the Senator’s brand of libertarian inspired conservatism. In point of fact, there is more in common between liberals, civil libertarians and libertarians than between either of these groups and some elements in the current GOP. The liberty movement can and should embrace civil libertarianism and parts of liberalism because if it does so, it has a much broader demographic appeal than it may yet realize. It is possible to have libertarian tendencies and embrace the civil rights acts because they are an important arena in which the federal government protects the civil liberties of all Americans.

GOP’s Neoconservative Problem


Chicago, March 28, 2013 - One week after the ten-year anniversary of the Iraq War and twelve years into Afghanistan, neoconservatism yet remains the dominant foreign policy influence within the GOP.  With its embrace of big government and unlimited spending on interventionism, neoconservatism has to a substantial degree, taken the GOP away from the Republican Party’s roots in conservatism and back towards its own Trotskyite utopianism. It remains to be seen whether there is anything other than the public’s aversion to more foreign policy quagmires, budget busting debt, or defeat in national elections that will make the GOP self-correct its foreign policy.

Neoconservatism is a loosely defined ideology, which in its most consistently expressed terms as it relates to foreign policy holds that democracy should be spread to all parts of the world and that doing so will result in peace. It advocates global military intervention and unilateralism over diplomacy and statecraft. The theory being that western democratic and capitalist states are peaceable. This works when you think of Canada or Australia, but from a longer historical perspective, this belief is unsupported by any depth of historical evidence. Historical proof is not necessary however as the enthusiasm for ideologies are rooted in faith - in the case of Neoconservatism, it is a belief that commitment to world-wide revolutionary change that will bring peace, can only be achieved by the spreading of that democracy to all nations even if by global intervention. This is precisely what the Communists tried to achieve in spreading Communism across the globe until they were fiscally exhausted and ideologically isolated. They shared the same belief in a revolutionary ideology.


Federal Judge Strikes Down NDAA Detention Powers

The government may not invoke the bitterly debated National Defense Authorization Act to hold people in indefinite military detention on suspicion that they “substantially supported” terrorism — at least if they had no connection to the Sept. 11 attacks, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

Judge Katherine B. Forrest of the Southern District of New York clarified a preliminary injunction she issued on May 16 in a lawsuit brought by journalists and activists who challenged the statute — part of the 2011 NDAA — and expressed fear that they could be detained, The New YorkTimes reported.

The Obama administration had asked Forrest to reconsider her ruling, saying that the plaintiffs had no standing to challenge the law and that it was “extraordinary” for her to have restrained future military operations that might be ordered by the commander in chief during wartime.

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Real ID Act Could Make One Feel Like a Prisoner in America

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark. In the hopeless swamps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all, do not let the hero in your soul perish and leave only frustration for the life you deserved, but never have been able to reach.

The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours,” Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged.

Not even Rand or science fiction writers could have really predicted what our nation would become, ultimately causing our fire to slowly be extinguished.

With the recent rise of TSA VIPR teamsdronesHomeland Security pamphlets (which reveal who allegedly is a terrorist based on some incredibly frivolous assumptions) and laws that have increased the government’s ability to track individuals on a whim without probable cause, it seems to me all these are leading to the mechanical hound in Fahrenheit 451.

On July 1, residents of Georgia will have new driver’s licenses requirements that will be in accordance of the Real ID Act of 2005.

According to Georgia’s Department of Driver Services these are the new conditions:

  • “You must visit a Customer Service Center in person on your first renewal, reinstatement or first issuance beginning July 1, 2012;
  • You must provide an original or certified copy of your Birth Certificate or other proof of identity, and proof U.S. citizenship or lawful presence in the United States;
  • You must provide your Social Security Card or other proof of full SSN. Previously, DDS was allowed to simply ask you for your SSN; and
  • You must provide two different proofs of your residential address. Previously, DDS only required one proof of your residential address for your 1st DL or ID card.
  • Additional documentation to verify lawful presence in the United States may be required if you are a non-citizen.
  • Additional documentation may be required if you have had a legal name change.”

The aforementioned may seem reasonable, but there is more than meets the eye.

You are probably now wondering what the Real ID Act really is.

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