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Smart Meters Big Brother of Our Day

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine advised on January 12, 2012 in a letter addressedto the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California that they opposed “the installation of wireless smart meters in homes and schools based on a scientific assessment of the current medical literature. Chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action.”

“Exposure to levels of radio frequency RF (3KHz-300GHz) and extremely low frequency ELF (300Hz) produced by smart meters warrants immediate and complete moratorium on their use and deployment until further study.”

The FCC guidelines that deem smart meters safe are obsolete because they study only “thermal tissue damage and overlook genetic and cellular effects, hormonal effects, male fertility, blood/brain barrier damage, and increased risk of certain types of cancer from RF and ELF levels similar to those emitted by smart meters.” …………..

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Guest Post: World Bank Wants Control Of The High Seas

As a proponent of legitimate free markets, I am always up for a little creative entrepreneurship.  However, there is a considerable difference between building productive markets, and engaging in monopolistic piracy.  Global conglomerates and the elites that operate them have long been familiar with the pirate’s life, and not the fun filled adventure-time rope swinging swashbuckling brand.  In fact, it was elitists like Sir Francis Drake, commissioned by the English monarchy, who embodied this disturbing covert bedlam.  We’re talking murder, mayhem, and blood-money, folks!  So, it should be of no surprise to anyone that the thieving mercantile swine of our era are returning to the high seas to plunder once again, only in a much more subversive and devious manner.

This past week, World Bank President Robert Zoellick made his organization’s intentions for oceanic regimentation known, at least in a candy coated way, at the Economist World Oceans Summit in Singapore:  …………..

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The Geography of Government Benefits

The share of Americans’ income that comes from government benefit programs, like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, more than doubled over the last four decades, rising from 8 percent in 1969 to 18 percent in 2009.    ……

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USDA to Give Monsanto’s New GMO Crops Special ‘Speed Approval’

If you thought Monsanto’s lack of testing on their current GMO crops was bad before, prepare to now be blown away by the latest statement by the USDA. Despite links to organ damage and mutated insects, the USDA says that it is changing the rules so that genetically modified seed companies like Monsanto will get ‘speedier regulatory reviews’. With the faster reviews, there will be even less time spent on evaluating the potential dangers. Why? Because Monsanto is losing sales with longer approval terms.

The changes are expected to take full effect in March when they’re published in the Federal Register. The USDA’s goal is to cut the approval time for GMO crops in half in order to speedily implement them into the global food supply. The current USDA process takes longer than they would like due to ‘public interest, legal challenges, and the challenges associated with the advent of national organic food standards‘ says USDA deputy administrator Michael Gregoire.   ……………..

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Bradley Manning: 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

February 1 2012 the entire parliamentary group of The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament nominated Private Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize. Following is the reasoning we sent to the committee explaining why we felt compelled to nominate Private Bradley Manning for this important recognition of an individual effort to have an impact for peace in our world.
Our letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee:      ………………

Nathan Shaffer ‘Come Back America’

Rock musician Nathan Shaffer joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Come Back America’ to discuss his new album and the political single Come Back America . He also discusses the power of Ron Paul’s message and the Jeff Shaffer Foundation dedicated to his late son.

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Have You Had It With Fake “Constitutionalists”? Mike Church Has Too

Since the 2008 Presidential primaries the Mike Church Show has defended and promoted the type of “conservatism” practiced by Rep Ron Paul-TX toward the U.S. Constitution, his fidelity to its Original Intent and the oath of office required to practice that. But that has never stopped the cavalry of faux “conservatives” storming the Dude Nation ramparts insisting Paul is a gadfly weirdo not worthy of “Tea Party Conservatives” support. Well, enough is enough and like Braveheart Mike reached the do or die moment on this morning’s show. “Ok, that’s it, I have had it with you fake “conservatives” and I am calling you out. How dare you preach that all our problems would be solved if we could just find Congressmen who would get back to Original Intent of the Constitution then when one appears with a 36 year history of this fidelity you blow him off like so much dust in the wind!?”

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Romney donors start tapping out as race drags on

BOSTON – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is drawing a disproportionately high amount of campaign funds from people who have given him the legal maximum, weakening his ability to raise money from such proven donors as the GOP nomination fight drags on.

Far more than his three rivals, Romney has tapped these large donors to build his campaign fund. To date, about two-thirds of his money has come from donors who have given him $2,500, the legal limit for a primary campaign, according to the Campaign Finance Institute, a nonpartisan research organization.

By contrast, about 18 percent of Rick Santorum’s money has come from those who have maxed out. For Newt Gingrich, the comparable figure is 16 percent; for Rep. Ron Paul, 11 percent.

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FBI Arrests DC Muslim After Another Phony ‘Terror Plot’ FBI Agents Pretended to Be al-Qaeda, Made Fake Suicide Vest

The FBI has uncovered another FBI-created terrorist plot in the DC Area today, this time ending with the arrest of an unnamed Moroccan-American in his 30′s, apparently the only non-FBI agent in the entire scheme.   ……………….

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Exploring the Not-So-Altruistic Aspects of the “Buffett Rule”

This week, President Obama released his $3.8-trillion budget for fiscal year 2013. The plan calls for new taxes on the wealthy, a restructuring of the tax code, and short-term infrastructure spending aimed at boosting the economy (albeit artificially).

Also included in the budget are limitations on subsidies for oil and gas companies, an end to the Bush tax cuts, and a proposal to raise taxes on dividends, which could be as high as 39.6% for households making over $250,000 per year.

Although Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) dismissed the proposal as “a campaign document,” the White House claims the measure would generate $206 billion in revenue over 10 years.

One of the most interesting aspects of the plan is the inclusion of the Buffett Rule as a replacement for the alternative-minimum tax (AMT).  ……………….

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