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The Deal with Jack Hunter: The Republican mess

The Deal with Jack Hunter: The Republican mess

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Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It’s Driving People Insane

………….As the full extent of the chaos unfolds, sources close to the Paul campaign tell Business Insiderthat it is looking increasingly like Romney’s team might have a hand in denying Paul votes, noting that Romney has some admirably ruthless operatives on his side and a powerful incentive to avoid a fifth caucus loss this month.    …………….

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The strange budget priorities of Obama: Subsidizing car purchases for the 1% over poor children and airline safety

In my column for The Fiscal Times today, I remind readers that budgets are statements of priorities.  Barack Obama’s budget shows his priorities on many levels, both at the macro and micro level.  Given the large amount of new spending and higher taxes, it’s very easy to conclude at the macro level that Obama doesn’t think that spending reductions are a priority at all.  How about on the micro level?  Changes to three different programs give an even clearer indication of Obama’s priorities: …………..

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Obama To Raise Chevy Volt Subsidy To $10,000 To Benefit Rich Buyers Making $170,000 A Year

Mitt’s ticking Maine time bomb? One tiny Down East county could cause some serious trouble this weekend

The timing couldn’t have been worse for Mitt Romney when the Iowa Republican Party retracted its declaration that he’d won the state’s caucuses and instead awarded the win to Rick Santorum on Jan. 19. The reversal came just two days before the South Carolina primary, as Romney’s once commanding lead in the state was melting away and Newt Gingrich was overtaking him in the polls. The news, which nullified Romney’s impressive-sounding distinction as the only modern GOP candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire, meshed perfectly with the idea that he was melting down (even if it did nothing immediate to boost Santorum).

And now there’s a possibility that something similar could play out in the near future, this time thanks to the ineptitude of the Maine Republican Party.   ………

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Romney Backed by Goldman Sachs, Bailout Banks

The top donor to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, received over $10 billion in emergency lending and bailouts from the Federal Reserve after the 2008 financial meltdown, according to public sources and published reports.

Goldman backed Obama for election in 2008, and the firm, like many Wall Street institutions, is now backing Mitt Romney for president.

Romney has long had a close relationship with Goldman Sachs. In 1999 Romney purchased initial IPO shares in Goldman that netted him $1.1 million in profits when he sold them in 2010. And The New York Times recently reported that “many of the assets in Romney’s blind trust” are managed by Goldman.

Today, Goldman is Romney’s largest donor. And nine of Romney’s top 20 campaign contributors are big Wall Street Banks like Goldman. But Goldman leads all Romney contributor

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The Catholic Left recently proclaimed in “America” magazine that Rick Santorum is the personification of the “lobotimization of subsidiarity,” which is a component of Catholic social teaching they don’t like much anyway. The left-liberal Jeebies at “America” accuse Catholic conservatives (neo-liberals) of overemphasizing subsidiarity through “selective reading and outright editing” of papal teachings and pronouncements.

First, they should lay off Rick Santorum. He is not a good example of a Catholic politician committed to the principles of subsidiarity. The Subsidiarity principle holds that nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organization. In other words, any activity which can be performed by a more decentralized entity should be.  ………….


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Esquire: Lies and Race-Baiting to Promote Central Power

On Feb. 9, Esquire Magazine political blogger Charles P. Pierce reviewed the documentary film Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, a full-length movie produced by the Foundation for a Free Society and the Tenth Amendment Center.

At least that’s what I think he reviewed. He called the film Nullification: The Original Remedy and claimed Citizens United produced the documentary. The fact that we showed the movie in the Citizens United Theater at CPAC apparently confused our fearless reviewer.  …………..

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Is IRS Targeting Obama’s Enemies?

In 2010, American Thinker posted an interesting defense of a flat tax, noting that it would help preserve privacy and freedom of speech by eliminating the need for the federal government to know virtually every aspect of a taxpayer’s financial assets. Two years later, some people are seeing truth in the magazine’s assessmentthat the administration may be using the Internal Revenue Service to silence its opposition.

Ohio Liberty Council, for instance, says they are being made to jump through hoops by the IRS, which has demanded certain documents in order for the group’s process of acquiring non-profit status to move forward. OLC President Tom Zawistowski posted a letter on the organization’s website detailing the difficulties:

My own Portage County TEA Party has been waiting for over a year just to get a response from the IRS so we can file our 2010 tax return! In the attached PDF I share with you, the “Additional Information Requested” of the Ohio Liberty Council from our June 30th, 2010 application which we just received on January 30, 2012. Yes, they took a year and a half to respond to our application and they are giving us two weeks to respond back. As you will see, this is no simple request.

Besides its 19-month delay in answering the OLC, the IRS is requiring such a large amount of documents and information that a small organization such as the OLC would likely have to stop all other operations in order to comply.  …………………….

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Former Justice Official Testifies Against DOJ

What Would You Have Done?

On December 18, 2011, Vaclav Havel the longtime Czech dissident passed away. Havel’s role in the Velvet Revolution – the uprising of Czechs and Slovaks against their government is one of the great ironies of that autumn of 1989, when the Iron Curtain fell.

Havel, a dissident, in and out of jail, in and out of trouble with his government, got out of prison just long enough to join fellow dissidents and to oversee the crumbling of his government, during which time his fellow countrymen gathered in the streets and medieval squares calling for his installation inPrague Castle.

In a turn of poetic justice,Havelin a matter of weeks went from a prison cell as a political prisoner to President of Czechoslovakia.  He chased his former tormentors from office in a popular revolution and then replaced them in office, in hopes that he would succeed at stripping the power to torment from that office.  But during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s few in society had any idea that the government would collapse.  It was a great surprise to many when that collapse took place.  Opposing the government was opposing an entity that looked like it would be omniscient and omnipotent for all eternity. Havel’s death has caused me to ask myself “Would you have stood against such an entity?”

His plays were not welcomed by the censors to be part of official culture – government didn’t want him having a voice. He couldn’t go to university because his parents were considered class enemies. Havelwas unable to find work that matched his artistic skill set; that wasn’t because of job shortages, but because the government didn’t like him and got to control who worked.  In Communist Czechoslovakia, where unemployment was illegal, you either went to work or you went to jail.

How many people would today act on conscience, knowing that doing the right thing might not only land you in jail, but would prevent you from travelling abroad, prevent you from success in your career, and prevent your children from attending the university of their choosing?   All were considered legitimate punishments for standing against the government.

Today in is controversial to simply speak a name like Ron Paul or to share a pro-freedom viewpoint on a host of topics from guns, to healthcare, to the FDA.  Anyone who would speak pro-freedom viewpoints on such topics is seen as a kook. This isn’t bold action I’m referencing; it’s just talking.  We have somehow found ourselves in a place in the history of the “land of the free and home of the brave” where talking is controversial.

There are some freedom-lovers who believe Ron Paul is the answer, yet giving to Ron Paul’s campaign is too great a task for those same freedom lovers.  To speak his name to family and friends is too great a challenge.  We are called today to move in such effete ways that we can barely even rise to the challenge of.  It’s part of our situation in the world today where so many feel that no single moment in life seems to matter.  When compared to a man likeHavel, nearly anything we do through a ballot box will appear minimal.

In his Civil War, Julius Caesar talks about his rationale for invading his homeland and destroying the 500-year-oldRoman Republic .  He had felt insulted by its government.  He had been dishonored.  I realize that he is the dictator in history’s eyes, the tyrant killed by his buddy Brutus, but can you imagine someone doing that today?  Can you even picture that an American would feel dishonored by the U.S. Government and resolve to invadeWashington D.C. ?

No. Few of us will take any real risks in favor of freedom.  If you’re a daring person you might obediently protest in a free speech zone, holding up some slogan and avoiding the even more socially risky behavior of talking to a fellow human being about ideas that are important to you. You will shout slogans at strangers, but you might not have the courage to sit down with your grandma and have a conversation (which by definition involves both listening and expressing). Again, that’s because talking is controversial.

What would you have done inHavel’s homeland in the last century?  Would you have hidden Jews when society tended to be anti-Semitic and government punishments for aiding Jews were severe? Would you have been the one who didn’t send his children to indoctrination camps as a “pioneer” even though everyone else was doing that, even though being a pioneer would help your child secure a spot in the Party and to later find a good job?  These are factual situations of the past, but are intended as metaphor.  The greatest task a person of conscience is called to is to rise to the occasion in his own times.

Our times today do not equate to those times.  It’s hard to find comparison.  No party rules all aspects of life.  There is no deportation of Jews.  There are other ills in the world, but those ills won’t be clear to most of society without many years of hindsight.  Distance makes the black and whites easier to recognize.

We can force our actions into an ideology of freedom that has been tested over time – constantly being against all government encroachments on freedom.  But even blanketed inside such an ideology, you will not protect yourself from the know-it-alls of the future who judge you with 20-20 hindsight.

When you truly take a stand you likely find yourself risking life, fortune, and position.  The last of those is the most difficult.  It’s relatively easy and romantic for a person to give his life.  It’s easy for a person to give his wealth. What can be hard to justify is the lost opportunities that you will never regain when you are punished with a loss of position.  By sticking your neck out, there are opportunities you lose.

I don’t know what I would have done.  I would like to think that I can be theHavelof our day. I would like to think that I am constantly on the watch for injustice and do my best to remove myself from participation in that injustice.  The deaths of dissidents likeHavelgive us time to reflect.  For a week in December, every newspaper in the world was eulogizing Havel, giving us a special time to see into the past of communistCzechoslovakia.

This gives us a moment to ask ourselves  – “What would I have done?”  and more importantly “What should I be doing?

Allan Stevo is a writer from Chicago and author of the newly released grassroots manual _How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012_ available at Amazon Create Space for purchase.  Stevo campaigned for Ron Paul in nine states in 2008, ran for U.S. House on Ron Paul’s platform, and writes regularly on numerous pro-freedom websites.

This piece was first published at the Cobden Centre.

Reflections on Lincoln

Two years ago, I wrote this piece regarding our 16th president. It makes little sense to me that so many of my otherwise conservative friends tend to believe that Mr. Lincoln shared most of our values given that he acted in a manner opposed to the ideals of a constitutionally limited federal government.
Nevertheless, many will continue to honor him because he freed the slaves with his emancipation proclamation. But how many slaves did it actually free? The answer may surprise you.