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Is there legal recourse when NSA perverts spy on you naked?



The Rare Report

with Jack Hunter and Kurt Wallace

Jack Kurt
Listen as Jack and Kurt take a critical look at current events and issues from a libertarian-conservative perspective.

In this episode of the Rare Report…

Do you want the NSA looking at your naked body? Americans are fed up with the NSA–but are they ready to do something about it? Have we reached a tipping point? What legal grounds do we have against federal workers who pass around nude pics of us and our loved ones?

Is it government’s job to tell you what we should eat, drink, smoke and think? Shopping carts with Michele Obama telling food stamp recipients what healthy foods to buy? Is this for real? Should government control what they–or you–buy?

Can you be a conservative without being a libertarian?
 Establishment Republicans are attacking libertarian conservatives like Rand Paul and Justin Amash every chance they get. But can you even be a conservative without, to some degree, being a libertarian? We take a hard look at the definition of conservatism and it’s future.

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