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TSA ‘Tyranny’s Stupid Authorities’ testing your cappuccino at airport gates


is testing drinks after you go through the naked body scanners or pat downs and buy your drink at the gates.

How many drones are in your neighborhood? Drone census aims to find out

USDroneCensus_main_0709 (2)

The FAA plans to open up regular U.S. airspace to drones by 2015. Police departments are already allowed to use drones that weigh up to 25 pounds.


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Who flies the robotic skies? Drones have evolved from the U.S. military’s battlefield scouts into the hottest new gadgets for Homeland Security and local police departments. That growing swarm of flying robots in the U.S. has spawned a new effort to track down drone usage among government entities.

Here is the deal for the 2012 U.S. Drone Census. Anyone can anonymously submit contact information for government entities or institutions suspected of using drones, so that the Electronic Frontier Foundation and MuckRock (a watchdog group that files Freedom of Information requests) can leap into action by filing a public record request. Such efforts could help U.S. citizens find out about neighborhood police departments or local colleges using drones in their proverbial backyard.


TSA Drops Grandpa’s Ashes and Laughs As Grandson Cleans Them Up

John Gross went to his uncles in Florida to retrieve his share of the cremated remains of his deceased Grandfather. At the Florida airport the TSA agent opened the container mark ‘human remain’ sifted through them with her finger then spilled them on the floor. Mr. Gross ended up on his hand and knees trying to gather up the ashes and a few bone fragments while the agent laughed at him.


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Chicago City Council Regulation $50 Fee For Vomiting In A Cab

Drunk and need to be responsible by not driving? Make sure you don’t hurl in a Chicago cab. As of July 1st taxi cabs will fine you a $50 vomit fee on top of your cab fair for an upchuck. An expensive surcharge to top off an evening of fun time with friends having a few too many martinis at the club.

Not sure if the fee can be avoided by bringing your own barf bag but possibly the free-market will have a solution to help the drinkers fight back against this new city regulation.

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