Bill O’Reilly’s Attack on Ron Paul – Boycott Blowback in Motion

by: Kurt Wallace

Monday Nov. 7th – Bill O’Reilly held a quasi presidential forum which included an online voting poll. Mr. O’Reilly does not like Presidential candidate Ron Paul and has consistently attacked Dr. Paul with shallow ad hominem. During the Paul portion O’Reilly introduces Congressman Paul as ‘flamboyant’ and then poses the question ‘would you support a declaration of war against the terrorists?’ Paul replied ‘I introduced the Letters of Marque and Reprisal’. Mr. O’Reilly showed his ignorance of the constitutional measure for dealing with terrorist groups when continuing to push Dr. Paul on the subject.

After interviewing all of the candidates O’Reilly’s voting polls were conducted and Ron Paul won by a landslide but was disqualified since his supporters ‘slammed’ the polls. Then Bill told his audience ‘there’s not a chance in the world that he will be nominated for the Republican run at President Obama’.

According to O’Reilly slamming the poll means they (Paul supporters) put out an internet warning telling everyone to vote for Ron Paul in the polls and they didn’t even listen to the interview. Apparently Bill O’Reilly has the technology to know who is listening to all the radio stations across the country and penalized Dr. Paul because his supporters are organized by communicating about this event and the voting opportunity.

A firestorm has ensued on the internet which may cause blowback for Bill O’Reilly and his sponsors. 100’s if not 1000’s of people have commented in favor on Ron Paul on the official

O’Reilly Facebook Fan Page

Paul supporters are calling for a boycott of all Bill’s sponsors posting this webpage on forums and social network platforms

O’Reilly Sponsor Boycott Site

***note the above link is an outdated list of sponsors***

and posting this Facebook group called

Boycott Bill O’Reilly

and this new one called

‘Bill O’Reilly Boycott His Sponsors’

and today this new group already has close to 900 members called

‘Ron Paul Supporters Boycotting Bill O’reilly’,

Amazon Reviews for Bill O’Reilly’s books may also take a serious downturn as a result with 11 YES ELEVEN pages just today almost all with only 1 star. One Paul supporter suggested ‘Have you given Bill’s new book a good review yet?’

Here is a link to his Amazon reviews:

Amazon Blowback Update 3:15 pm Eastern there are over 100 one star rating reviews from today Nov. 8th 2011 screen shot here:

Amazon Blowback Update 9:45 am Eastern Nov. 9, 2011 we have been covering this story of a spontaneous backlash to Bill O’Reilly’s attack on Ron Paul – the reviews have been flooding his book on Amazon to the tune of 460 1 star rated reviews in just 24 hours that 46 pages O’Reilly has not commented on this blowback effect other than to say Ron Paul Supporters are ‘Almost a Cult’ watch here:

How will O’Reilly respond to the the continued ‘slamming’ by Paul supporters?

Here is an image of Bill O’Reilly’s FB fan page getting hammered by Paul supporters:

Here is O’Reilly’s attack on Ron Paul:


Ron Paul Disqualified for winning Bill O'Reilly's online poll

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