‘Blowback Slammed’ O’Reilly Shuts Down Facebook Page Amazon Ranking Dives CNBC to Follow?

By Kurt Wallace:

We reported that Blowback was occurring for Bill O’Reilly. On Monday Nov. 7 O’Reilly attacked Ron Paul and his supporters for voting and winning his one man show debate forum poll. Bill said that the Paul supporters ‘Slammed’ the poll therefore he was disqualified. After this exclusion Paul supporters began to fight back and ‘slam’ O’Reilly’s facebook page. Here is Tuesday’s article of the blowback that ensued


Paul supporters have been posting pro Ron Paul videos, news articles, polls and comments on Bill O’Reilly’s Facebook page for the entire week. Almost every few minutes or so a Ron Paul supporter would put something on Bill’s Facebook page and they have been very creative. If one didn’t know what was happening they would think they’re on Ron Paul’s fan page. Some supporters called this Occupy Bill O’Reilly they are intent on showing O’Reilly the definition of ‘Blowback’ by ‘Slamming’.

Bill O’Reilly’s Facebook Page is no longer available for posting to ‘Everyone’ other than Bill.

Let’s explain, on a normal facebook page such as Ron Paul’s


there is a separate section for everyone to comment


O’Reilly’s ‘everyone’ can post portion is no longer available


Has this stopped the blowback? No, now Paul supporters are slamming the comments section of every post O’Reilly puts on his facebook page as well as the comment section of Bill’s photos.

The Ron Paul supporters are also ‘Blowback Slamming’ O’Reilly’s inbox one supporter posted this on Bill’s facebook comments area‘we’re all emailing at the show too. Oreilly@foxnews.com, oreilly@foxnews.com, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine and please when writing to the factor…support Dr. Paul’

Paul supporters created the ‘money bomb’ Paul supporters created the first modern day ‘Tea Party’ event and now Paul supporters have ‘Blowback Slammed’ in their arsenal.

‘Blowback Slammed’ has not been limited to just O’Reilly’s Facebook page his Amazon book reviews have been hammered to the tune of 650 one star rated reviews for his new book Killing Lincoln giving his book an overall 2 star rating.


Bill O’Reilly has yet to make a comment on the facebook matter other than fixing it so only he can post.

CNBC has now attacked Ron Paul by removing the poll because his supporters voted and overwhelmingly won the post debate poll. Now, CNBC is the target of ‘Blowback Slamming’ on facebook.


Jerry Doyle National talk show host has been covering the exclusion of Ron Paul because he won the poll in both O’Reilly and CNBC post debate polls and his commentary is in the video below.

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