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Lindsey Graham ♥’s Justin Amash

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Every libertarian and blogger’s favorite Senator, Lindsey Graham, is back with another memorable tweet that should be chronicled the annals of his greatest misses.  Graham, who isn’t sure bloggers have First Amendment protection, and who thinks free speech is a great idea, except that we’re in a war and you can’t have free speech in war, tweeted the following about the Amash Amendment:

Good read in today’s WSJ Editorial about problems with the Smith-Amash NDAA Amendment in the House of Reps.

The Wall Street Journal, standing as it does for unrestrained liberty for big banks, takes issue with the Tea Party Terror Flakeout (that’s the actual title of the editorial), arguing that it gives political cover to the ACLU.  Well, it also stands for a reinvigorated and meaningful Fourth Amendment limitation on government power.  The Journal, and its sycophant Senator Lindsey Graham, seek to undermine any notion that the NSA’s spying was illegal, unconstitutional, or unnecessary.  No, no, no…our Founders would have chosen security over liberty, which is why they didn’t revolt against the Crown…oh, wait.

Libertarians to Chris Christie: Is life so dear, or peace so sweet?


TAMPA, July 27, 2013 – Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) introduced an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill that would have defunded the NSA’s blanket collection of metadata and limited the government’s collection of records to those “relevant to a national security investigation.”

It terrified New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who lashed out at those who supported the bill and libertarianism in general.

“As a former prosecutor who was appointed by President George W. Bush on Sept. 10, 2001, I just want us to be really cautious, because this strain of libertarianism that’s going through both parties right now and making big headlines, I think, is a very dangerous thought,” Christie said.

Yes, it is dangerous, but to what? It is dangerous to the bloated national security state, which tramples the liberty and dignity of every American under the pretense of protecting them from what Charles Kenny recently called the “vastly exaggerated” threat of terrorism.

Amash vows to continue fighting against NSA surveillance

justin amash

Following a surprisingly close vote on Capitol Hill Wednesday evening, the libertarian congressman who tried to stop the National Security Agency’s blanketing collection of domestic phone records vowed to further his fight against NSA surveillance.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) was unsuccessful with his attempt to tack an amendment on to an upcoming Pentagon appropriations bill Wednesday night that would have barred the NSA from using a PATRIOT Act provision to collect the phone records of all Americans. But despite being relatively new to DC politics, the 33-year-old lawmaker garnered support from both sides of the aisle before and after an evening of heated testimony that ended with a 205-217 vote that shut-down his amendment, co-sponsored by colleague Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan).

Inglorious Exploits of Dear Leader, Episode 6: For my next trick, I will now focus on the economy


Dear Leader has decided to pivot and focus on the economy. Yes, the economy, with its 16 percent of unemployed African-Americans, instead of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. Yes, the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, which was always the real focus on Dear Leader’s agenda, because ideas mean more to Dear Leader than people, and Trayvon Martin was a human being instead of an idea or a policy point.

Dear Leader has renewed his focus on the economy, because it’s the economy that matters.  It’s not Dear Leader’s four months wasted on gun control, where he armed Syrian and Libyan rebels via Qatar, but refused to endorse allowing Chicago residents to arm themselves in order to defend against record violence against their person and property.  Yes, the economy is the most important issue, which doesn’t explain why we’re almost to August and Dear Leader has finally come around to focusing on the economy.  It doesn’t explain why Dear Leader spent months attempting to erect greater barriers to gun ownership by law-abiding Americans while facilitating easier access to assault weapons for jihadist fanatics in North Africa and the Middle East.

The Sexual Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

Mayoral candidate Bob Filner addresses supporters at Golden Hall.

Democratic men, male feminists to the bone, are at it again with their enlightened approach towards women.  In San Diego, Democratic mayor Bob Filner stands accused of sexual harassment after he ordered his former spokeswoman to work without her panties on, while still other women on his staff allege groping, forcible kissing, and other forms of harassment.

Gloria Allred, who somehow manages to insert herself into every sexual harassment case, is representing the former spokeswoman, Irene McCormack Jackson. At a Monday press conference, Allred detailed a pattern of behavior that included placing McCormack Jackson in a headlock and telling her he wanted to have sex, in addition to the request that she work without her panties. McCormack Johnson resigned with Filner’s deputy chief of staff Allen Jones, who allegedly told Filner that what he was doing to women “may even be illegal.”  Allred says that she has witnesses for some of the allegations.

Disgraced Former New York Gov. Patterson Considers Run for Congress…


Liberty Pulse is monitoring the internet and Twitter for information you need to know:

if disgraceful incumbent Charlie Rangel decides to finally call it a career (I wouldn’t bet on it).
This should be fun to watch.

Apparently New York City doesn’t have enough wannabe rehabilitated politicians attempting a comeback.

The Inglorious Exploits of Dear Leader, Episode 5: Could Have Been Me


In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal, Dear Leader marched down to the White House press room to claim that he could have been Trayvon Martin years ago.  The Daily Caller promptly pointed out that President Obama and George Zimmerman have the same disapproval rating of 48%.  Dear Leader could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago, but today Dear Leader is George Zimmerman.  Dear Leader’s full remarks are here, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Dear Leader noted that many African-American men, including him, had been followed while shopping in a department store.  Nearly all of those men are still alive because they didn’t turn around and begin slamming the head of the loss prevention officer into the floor.  Dear Leader does not deny that black men are disproportionately involved in the perpetuation of violence, but he places that fact in context.  Yes, context is important. One young black man wanted some Air Jordans, and he saw another black man wearing some Air Jordans, so he shot him in order to take his shoes.  Context is everything.

While The World Focuses on Martin and Zimmerman, the Supreme Court Did This


A month ago, when the nation’s attention was affixed on the Trayvon Martin case, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in a little noticed case.  Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. v. Karen L. Bartlett came and went without much notice in the background of a national debate about race, replete with hyperbole on both sides.  It shouldn’t have been that way, because the case is ultimately more important than any shooting in Florida.  It holds implications for the safety of every generic drug consumed in the United States.

Karen L. Bartlett

In 2004, Karen L. Bartlett, a New Hampshire resident, was dealing with shoulder pain.  Her doctor prescribed Clinoril, and her pharmacist dispensed the generic version of Clinoril (sulindac) manufactured by Mutual Pharmaceutical. Bartlett developed toxic epidermal necrosis, a flesh-eating condition, and she was left permanently disabled, disfigured, and blind.  Bartlett did what most people would do: she sued Mutual Pharmaceutical.  Mutual successfully petitioned to remove the case from New Hampshire state court to federal court.  In federal court, a jury found Mutual liable, and awarded Bartlett over $21 million.

Dick Cheney, Pre-9/11 NSA Spying, and Retaliation

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Speaks At Luncheon On Long Island

Vice President Dick Cheney has been caught in yet another lie recently, this time relating to his claim that warrantless surveillance could have helped the Bush Administration prevent 9/11. Cheney’s June 16, 2013 appearance on Fox News, widely reported on throughout the media, contained this chestnut:

“Now, as everybody has been associated with the program said if we had this before 9/11, when there were two terrorists in San Diego, two hijackers able to use that program, that capability against the target, we might have been able to prevent 9/11. If we had been able to read their mail and intercept those communications and pick up from the calls overseas the numbers here that they were using in the United States, we would than probably have been able to thwart that attack.”

What Really Killed Trayvon: Failing Public Schools


When President Obama proclaimed “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”, he unnecessarily politicized a tragic event. He also completely missed the point.

Growing up, Barack Obama enjoyed many advantages that many African-American children will never know. He attended the prestigious Punahou Academy where he was one of only three black students. Barack Obama then went on to attend Occidental College and Columbia University.

President Obama’s children attend the very exclusive Sidwell Friend’s School in Washington D.C. Despite this school’s Quaker roots, it has no fewer than 11 security guards, not including secret service agents. Hardly a run-of-the-mill inner city education.