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Paul’s backers will try to shape the party platform and dare Republicans to take them for granted

Seema Mehta | McClatchy-Tribune News Service

DES MOINES, Iowa — Rick Santorum narrowly won January’s Iowa caucuses, and future Republican nominee Mitt Romney finished a close second. But when the state’s delegates head to the Republican National Convention in August, most of them will be loyal backers of third-place finisher Ron Paul.

His haul of delegates from a weekend Iowa convention is part of the Texas congressman’s quiet strategy to have a strong, vocal presence at the national gathering in Tampa, Fla. There’s no mathematical way for Paul to derail Romney’s nomination. But he and his supporters have taken advantage of the fact that, in states like Iowa, election night results don’t determine actual delegates.

By working arcane rules at district, county and state gatherings around the country, his supporters have amassed an army of delegates who will try to ensure that his libertarian message about the economy, states’ rights and a noninterventionist foreign policy is loudly proclaimed.

Paul’s backers will also try to shape the party platform as they dare Republicans to take them for granted – much as social conservatives did years ago before they ascended in importance.


Are Drone Strikes and Kill Lists The New Normal?


Disturbed by extra-constitutional U.S. drone strikes in countries such as Yemen and Pakistan? Presidential “kill lists” of suspected terrorists and security threats raise endless ethical and constitutional concerns?

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Paleo Diet People Alert: Grains Blamed for the Rise of the State

Interesting new academic theorizing on the foundation of the state that adds a new wrinkle to mysociological observation that the paleo diet is sweeping the libertarian movement.

In a paper called “Transparency, Appropriability and the Early State” (an earlier version of which was published by the Centre for Economic and Policy Research last year), Joram Mayshar, Omar Moev, and Zvika Neeman argue that:

The emergence of the state is commonly associated with the increase in productivity that accompanied the Neolithic Revolution. The standard argument is that the transition from foraging to agriculture created food surplus, and the availability of surplus facilitated through various channels the advance of an elite that did not engage in food production, leading ultimately to the emergent state. We argue that this explanation is deeply flawed. The protracted rise in productivity during the Neolithic period by itself could not have generated any surplus, since population size would have adjusted endogenously to prevent its creation.


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Conspiranoids, Anarcho-Capitalism and Rand Paul

Monica Perez of The Monica Perez Show talks about her call with Rand Paul and her thoughts on his endorsement of Mitt Romney.

UN Plans to Expand the Phony Water Crisis … ‘Smart Water Meters’ on the Way

UN-Water Survey Examines Water Law Reform … Twenty years ago this June world leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro for an Earth Summit to develop an action plan for sustainable development. They discussed a wide variety of topics including climate change, alternative sources of energy to replace fossil fuel and the growing scarcity of water. This June, world leaders will gather once again for the Rio+20 Conference to examine the progress that has been made. – WaterWorld

Here we go again!

Leading proponents of “leveling” are preparing to descend on Brazil for the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit, hosted by the United Nations, and one of the items on the menu will be a re-valuation of the UN’s muddled Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) initiative.

The results will doubtless be a further weakening of property rights around the world under the guise of communitarianism and outright socialism.

IWRM is part of the UN’s overall infamous Agenda 21 “Sustainable Development Initiative” – basically a rhetorical cover for a global abrogation of private ownership. It’s a way to impose top-down governmental/elite control of water resources by maintaining that water belongs to everyone.

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Ron, Rand and Romney

I have been at war with the Republican Party my entire adult life. Not as a liberal, but as a conservative. The obvious conservative things I always wanted the GOP to do — cut spending, shrink government, follow the Constitution — it never did. The things the GOP did instead, which seemed to satisfy many conservatives — unnecessary wars, empowering the executive branch, spying on citizens — were not only reckless and damaging, but a tragic diversion for the American right. I hope that four years removed from suffering through the most big-government Republican administration in history, conservatives have learned some lessons. And anyone who still entertains the notion that the Bush/Cheney Republican model represents any type of conservatism needs to go pay President Obama the right-wing respect he deserves. The only “change” Obama’s given us is even more debt and drone strikes.

Rand Paul is what I want the Republican Party to be. Rand Paul is what I believe the Republican Party is becoming. Over 2 million people voted for Ron Paul for president in this election. That’s double the amount from his 2008 campaign. Ron Paul’s limited government and constitutionalist ideas have not only gained traction, they’ve been injected back into conventional Republican debate. Dr. Paul’s forces have made substantial inroads into the Republican Parties of a dozen-plus states, and the liberty movement the establishment continues to fear, conservatives cheer.

This is not to say that all, or even most, conservatives cheer Ron Paul. It is to say that they cheer for many of his ideas, from auditing the Federal Reserve to $1 trillion in spending cuts. It is also to say that virtually all conservatives cheer his son Rand, who promotes the same ideas as his father, albeit in a different style and manner.

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Foreign Policy: Iran vs. USA

Ron Paul festival set for fairgrounds in Tampa August 24-26

TAMPA, June 12 2012 – The rollercoaster ride for Ron Paul’s supporters continues amidst more delegate wins and Senator Rand Paul’s controversial endorsement of Romney.

Liberty Unleashed, the nonprofit group incorporated in Florida by Paul supporters specifically to organize Paul Festival, announced today that it had signed a contract with the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa to hold the event there August 24-26. The RNC starts August 27.

Paul Festival will be three days of music, entertainment and activism featuring nationally-known musicians, comedians and other entertainers.

It will also feature plenty of the ideas shared by those who make up what Paul’s supporters call “the liberty movement.”

Liberty Unleashed and the Fairgrounds needed approval from the RNC Committee on Arrangements (COA) in order to proceed with the event. Both major parties typically lock up hundreds of venues in the host city during the week surrounding their national conventions. Liberty Unleashed had claimed that the COA was blocking the event to alienate Paul’s supporters.

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Judge Napolitano: Squealing vs. killing

If you are still listening to those in the political class who are falling over each other to condemn leaks from the government to the media, you’d think the leaks had revealed private information in which the public has no legitimate interest, or perhaps a planned secret government mission to rescue innocents. Neither is the case.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress, most of them from the House and Senate intelligence committees, have blasted the White House for leaking to The New York Times and others the existence of President Obama’s secret kill list and his cyber-warfare against Iran. According to those doing the blasting, the leaks were made in order to bolster the president’s War on Terror credentials with voters in anticipation of an onslaught against those credentials by Gov. Mitt Romney in the coming fall presidential campaign.

So, who has violated the Constitution and federal law, who has caused more harm and who has performed more of a disservice to the nation: those who leaked the truth to the media, or the president, who caused death and destruction among those he hates and fears?

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Gold:silver ratio path not necessarily bullish for silver investors


Much is made by commentators of the historical gold:silver ratio (GSR) being around 16:1, while the current ratio is more like 55:1, with the implication being that silver will return to its historical ratio to gold.  If this were to happen overnight it would put the current silver price at a little over $100 an ounce – in the writer’s view this won’t happen, even in the long term, although there is definitely room for silver to appreciate more than gold in percentage terms in the days, months and years ahead, particularly if the gold price makes a rapid climb towards the $2,000 level which many do expect.

The reason we do not see the GSR returning to 16:1, is that silver is nowadays an industrial metal with an important investment element, while historically it was, like gold, a monetary metal.  But true silver-based coinage is long behind us, while the world’s Central Banks do not see silver as forming a part of their reserves.  True gold coinage, where the face value represents the metal content, does not exist either, but at least Central Banks continue to maintain gold as a key element in their holdings – although interestingly it is mainly the Western Central Banks which retain the high gold ratios in reserves, rather than the Middle Eastern and Asian ones where traditionally one might expect a greater propensity to hold gold as a monetary asset.  There does seem to be a move to rectify this in the East, which is gold price positive, but there is huge ground for these banks to make up to bring gold percentages in their holdings anywhere near European and American ratios – perhaps itself a positive factor for the yellow metal.

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