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Justin Amash: NSA Has A Damaging Affect On Our Culture

justin amash

They Know You’re Reading This!


“I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you, or even your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President if I had a personal e-mail,” Snowden said, revealing himself to be the source of recent leaks exposing the extent of the NSA’s domestic surveillance program.

Snowden has been employed by the NSA and the CIA. More recently, as an employee of a corporation that contracted with the CIA, he has had “privileged access” to information that these law enforcement agencies have culled from e-mails, mobile phones, and other technologies. During his career, he found that the NSA’s mission was to gather any information – including domestic communications – that it could.

Snowden proved what many believers in liberty already knew: that if government is unchecked, it will continue to grab more and more power for itself. Knowledge, after all, is power. That includes the knowledge of which websites you have visited, who you call regularly, and what you told your friends in an e-mail. The NSA “is focused on getting intelligence wherever it can by any means possible,” said Snowden; and while that used to be “narrowly tailored as foreign intelligence gathered overseas,” that has changed.

Exclusive Interview With Liberty Co. Sheriff Nick Finch: “I Will Never Back Down!”

nick finch

On June 4, agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) arrested Nick Finch, sheriff of Liberty County, Florida. About 11 p.m. the previous Friday night, May 31, four agents of the FDLE served a search warrant on employees of the Liberty County, Florida jail, seized arrest and booking documents, and issued subpoenas to the employees.

Sheriff Finch, a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, was booked into his own county jail and later released on his own recognizance.

After Sheriff Finch was released, Governor Rick Scott suspended Sheriff Finch and replaced him with an agent of the FDLE, the very agency that is investigating the case against the sheriff.

Student loan debt forgiveness? Or welfare for banks?!


“My student loans, car payment + CC debt amounts to cost of a home in one of the more affordable cities. A Master’s degree in this economy seems to be a liability. I AM THE 99%” claimed one occupy protester. She was not alone. The occupy protesters, frequently lampooned by their detractors as having no central purpose or cause, identified student loans as a #1 concern of their movement.

A client once approached me with a problem: her student loan debt was beginning to drastically detract from her quality of life. Federally backed student loans are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. And she found that despite being employed, her monthly student loan payments were too high. She would make payments, but the payments were not complete. Since collection attempts are charged to the debtor, and become part of the principle debt, she had noticed a troubling pattern. After each payment, she would receive a call from a debt collector. Since the bulk of the payment was against interest rather than the principle debt, the dent she was making in the principle through her partial payments was actually smaller than the additional principle that was being added, each month, by the debt collectors’ calls and subsequent letters. Though she had paid more money against her student loans than she had originally been lent, the principle debt was now larger than ever; and the servicers’ enforcement mechanisms allowed them to sidestep the usual costs of collection through tax refund garnishments, wage-garnishments and social security garnishments that were nearly self-enforcing. It didn’t make sense.