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March 31, 2012 Another $17 trillion surprise found in Obamacare

Senate Republican staffers continue to look though the 2010 health care reform law to see what’s in it, and their latest discovery is a massive $17 trillion funding gap.

“The more we learn about the bill, the more we learn it is even more unaffordable than was suspected,” said Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Republicans’ budget chief in the Senate.

“The bill has to be removed from the books because we don’t have the money,” he said.

The hidden shortfall between new spending and new taxes was revealed just after Supreme Court justices grilled the law’s supporters about its compliance with the Constitution’s limits on government activity. If the court doesn’t strike down the law, it will force taxpayers to find another $17 trillion to pay for the increased spending.

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Obama Admin. Escalates Drone War in Yemen With at least 9 strikes this year, and 5 already this month, Yemen’s fragile new government fulfills its client state role

The Obama administration has dramatically escalated its secret drone war in Yemen, already exploiting Yemen’s fragile new client state.There have been 26 reported incidents of drone strikes in Yemen since May, but the pace appears to be accelerating with nine attacks so far this year and at least five this month.

There have been 26 reported incidents of drone strikes in Yemen since May, but the pace appears to be accelerating with nine attacks so far this year and at least five this month.

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“Drug Lords” Targeted in Fast & Furious Worked for FBI

In another significant embarrassment to the scandal-plagued Obama administration, newly released documents revealed that the supposed “drug lords” being targeted in the deadly federal “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation were actually working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) all along.

Thousands of American weapons were illegally offered to violent Mexican cartels by the Justice Department as part of the controversial program — many of them paid for by U.S. tax dollars through the two FBI assets supposedly being targeted in the investigation. Those guns were later linked to hundreds of murders, including the killings of U.S. federal agents.

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McCain resolution calls for safe zones and arming the Syrian opposition

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and five like-minded lawmakers unveiled a new resolution on Syria Wednesday that calls for establishing safe zones inside Syria for civilians and support for arming the opposition against the regime of Bashar al Assad.

The non-binding resolution stops short of calling for direct U.S. military intervention in Syria, which McCain supports, and is meant to create a consensus on increasing U.S. support for the Syrian opposition that the greatest number of lawmakers can rally around. As of now, the resolution has six sponsors, mostly Republicans. In addition to McCain, they are Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), and John Hoeven (R-ND).

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Fed Is Buying 61 Percent of U.S. Government Debt

In his attempt to explode the myth that there is unlimited demand for U.S. government debt, former Treasury official Lawrence Goodman explained that there is high perceived demandbecause the Federal Reserve is doing most of the buying.

Wrote Goodman,

Last year the Fed purchased a stunning 61% of the total net Treasury issuance, up from negligible amounts prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

This not only creates the false impression of limitless demand for U.S. debt but also blunts any sense of urgency to reduce supersized budget deficits.

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BRICS Renew Challenge to U.S. Dollar Hegemony

Waving At Traffic

As I mentioned on a recent article on, recently Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Ron Paul supporters have taken to the streets, waving pro-liberty, pro-Ron Paul signs on the outskirts of downtown Harrisonburg. Although the weather has been chilly, I’ve spent time on the corner, publicly cheering on my candidate. However, prior to these recent episodes, the last (and first) time I participated in a sign wave for Dr. Paul was shortly before South Carolina’s 2008 Republican presidential primary.

Back in October of 2007 when I joined the Ron Paul campaign in South Carolina, very early on fellow campaign staffers spoke against sign waving. They informed me that Ron Paul supporters loved to do sign waves but that I should discourage these practices. Now you might ask why they would think this way. Well, although sign waving is certainly a visible way to let voters know that there are folks who ardently support Dr. Paul, it is a completely ineffective tool for identifying like-minded citizens.

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Worse Than Having No Teeth?

Research has been done on animals of the type which naturally both parents are involved in the care of offspring.This reseaerh was to determine what happens when the father is removed. An interesting article was written by  Shirley S. Wang and is linked in the Quote below.

“Neurons have branches, known as dendrites, that conduct electrical signals received from other nerve cells to the body, or trunk, of the neuron. The leaves of the dendrites are protrusions called dendritic spines that receive messages and serve as the contact between neurons.

Dr. Braun’s group found that at 21 days, the fatherless animals had less dense dendritic spines compared to animals raised by both parents, though they “caught up” by day 90. However, the length of some types of dendrites was significantly shorter in some parts of the brain, even in adulthood, in fatherless animals.

“It just shows that parents are leaving footprints on the brain of their kids,” says Dr. Braun, 54 years old.

The neuronal differences were observed in a part of the brain called the amygdala, which is related to emotional responses and fear, and the orbitofrontal cortex, or OFC, the brain’s decision-making center.


Much attention has been given to the tragic case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, usually implicating  Zimmerman as the culprit, but as more details emerge it seems unlikely that this is true. When considering who or what should be implicated in this tragedy it is important to keep an open mind to discern what led this unfortunate young man to behave in a way that led to his death.  If  George Zimmermans’ account is true, even if his own poor judgement led to the attack, after being knocked to the ground, and while having his head pounded he just may have believed that he would be badly beaten, even to death. I don’t know what conditions were like in Zimmermans’ neighborhood but have heard first hand accounts from Jacksonville by a man I have known my entire life. His account of gang activity is startling. The most dramatic being that of laying between his bed and a wall while bullets passed through the front door! The police are no help, so I am Told.

At the time of the attack Trayvon was visiting the home of his Father and his fathers’ girlfriend. We are told that Trayvons’ father was involved with his son, but is the compromised involvement of parents living apart adequate for the proper development of a human child? 

Subsidies cause increases in subsidized behaviors while taxes are used to discourage others, and though I have no knowledge about the economic circumstance of  Trayvons’ families, I am quite certain that our social safety net is subsidizing a proliferation of Fatherless Homes. Housing projects display this and create ghettos where the unfortunate children are the norm and intact families are anomalous. Could our own government be creating monsters with its’ generosity? Do you remember when gun manufacturers being threatened with product liability lawsuits were prominent in the news cycle?  This insane violence seemed concentrated in these government run ghettos. My comunity is well armed and violence is rare.

It is entirely possible that Trayvons’ parents neglect left him unable to cope with his own species.

It is entirely possible that your generous donations, through taxation, are being used to create more such monsters.

The disability of children deprived of their birthright, An intact home with both parents present, is  Worse Than Having No Teeth!






Ron Paul’s caucus strategy is authentic republicanism

TAMPA, March 19, 2012—Give yourself a test. Without doing a web search or whipping out that pocket U.S. Constitution that a wild-eyed Tea Partier handed you, fill in the blank in the following sentence: The U.S. Constitution guarantees to every state in the union a _____form of government.

If you are like ninety percent of the American electorate, you answered “democratic” and you were wrong. The answer is “a republican form of government.” There is a drastic difference between the two and one would think that the Republican Party would know it. Instead, they are identical to their rivals in not only ignoring the distinction but promoting democracy instead.

In a democracy, the will of the majority is the law. Fifty-one percent of the vote empowers the winners to exercise any power they wish. Not so in a republic. The reason the founders constructed a constitutional republic was to protect Americans from democracy.


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Ben Swann talks Fourth Branch of Government, Free Speech and Delegate Chaos

Ben Swann  co-anchor at WXIX Fox 19 in Cincinnati and host of Reality Check joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Ben Swann talks Fourth Branch of Government, Free Speech and Delegate Chaos’ to discuss how he approaches reporting the facts of complex issues and our founding fathers emphasis on free speech, the first amendment and  freedom of the press. He also discusses reporting on the delegate process and the overwhelming evidence in not counting the votes in Maine plus proceedural violations at caucuses/delegate meetings in Missouri and Georgia.


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LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is the first candidate among those vying for the GOP nomination to appear on the ballot in all 50 states, and the only candidate aside from moderate-establishment Mitt Romney to have any prospects for 50-state ballot access.

The 12-term Congressman from Texas filed to appear on the ballot in New Jersey today – Tuesday, March 27th – with double the required 1,000 signatures, giving him the status of first candidate to have nationwide ballot access.  Romney is expected to file in New Jersey in the coming days, making his 50-state ballot access likely.

Not all states require activity such as the need to file paperwork to appear on the ballot.  In the case of some states, for example, the respective secretaries of state simply green-light ballot access for candidates.  In the over 30 states that do require some form of filing activity, filing requirements range from formalities such as filing paperwork and paying a fee to appear on the ballot, to similar requirements plus a quota of signatures from those enrolled in the relevant political party, to stringent requirements as in the example of Virginia, which requires filing plus thousands of signatures to authenticate candidate support.

In Virginia, Paul and Romney were the only candidates that appeared on the ballot in the Commonwealth’s primary held on March 6th – Super Tuesday.  Counterfeit conservative Rick Santorum failed to file at all in Virginia, and serial hypocrite Newt Gingrich filed but fell short of qualifying.  Would-be candidate Rick Perry’s suit that the other candidates joined against the Commonwealth was struck down on appeal, and an injunction determining whether and when paper ballots were to be printed was lifted, making possible the Paul-Romney matchup.  More recently, Santorum failed to file in the District of Columbia, which is holding its primary on Tuesday, April 3rd or one week from today.

“Success in accessing ballots no matter a state’s requirements is a barometer for the strength of a campaign organization.  Being first to appear on the ballot in all fifty states proves that Ron Paul is the only candidate with the organizational muscle, resources, and stamina to challenge Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Manager John Tate.

“In concert with our delegate-attainment strategy, which is working well in states like Iowa, Nevada, Washington, and Missouri, we’re prepared and eager to continue on the long road to Tampa,” added Mr. Tate, referring to the Republican National Convention in to be held in Florida in September.  “See you on the campaign trail.”