Bill O’Reilly Blames Ron Paul Supporters For Bad Book Reviews Dennis Miller ‘I Might go to Planet Ron Paul’

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By Kurt Wallace

In the video below, Dennis Miller @ 1:35 into the video says ‘I might go to Planet Paul’ and @ 9:05 O’Reilly blaming Ron Paul supporters for being dishonestly slamming the book. Then goes on to say that both Ron Paul and Amazon are aware of this but the way to combat it is by putting up positive reviews. Bill’ O’Reilly did not present the reason for this Blowback attack on him which Ron Paul supporters say was a dishonest exclusion of Dr. Paul from his presidential poll.

O’Reilly has yet to comment on the fact that he closed down his facebook page where everyone can post because of the slamming he took from Ron Paul supporters there.

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