Bachmann – ‘Ron Paul Would Wait until American City is Taken Out by Nuclear Weapon’

Michelle Bachmann in 2009 gave a fantastic introduction speech of Ron Paul to a crowd of 5000 people, which sounded as close to an endorsement as one could get. She even claps when someone says “Ron Paul 2012″.

But, her position today is clearly stated in the video below with Bachmann calling Ron Paul  ‘Dangerous’. Congrats to the word ‘Dangerous’ for being elevated to the level of her other descriptions of the good doctor such as Liberty, Honorable, Freedom and Constitutional.

  • Jocko

    Bachmann, is the only one saying like it really is

  • Brooklyn

    Bachman is an out and out liar. What a shame she see nothing wrong with distorting the truth to deceive the public. Another politician like this is the last thing this country needs. To try and besmirch the views of the only consistant and truthful candidate running in this election (Ron Paul) is a testament as to the true character of Michele Bachman. Shame on her!

  • BettyLiberty

    Yeah, I’m done with this fear business. The odds show I’m more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. Studies show that violent crime in this nation has been on a steady decline – yet people are MORE afraid than ever. The media, and shapeshifting shills of the Establishment like Michele Bachmann keep drumming the fear and terror.

    The IAEA report that Ms. Bachmann cited says Iran is NOT within months of having a bomb. The DOD report says Iran isn’t planning on attacking us. Ahmadenijad’s supposed quote that he wants to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ has been PROVEN to be False. I don’t believe it anymore. It’s propaganda and b.s. just like they did to get us into Iraq.

    We’re already the policemen of the world – do we really need to be the ‘Thought Police’ too?

  • p226equinox

    And to think I sent her re-election money in 2008

  • NCMarc


    What a Fear Monger she is… no wonder she just keeps going down and down.

  • robot999

    Bachmann is a RACIST. She hates Muslims (and brown people) and would Nuke them herself is she could. She is a tool of the establishment who FEAR Ron Paul’s message of FREEDOM.

    Ron Paul is a true Patriot and a Man of Honor. He served in the US Air Force, he worked as a Doctor for decades, he is educated on monetary systems, and knows how to fix America.

    People: Stop buying into the FEAR that you are being fed. The enemies of Freedom (who currently hold power in the US) are desperate to stop the Ron Paul TIDE that is surging through America right now. You know what Ron Paul stands for – so what does that say about his attackers???

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